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Noah Kahan Brought It Back Home In A Performance Of ‘Stick Season’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

In his second performance of the night, Noah Kahan took to the Saturday Night Live stage, singing the title track from his Stick Season album.

While on stage, Kahan sang of his fears, in hopes that the pain will go away soon. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a solid backing band, Kahan emulated the miserable feeling of “stick season,” a rather cold and miserable period between fall and winter in New England — specifically within his home state of Vermont.

Though the album Stick Season was released in 2022, this year saw a lot of the album’s tracks become sleeper hits. The buzz earned him a nomination for Best New Artist at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

In an interview with New York Times, Kahan open up about his recent rise to fame, and his nerves about following Stick Season up.

“This album has been such a special and beautiful world to live in, that the idea of coming up with what’s next is kind of scary for me,” Kahan said. “It’s not even about having success. It’s about feeling the same way that I did. I’ve been waiting for that feeling to come again.”

You can see the performance of “Stick Season” above.