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A ‘Squid Game’ Star Had A Real-Life Accident That’s As Gruesome As Anything On The Show

Squid Game

Did Squid Game become Netflix’s biggest hit because of or despite its extreme violence? It’s hard to say, but it’s a (literally) bloody good time. Instances of gore on the South Korean series include “a character’s leg is bitten and has a chunk of flesh torn off,” “a woman takes out a piece of glass from her gut,” and “a woman splashes a coffee pot on a man’s face and then puts a knife near his throat as a threat while putting his head bended backwards” (I could spend the rest of my day reading the show’s “Parents Guide” on IMDb.)

One act of violence that wasn’t depicted on Squid Game was a character having their toes cut off by a chainsaw — but it happened to a cast member in real life. According to TMZ, Geoffrey Giuliano, who portrayed VIP #4, is “minus two toes after a chainsaw severed them in a bizarre accident. Seems he was doing some home renovations when a construction worker was buzzing away, but then accidentally dropped the chainsaw. Apparently, the tool hit the floor and then bounced onto Giuliano’s foot, cutting off the two toes.”

Giuliano “collapsed in his own blood” (no), but had the presence of mind to collect his toes (absolutely not) so they could be reattached (I’m going to faint) by doctors. “It hurts like crazy today,” he said. “The doctors told me I’m lucky to be alive, but I don’t feel lucky. A chainsaw almost killed me.”

Don’t get any ideas, Squid Game: The Challenge.

(Via TMZ)