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What Happened To The ‘Escaping Twin Flames’ Founders After The Netflix Series?

Twin Flames

Contrary to what you might think, the term “Twin Flame” was not coined by Taylor Swift in the song “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault),” and it is an actual concept that some people subscribe to. It means different things to different people, but for people in the Twin Flame Universe, it’s an online community where you can meet your soul mate. It’s also a cult!

The cult is the subject of Netflix’s wild new docuseries Escaping Twin Flames, which follows the controversial leaders of the Twin Flame Universe and how they manipulated and coerced vulnerable people who were “looking for love.” What seemed to be a low-level dating site turned out to be a full-on cult led by husband and wife Jeff and Shaleia Divine.

The Divines, who married in 2016 after meeting on the internet and moving to Hawaii, host a series of webinars about finding your “twin flame,” which would help you find your soulmate after paying $4,444 four times a week for online webinars (a steal!). The two then would allegedly force some of their members into “twin flame unions” and begin controlling their actions. So what are they up to now?

Despite the harrowing doc, the two are still running Twin Flame Universe, mostly by posting some extremely questionable Instagram graphics about finding your flame. They have addressed the “concerns” that both Netflix’s Escaping Twin Flames and Prime’s Desperately Seeking Soulmate documentaries brought up….they just don’t really care! The group still has over 67k members and continues to grow.

The couple recently had a child and continue to stand by the fact that they are not a cult, just a fun little community that boasts “divine masculinity ” and manifestations. In 2020, the couple filed a lawsuit against seven ex-members, though it was later dismissed. Now they are just posting cringe Instagram posts to their massive amounts of followers, who probably have not seen the doc yet.

Escaping Twin Flames is now on Netflix.

(Via People)