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The Worst Own Goal You’ll Ever See Came In The German Second Division

germany own goal

There is no crueler moment in sports than scoring an own goal. Initially, there’s the shock of the ball hitting the back of the net. Then, there’s an overwhelming sense of confusion that you’ve done the one thing — putting the ball in your own net — that you wanted to prevent. Finally, there’s a lasting shame that you’ve completely changed the match with one unlucky touch. An unfortunate Hamburg SV goalkeeper during a 2. Bundesliga match against FC St. Pauli suffered all three stages of an own goal when his defender played an unassuming ball back to him and he scuffed it into his own net.

Scoring an own goal while your back is to the goal and you’re trying to play a ball forward should be impossible. So while this keeper, whose name is Daniel Heuer Fernandes, may feel bad about the own goal, he can take solace in knowing it was the own goal of a lifetime. From a separate angle, you can see he was betrayed by poor field conditions that caused the ball to take a small bounce right before he strikes it.

A subpar pitch can make even the best players look pedestrian. However, the St. Pauli fans in the stands had to wonder how the opposing keeper managed to strike the ball backwards into the roof of his own net, particularly considering that Heuer Fernandes is legitimately one of the best goalkeepers in all of Germany with the ball at his feet. This wider angle shot makes the goal look like it should be on a Looney Tunes reel.

Although this own goal put Hamburg down 2-0, they managed to respond with two goals of their own to get out of there with a 2-2 draw. The clip will live forever, but at least the keeper can take the result as a consolation.