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Please Don’t Destroy Tried To Save A Broken Emma Stone Sketch With Awful AI On ‘SNL’

The last year has seen artificial intelligence evolve at an alarming rate. Luckily right now it’s still terrible — terrible enough that on the most recent SNL, the pre-taped sketch boys of Please Don’t Destroy milked it for an entire sketch.

Host Emma Stone teamed up with the gang — that is, Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy — for a bit where they sit down to ostensibly discuss sketch ideas. Instead, she has some news: Stone and Herlihy have fallen in love. (Note: In real life, the five-time host wound up marrying an SNL writer-director, Dave McCary, she met on the show.)

Alas, there’s a problem: Some of Stone’s video footage was corrupted and she didn’t have time to do reshoots. But that’s okay because there’s always AI — awful, awful AI used to fill in the gaps. In Stone’s place is Punkie Johnson, with Stone’s visage awkwardly, unconvincingly grafted upon hers. And so the rest of the sketch toggles between the real Emma Stone and the AI Emma Stone who’s really someone else entirely.

Eventually more problems arise, including some Marshall footage crapping out, requiring more deplorable AI, and Higgins deciding he didn’t look up to snuff and wanting to be Yassified.

You can watch the latest Please Don’t Destroy sketch in the video above.