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When Does The ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Finale Come Out?

Squid Game The Challenge

There was a time when Netflix was against releasing anything in batches. Instead, they wanted you to consume several hours of media in one sitting. Slowly but surely, this became maddening and overwhelming, so they started releasing things in two parts, so you can be overwhelmed twice over a few months time frame. Now, Netflix is going even further by dropping things in three parts. What’s next?! A weekly TV show?!

Squid Game: The Challenge is the game show based on the popular gorey drama series Squid Game, also known as Netflix’s biggest asset right now. The gameshow features nearly 500 players participating in challenges and competitions, all in the hopes of taking home $4.56 million. The show became controversial during filming, leading some contestants to actually seek compensation over various injuries. But…the people are watching it, so it will likely get a second season.

The first five episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge were released in the beginning of November, with the second batch landing on Netflix earlier this week. Episode 10, the finale, is slated to drop on December 6th.

Meanwhile, season two of Squid Game is currently in production, so maybe we should just let that be the only Squid Game we need.