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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Kicked Expelled George Santos On His Way Out And Dragged Elon Musk And Melania Trump

Last week ended with a bang: George Santos, one of the more creatively truth-averse members of Congress, lost his job. The New York representative managed to spend nearly a year in office, despite reporters uncovering one creative fib after another. Santos scored the Cold Open, but he’s so infamous that he also nabbed the first couple jokes at the top of this week’s Weekend Update.

“This week we said goodbye to a former First Lady, a former secretary of state, and the Supreme Court’s first female justice,” co-host Colin Jost told the crowd, referring to Rosalynn Carter, Henry Kissinger, and Sandra Day O’Connor. Then he added, “And a guy who claims to be all three of those things,” prompting a picture of George Santos.

Jost went on to note that Santos was expelled in a landslide, “by a vote of 114 Shantay You Stays to 311 Sashay Aways.”

Rosalynn Carter, the late wife of ex-president Jimmy Carter, came up again when Michael Che noted that another former First Lady, Melania Trump, made a rare public appearance at her funeral.

“Melania said that she was deeply saddened to be reminded that your partner can live that long,” Che said, prompting one of many photos of her and husband Donald Trump looking unhappy together.

Che also took on Elon Musk, who’s not been doing a terrible job atoning for agreeing with an anti-Semitic Twitter/X post, thus driving advertisers from his floundering service. While he’s had harsh words for said companies, he has tried to make amends by visiting Israel and saying Hamas must be destroyed.

“And I think Musk could destroy Hamas almost instantly by becoming their CEO,” Che cracked.

You can watch a portion of SNL Weekend Update in the video above.