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John Oliver Has An Idea For What George Santos Can Do After ‘Finally’ Getting Booted From Congress

John Oliver George Santos

John Oliver wasted no time diving into George Santos being expelled from Congress last week following a House investigation that resulted in the extremely damaging “George Santos Vulnerability Report.” In true Santos fashion, the now former congressman vowed revenge on his colleagues and called one of them a “p*ssy” in the lead-up to this ouster.

“Apparently it takes three times to get rid of him — a sort of reverse Beetlejuice situation, if you will,” Oliver said via Rolling Stone before revealing the perfect home for Santos. “The truth is, this man never belonged in Congress, he belongs on Bravo.”

“That kind of messiness isn’t just friends of behavior, it’s full-on housewife,” Oliver continued. “Santos was a match at giving us A-plus headlines like, ‘George Santos has meltdown while holding mystery baby’ – and by the way, when Santos was asked if that baby was his, his answer was ‘Not yet,’ which is the single funniest possible answer.”

After going through the long and ridiculous list of Santos’ controversies, Oliver took his Bravo plan all the way to the top.

“Santos clearly didn’t deliver for his constituents, but he delivered hard for the rest of us. I don’t want him to be in my government and I don’t want to sit next to him on an airplane but I definitely want him in Andy Cohen‘s menagerie of damaged human beings,” Oliver quipped. “Call this man now, Cohen, and pay him what he is worth.”

(Via Rolling Stone)