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Everyone And Their Mother Is Baking Bread During The Quarantine So Here Are A Bunch Of Recipes

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NASCAR’s iRacing Series Went To Texas Where They Had Another Thrilling Finish

NASCAR, like every other major sports league, is currently on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but unlike other leagues, they have the unique opportunity to continue putting on events virtually thanks to iRacing.

Many drivers have an iRacing setup at their house to practice on, because it allows you to test various packages and get a feel for tracks thanks to the realistic mapping done on each track on the NASCAR circuit. With races on hold, NASCAR recognized an opportunity to put on virtual races, with Fox Sports 1 broadcasting them as they would a normal event with Mike Joy, Jeff Gordon, and their crew broadcasting from a Charlotte studio — safely apart and practicing social distancing. The races bring stars like Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chase Elliott, Kyle Larson, Denny Hamlin and more out, but also present an opportunity for drivers on smaller teams and in smaller series to compete on a level playing field with the best.

On Sunday, we saw Timmy Hill take full advantage of that as he raced his way to a win at Texas Motor Speedway in the second virtual race of the season, edging out Ryan Preece on the final lap in a thrilling green-white-checker finish to get the win.

Through two weeks, the iRacing events have been a hit with fans, as they have provided great entertainment and, in all honesty, have been arguably as fun if not more fun to watch on TV than most normal events. That all the cars run the same equipment helps keep the fields together (without needing restrictor plates) and as such there’s tension and battling throughout the field. The 125 lap races keep things moving and races tend to last about 90 minutes, which can be preferable to some of the marathon races on the regular NASCAR calendar for TV viewing.

Beyond that, the racing itself is more entertaining because the drivers, while treating it seriously, also take far more chances because they aren’t worried if they wreck. They aren’t worried about their safety, the cost of wrecking a car, or losing critical points from a season-long perspective and the result is an awful lot of rubbin’ and racin’.

There was even a black flag late in the race for Daniel Suarez after he tried (and failed spectacularly) to intentionally wreck Ty Dillon on the back stretch.

If this happened in real life, we’d have to have serious discussions about the danger this could have caused both drivers, but instead we can just laugh at the ridiculousness of it. Wrecks are always part of the allure of NASCAR, because it’s part of what raises the stakes in races, but in virtual racing they are pure entertainment rather than cringe-worthy moments where you feel dirty for being entertained because there’s an actual person in that car that could suffer serious injury.

They even have in-car cameras in the virtual racing that let you go along for the ride when the cars start spinning.

Sunday’s race was, once again, an awful lot of fun to watch and if you’re looking for something to watch on Sundays, it’s hard not to enjoy the iRacing broadcasts FS1 is putting on each week. Next week, they’ll be short track racing at Bristol, which ought to be even wilder.

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Cardi B Wants To Start A GoFundMe For Imprisoned ‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic

Taking a break from her recent coronavirus PSAs, Cardi B has now joined many of her fans in their extreme interest in Netflix’s Tiger King, a docuseries that captured the feud between big cat enthusiast Joe Exotic and conservationist Carole Baskin. Cardi has shared her reactions with fans on Twitter as she watches, seeming a bit lost in the beginning due to extracurricular activities but soon showed fans where her allegiances lay with the show’s cast of characters.

After a few episodes, Cardi declared her support for Joe Exotic (spoilers incoming). The Tiger King is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence on two counts of murder-for-hire for planning to have Baskin killed as well as 17 wildlife-related charges. Cardi, however, feels that Exotic was not treated fairly, tweeting, “They did Joe so dirty over and over again.”

Making her support for Exotic even more clear, Cardi announced she plans to create a GoFundMe in support of his release from prison. Cardi pushed her support for Joe further in retweeting a fan’s meme in response to her tweet calling Baskin a “slick b*tch.” With the retweet, she appeared to agree with a belief shared by some on the show that Baskin not only killed her late husband but fed him to the tigers she keeps her Florida sanctuary.

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Frank Ocean Has Released A Pair Of Long-Awaited Singles, ‘Dear April’ And ‘Cayendo’

The disappearing act that is Frank Ocean has been a bit more active in recent months, leading optimistic fans to believe that an album is on the way. It began when Frank shared “DHL” in October, a track that served as his first release in two years. A few weeks later, he returned again with another new song, “In My Room.” Anticipation for a new album increased once again when Frank was announced as a headliner for Coachella’s 2020 Festival alongside Travis Scott and Rage The Machine.

Now Ocean is releasing new music again. Sharing two new songs with fans, Frank continues his recent generosity with fans thanks to “Dear April” and “Cayendo.”

According to Complex, “Dear April” and “Cayendo” were originally played at his debut PReP+ queer dance party back in October along with mixes from Justice and Sango respectively. After excitement about the songs ensued, Frank Ocean decided to make the songs available to fans, allowing them to receive the individual tracks as a vinyl release when they pre-ordered his Arca remix of “Little Demon” with Skepta.

After numerous shipping delays, fans over the past couple of days began to receive confirmation emails that the records were on the way. Split up as two separate vinyls, “Dear April” appears on one vinyl with A-side being the studio version and the B-side holding Justice’s remix. The same goes for “Cayendo” as the A-side is also the studio version while the B-side bears Sango’s remix. Fans who purchased the vinyls were also given a redemption code to access a digital download of the songs. Whether or not the songs will be added to streaming services, however, remains to be seen.

Snippets of the Justice and Sango’s remixes can be heard here. Press play on the videos above to hear the acoustic version of “Dear April” and “Cayendo.”

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HBO Delayed ‘Succession’ And ‘Barry’ After Trying To Protect Both Shows From Coronavirus Shutdowns

As March comes to a close, you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that nearly every single TV and film production has been shut down because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. There are new delays announced practically every day. Some shows had a very slight chance of slipping through the current nightmare unscathed, however, which was reportedly the case for the hit HBO series Succession and Barry.

The premium cable network was hoping to protect both shows’ third seasons, which were only in pre-production, but the cards were stacked against them. According to Deadline, HBO has been forced to suspend pre-production and push back the start date for both projects due to the escalating spread of COVID-19.

“We are looking forward to resuming preproduction when it is safe and healthy for everyone working on our shows to do so,” HBO said in a statement “Where possible, our writers are continuing to write remotely.”

Earlier in the month, the network stopped production on new seasons of Euphoria and The Righteous Gemstones, so this latest move puts a large chunk of the channel’s biggest hitters on ice. But it’s merely following suit with other networks, all of which will face scheduling issues of their own. AMC recently had to scuttle the air date for the season finale of The Walking Dead, and a previous report from Deadline contains a laundry list of series who were forced to abandon their season finales after a barrage of shutdowns caught them with episodes still left to film.

The long list of the series that stopped short of filming the last episode (s) of the season includes NBC’s Superstore, whose finale was supposed to be farewell episode of star America Ferrera. It also includes CBS’ NCIS franchise, Bull, FBI, SEAL Team, S.W.A.T., Young Sheldon, Bob Hearts Abishola and The Neighborhood, NBC’s Chicago franchise, Law & Order: SVU and New Amsterdam, the CW’s The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Riverdale, Dynasty and Nancy Drew, ABC’s The Goldbergs, Schooled and American Housewife and Fox’s Last Man Standing.

That’s a whole lot of TV that can’t even finish its current seasons, and we’re already starting to see the effects on the 2021 schedule, which isn’t looking good. Hope everyone likes reruns.

(via Deadline)

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Stephon Marbury Is Working To Get New York A Deal On 10 Million Masks

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow exponentially in the United States, a few areas are currently being hit extremely hard. New York City and New Orleans, in particular, are facing outbreaks that are threatening the capacity of hospitals and have already left many healthcare workers and facilities without enough supplies to fight against the ever-growing wave of patients coming in.

As the death toll rises from coronavirus cases, the expectation from health experts is that we are still weeks away from hitting the hopeful peak before social distancing efforts can start reaping benefits in terms of flattening the curve. As such, there is a desperate need for more supplies, most notably ventilators and protection equipment for workers like masks and gowns. Some manufacturers are beginning to pivot normal production to making these items, but that is a process that takes time to make the amount needed.

For a place like New York, a massive amount of these supplies is needed in a fairly short time, and one of its native sons wants to help them get those supplies. Stephon Marbury, a native of Coney Island, is hoping to use his connections in China to help the city he grew up in as it faces this terrifying outbreak. Marbury told the New York Post that he has worked with a mask supplier in China who is willing to sell New York 10 million N95 masks at cost — $2.75 per mask — a significant discount from the $7.50 per mask most retailers ask.

“At the end of the day, I am from Brooklyn,” Marbury said during a call from his Beijing home. “This is something that is close and dear to my heart as far as being able to help New York.”

“I have family there in Coney Island, a lot of family … who are affected by this, so I know how important it is for people to have masks during this time.”

It’s a great gesture from Marbury, who has seen the effects of the virus’ spread in his new home in China and understands what it can do to his childhood home of New York. Right now, per The Post, the issue in getting a deal worked out to allow the city and state to purchase the masks at this deal is in communication between Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams, who is in contact with Marbury, and mayor Bill de Blasio and governor Andrew Cuomo. There has apparently been difficulty getting the higher levels of New York government on board and talking, although there has been some recent movement and the mayor’s office insists it wants to speak with Marbury on the matter.

Hopefully they can figure out whatever issues of bureaucracy exist and Marbury’s efforts working with his connections in China can help make a deal happen so that New York can get millions of needed masks in a timely manner.

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Pop Smoke And Quavo Live Their Best Lives In Paris In Their ‘Shake The Room’ Video

Last week marked one month since the death of Pop Smoke, a death that served as another defeating blow to the hip-hop community. At just 20 years old, Pop Smoke’s future was very promising, but a reportedly targeted hit at his Hollywood Hills home cut short the budding success story that was his career.

Just a week prior to his death, Pop Smoke had shared the deluxe version of his debut album, Meet The Woo 2, a sixteen-track project that featured the likes of Gunna, Quavo, and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. And now Pop Smoke’s first posthumous release has arrived in the form of a new music video.

Heading to Paris alongside the Migos rapper by his side, Pop Smoke and Quavo share the video to “Shake The Room.” Setting things off in a restaurant, the two bring life to the otherwise quiet dining area. Soon those around Pop Smoke and Quavo realize who they are and a small party ensues within the restaurant. Wreaking a bit of havoc in the streets of Paris as well, Pop Smoke and Quavo take their whip out for a literal spin, doing donuts in the car as they shoot the video.

Directed by Virgil Abloh’s Off-White International Rap Video Studio, the video concludes with one minute of silence as the screen reads: In Love Memory Forever, Pop Smoke.” The video also arrives after 50 Cent vowed to complete Pop Smoke’s sophomore album.

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Weekend Box Office: The Most-Watched Movies At Home Over The Weekend

During the current worldwide pandemic, movie studios are no longer providing box-office figures, mostly because theaters have been shut down around the nation and the world. Because we are less interested in the actual figures themselves and more interested in what people are watching over the weekends, each week I will dive into the Bestseller, Most Popular, and Most Streamed Lists on Google Play, iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu to pinpoint the weekend’s most watched films.

Last weekend, in the traditional rental market, the release of Jumanji: Next Level and Knives Out dominated, but there’s been some movement. Jumanji has held its own in the top three, while Knives Out has fallen a spot to make room for 1917, the phenomenal Sam Mendes’ Best Picture nominee, although I can’t imagine it’s nearly as good on an iPhone or laptop. Those huge flat screen TVs you bought on Black Friday will come in handy now. Bombshell, Frozen II and Spies in Disguise, meanwhile, appear to be the other three most popular titles among traditional rentals.

Beyond the traditional rentals, things get a little weird, because several movies forced out of theaters by the pandemic have taken a different tact. Some of the titles are being offered for digital purchase at around $20, while several others are being offered as $20 rentals, which I suppose means that viewers will have to shell out another $20 in a few weeks if they want to buy it. Pixar’s Onward, which will be on Disney + next week, leads digital sales, followed by Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Birds of Prey, and Matthew McConaughey’s The Gentlemen. Ben Affleck’s The Way Back, which only had two weeks in theaters before most shut down, is also being offered for digital purchase at $20-$25, but it’s not ranking particularly well. That’s a shame; it’s a solid movie.

Meanwhile, among the “home premieres,” which is what Google Play is calling movies being kicked from theaters and being offered for $20 rentals, Invisible Man continues to lead all others by what appears to be a wide margin, and it is absolutely worth the price of a home rental. The next three are different depending on the service: On Google Play, it’s The Hunt that lags behind Invisible Man, followed by Emma and I Still Believe, which are way down on the list. On iTunes, however, it’s The Hunt that’s lower on the list, while Emma and I Still Believe are faring better. I don’t know what that says about their respective audiences. I would love to know the actual figures on those. All I know at this point is that Invisible Man, which was made for only $8 million and earned $124 million worldwide in its limited theatrical run, is adding a lot gravy in its digital release.

Hulu still says that it’s most popular movie is Big Time Adolescent, the coming-of-age film starring Pete Davidson. That may be true; it’s the one I watched this weekend, and honestly, it’s not only pretty good, but Davidson is terrific in a role where he basically plays Pete Davidson if Pete Davidson never landed on SNL. I should note, however, that the art-house hit Portrait of a Lady on Fire was just added, and it’s well worth the watch.

Finally, on Netflix, last week’s most popular streamed film was Mark Wahlberg’s Spenser Confidential, but it has fallen to number three this weekend. The top film now? A Spanish film called The Platform. It’s a well-reviewed dystopian film, recently added to the streaming service. I just watched it last night, and it is fantastic, if you like grim, violent and disturbing indictments of capitalism.

The second most popular film on Netflix this weekend is Mel Gibson’s 2016 film Blood Father, also recently released to the service. In spite of starring the controversial Mel Gibson, it received very good notices (88 percent on RT) upon its release, although a far less favorable audience score of 63 percent. The film did not gain much attention in theaters back in 2016, earning less than $200,000 in 77 theaters, so apparently Netflix is where the American remake of a French film is meant to shine.

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Sebastian Stan Unloaded On ‘Idiots’ Crowding The Beaches In Florida During A Pandemic

As the novel coronavirus continues to surge across the globe, Marvel star Sebastian Stan has been doing his part by staying indoors after production was shut down on his upcoming Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Like most folks trapped inside waiting for this whole thing to end, Stan can’t help but peruse social media to pass the time, and he recently stumbled upon the viral pics and videos of people continuing to fill up beaches in Florida.

It seems that didn’t sit very well with him, and he spoke out about the “idiots” still going to beaches and not staying home in a recent interview. While calling into the Muscle & Fitness podcast from his quarantined apartment, the Winter Soldier actor launched into a profanity-laced rant about what he was seeing, and clearly, he had some feelings.

“There was a meme going around which really kind of put me in my place which was like ‘Your grandparents went to war, and you’re being asked to sit on a couch.’ Like, get the f*ck with it,” Stan said. “I talked to a couple friends who are in the workforce like cops out there sleeping in their garages, working 20 hours a day; nurses coming home and not being able to hold their children because they’re afraid they’re going to contaminate their families, then going back to work. You hear that stuff and it blows my mind because it makes me feel like I have such privilege to be able to sit around here while these people are beating themselves.”

“But what makes me insane is seeing that the beaches in f*cking Miami are still flooded with these f*cking idiots. Dude, they’re dumb f*cks and it pisses me off and it really makes me insane because that’s actually the problem right there. We gotta remember our grandparents and parents have survived way worse and we can do out part here.”

Stan’s justifiable rant is targeting what some are calling “covidiots,” which are basically people who are ignoring any or all safety measures by doing things like hoarding food and toilet paper or continuing to pack beaches despite repeated warnings to avoid crowds, which is still going strong in some Florida counties.

However, one of the more prominent “covidiot,” spring breaker Brady Sluder, has since apologized for his now viral remarks where he drunkenly told CBS News. “If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not going to let it stop me.” Granted, this occurred after several students from the University of Tampa tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from spring break, so your mileage on that apology may vary.

You can watch Sebastian Stan unload on beachgoers at the 5:20 mark:

(via Comic, Muscle & Fitness)

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The Knicks Announced Owner James Dolan Tested Positive For Cornavirus

Hours after James Dolan announced that the team would compensate its employees for hours lost due to the coronavirus shutdown, the owner of the New York Knicks was revealed to have tested positive for the virus.

The Knicks put out a statement indicating that Dolan is currently in isolation, and in a bit of relatively good news, he is not showing symptoms. Dolan also apparently continues to oversee Madison Square Garden operations.

New York has become the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States in recent days, and this positive test shows just how all aspects of life in New York have been impacted by the epidemic. Though he’s the first owner to have officially contracted COVID-19, he’s merely the latest person in the NBA to have contracted the virus. Rudy Gobert’s positive test sent shockwaves through the sports world and effectively started the shutdown of everyday life in the United States as millions try to practice social distancing measures to keep the spread of the disease to a minimum.

It’s unclear how Dolan contracted coronavirus and if anyone else in the organization will be impacted, but it’s a sobering reminder of just how this has impacted every aspect of New York life.