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Will There Be A ‘Twisters 3’?


There will always be weather, so in theory, weather-related disaster movies will always be relevant, because there is nothing quite as scary as a cow hurtling towards you at 90 MPH.

Twisters is the upcoming disaster flick that takes place in the same universe as Twister. That universe is Oklahoma.

The movie isn’t a sequel per se, but Daisy Edgar-Jones says that there are enough nods to the original. “It feels like a real next chapter, whilst also having so much love for the original,” she told Variety. “We have Dorothy [the weather sensor device from the first film]. We have moments and costumes that are mirrored from the original. A lot of crew who worked on the original worked on ours as well, including a large number of the visual effects guys.”

While Twisters hits theaters next week, the ending of the film implies that there could be more Twisters stories to tell.

When asked about a possible sequel in the future, Edgar-Jones seemed excited. “I mean, I’d have to read a script first and see what’s going on, but definitely. I love that world of storm-chasing. I think it would be fun to see what they could do next. I just don’t know what they would name it — would they just have to keep adding s’s to the end of Twisters?” She joked.

Maybe not Twisterss…but here are a few free ideas: Twist3rs, Twister3, or Twisters 3: Return of the King. Any of these would work.

(Via Variety)