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Macaulay Culkin And Catherine O’Hara Shared A Sweet ‘Home Alone’ Reunion At His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony

Macaulay Culkin Catherine O'Hara Home Alone Reunion
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When Macaulay Culkin learned he’d be honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he knew exactly who he wanted to introduce him: His Home Alone mom and Schitt’s Creek star Catherine O’Hara. The actress was delighted at the opportunity and was immediately firing jokes when asked about her ceremonial duties.

“As a very neglectful fake mother, I’m very glad that he’s given me another chance to show up for him,” O’Hara quipped before gushing about what it was like working with Culkin on the hit film that instantly skyrocketed him to fame.

Via Variety:

“I’d seen him in ‘Uncle Buck’ with dear John Candy and thought, ‘Where did this beautiful little boy come from?’” she recalls. “He was most obviously gifted with a beautiful face, but he was also a really natural actor. He was so relatable and real.”

Working with him as a co-star, O’Hara marveled at how Culkin fully and seemingly effortlessly embodied his character. “It was as if this real boy, Kevin, was surrounded by actors and just went along with it for the fun.”

What impressed O’Hara the most is how Culkin never sought the spotlight even after becoming the biggest child star on the planet.

“He was cool, he was a kid, but he was the reason it was this hit. How many adults have ever been subjected to that kind of adoration?” she told Variety. “He never seemed he was in show business to build a worldwide fan club.”

You can watch Macaulay Culkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony below:

(Via Variety)