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Cassidy Hutchinson Denies Matt Gaetz’s Claims That They Dated: ‘I Have Much Higher Standards In Men’

Cassidy Hutchinson, the Mark Meadows aide who ratted on Donald Trump last summer at the Jan. 6 hearings, has a new book out. It’s called Enough, and it has even more dirt about the former president’s home stretch in office. There’s one about her old boss burning so many documents that his clothes smelled. There’s one about Donald Trump’s shallow reason for not wearing a mask. In another, she accuses Rudy Giuliani of fondling her with his “frozen fingers.” The fallen “America’s Mayor” isn’t the only one who hit on her.

As per Raw Story, on Monday Hutchinson spoke with Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC show, during which the host dwelled on six instances of Trump cronies groping or “creeping” on her. One of them was Matt Gaetz, who Hutchinson alleges did it twice. In one Gaetz “chuckled and brushed his thumb across my chin” before saying, “Has anyone ever told you you’re a national treasure?”

In another, during a visit to Camp David, Gaetz asked, in front of Meadows and his future sparring partner Kevin McCarthy, if she could “escort me to my cabin.” McCarthy told him, “Get a life, Matt.”

Maddow had reached out to Gaetz for a comment on the allegations. He wrote back, “I don’t remember either of these events and based on Cassidy’s prior false statements, I doubt they occurred.”

He also claimed they “did date…for a few weeks when we were both single years ago.” He said they “parted amicably and remained friends thereafter.”

Maddow admitted she was reluctant to ask Hutchinson about Gaetz’s claims, but a chuckling Hutchinson was more than happy to respond. She admitted they were friends “at points,” but that now he was “somebody that I personally do not hold in high regards in terms of trust.” She added that he “doesn’t have the best track record for relationships” — perhaps a subtle dig at the federal investigation into his ties to a sex trafficking ring.

She then twisted the knife, saying, “I never dated Matt Gaetz. I have much higher standards in men.” She added that he was a “very unserious politician, and we see that today with the ruckus that he is causing that he is causing on Capitol Hill with the spending negotiations.”

She concluded, “I don’t have much else to say else to say to somebody who’s more concerned about a sound bite than actually passing legislation.”

Of course, right now Gaetz has bigger fish to fry. He’s busy helping drive the country to another government shutdown, which he’s been trying to blame on the guy who allegedly mocked him when he tried to hit on Cassidy Hutchinson.

(Via Raw Story)

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In Bad Bunny’s ‘Un Preview’ Video, Which Is Kendall Jenner-Coded, The Musician Is A Lonely Cowboy Desperately Looking For Love

Grammy Award-winning reggaeton star Bad Bunny is a man of his word. On Sunday, September 24, the musician took to his official WhatsApp channel to let fans know they should expect his latest release soon. On Monday night, Bad Bunny made good on his promise by dropping his new single, “Un Preview.” On the Tainy- and La Paciencia-produced record, Bad Bunny ditches the rough exterior he often boats about to expose his much gentler romantic side.

Throughout the song, Bad Bunny shifts between rapping and singing to desperately declare that he’s looking for love. “Baby, I have no means, no / To try you and make me fall in love again / Don’t tell me anything / I don’t follow advice, no / Very crazy at the disco / I catch myself dancing / And I kiss your neck / Let them bite it,” Bad Bunny sings (in a rough translation).

Although the identity of the muse behind the track is supposed to be ambiguous, the video, directed by Stillz, featured two scenes in particular that subtly suggested it was Kendall Jenner-coded. In April, the pair were spotted horseback riding, which was creatively recreated in the video “Un Preview.” Another slick reference to their rumored relationship is the vintage car that Bad Bunny rests upon at one point. While the vehicle isn’t the same classic Chevy 409, the couple were photographed in June the automobile that appears in “Un Preview” bears a striking resemblance.

Watch Bad Bunny’s video for his new single “Un Preview” above.

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Bad Bunny Used WhatsApp’s New Channels Feature To Reveal The Release Date For His Next Single

For the most part, “Titi Me Preguntó” rapper Bad Bunny is an open book. When it comes to what critics refer to as “feminine” fashion choices or his rumored relationship with model Kendall Jenner, Bad Bunny doesn’t mind flaunting his life choices to the general public. However, his music is a different case entirely.

Several musicians, including Ariana Grande, have had problem with leakers. Bad Bunny has not. Instead he’s kept a watchful eye over his unreleased music. To keep fans updated on his forthcoming projects, he’s using WhatsApp’s new channels feature. On his official page, Bunny revealed the release date for his next single, “Un Preview.”

In a note uploaded to the channel Sunday, September 24, he wrote, “In case you like it and are interested to know, [the song] comes out tomorrow, Monday (September 25) at 8 p.m. Puerto Rico time.” Bad Bunny followed up the message with a 17-second teaser of the track. The lyrics roughly translated to, “Baby, I know that when you dare, I’m going to fall in love.”

According to Bad Bunny, after the song is made public, fans shouldn’t expect anything else anytime soon. “It is a small preview of what is coming next year. Possible that this will be the last song [from me] this year,” he wrote.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Reportedly Dating A 25-Year-Old, Which Is Usually His Cut-Off Age, But Jokes Still Followed

Leonardo DiCaprio sure likes ‘em young. He even has a sense of humor about it. Back during the 2020 Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais zinged him over Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, saying it was so long that by the end of the premiere “his date was too old for him.” Instead of being appalled, DiCaprio, then 45, gave a smile and a knowing “ya got me!” shrug. So perhaps he doesn’t mind that upon learning that he was dating another young model, lots of people on social media had jokes.

Per Page Six, DiCaprio, who turns 49 in November, is reportedly dating Vittoria Ceretti, an Italian model who’s 25. That’s kind of old for DiCaprio, who’s notorious for dumping his lady friends when they hit the quarter-century mark. But for now, the two keep getting spotted on dates here and abroad, dancing in clubs, getting ice cream, and, one insider claims, “enjoying getting to know one another on a deeper level.”

That Ceretti is 25 — historically DiCaprio’s cut-off age — did not go unnoticed.

Some pointed out, though, that she’s still very young, especially if you consider Titanic is 26 years old.

Some thought he’d still dump Ceretti when she hits 26.

Some confused Vittoria Ceretti with The Haunting of Bly Manor cast member Victoria Pedretti, who, for the record, is 28.

Some saw an eerie resemblance.

And some wondered if this was DiCaprio playing with people’s heads.

For the record, DiCaprio has dated above 25 before. Last year he dated Gigi Hadid, who at the time was 27. But that was last year. Also for the record, after rumors spread earlier this year that he was dating a 19-year-old, that one turned out to be bunk.

(Via Page Six and HuffPost)

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Cardi B’s ‘Hot Ones’ Appearance Will Test How Much Heat The Rapper Can Handle And Fans Are Ready For The Full Serving Of Funny

Bongos” rapper Cardi B is known for her fiery personality and spicy commentary. But Hot Ones talk show host Sean Evans will test Cardi to see how much heat she can actually handle. On Monday, September 25, Cardi took to her official Instagram page to reveal that she will appear on the beloved YouTube series on Thursday, September 28.

“Getting SPICY. 🥵 @hotones Thursday at 11 AM est,” wrote Cardi in the caption of the upload. In the promotional graphic, taken during her time on set, Cardi looks like she is questioning her life choices — a hilariously apropos response given others’ experiences on the shows, including Kid Cudi.

Fans took to her comment section to let Cardi know they are ready for their full serving of funny.

“Ohhh, I know this sh*t about to have me in tears, ” one person wrote.

Cardi B Hot Ones Instagram comments 09252023

“I can already imagine, LOL. Bronx out of her mouth,” joked another.

Cardi B Hot Ones Instagram comments 09252023

“I’ve been waiting and praying for this to happen. Omg. This will be so funny,” confessed one fan.

Cardi B Hot Ones Instagram comments 09252023

Users reassured Cardi that they wouldn’t miss her appearance on the program. “I’m def seeing this for sure,” remarked another.

Cardi B Hot Ones Instagram comments 09252023

“Oh, this about to be hilarious,” declared one person.

Cardi B Hot Ones Instagram comments 09252023

“Ouuuuu, I can’t wait for this. I know I’m finna get my laugh in,” wrote another.

Cardi B Hot Ones Instagram comments 09252023

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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Meek Mill And Rick Ross Will Reunite For Another Ambitious Single With ‘Shaq & Kobe’

Rappers Meek Mill and Rick Ross are considered one of the great dynamic duos. But now they’re going to honor another great pair, this one from the world of basketball. The two will reunite for another ambitious single, “Shaq & Kobe,” paying homage to the NBA Basketball Hall Of Fame inductees.

Meek uploaded the forthcoming track’s official cover art in a post on his official X (formerly Twitter) page. He went on to tell fans about the inspiration behind the song.

“Kobe [Bryant] and Shaq [O’Neal]. R.I.P. to the G.O.A.T., legend, and father! I learned my motivation and ambition from you. I ain’t have a dad. I was going off y’all. Thank you. Friday [September 29],” wrote Meek.

Meek’s admiration for Bryant was shaken in 2021 when the late athlete’s widow, Vanessa, called him out for what she considered to be insensitive lyrics.

On an unreleased track with fellow rapper Lil Baby, Meek says the line, “And if I ever lack I’m going out with my chopper, it be another Kobe,” referencing Bryant’s fatal helicopter crash. Meek has since apologized to the Bryant family, and one assumes this song will remain respectful.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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Trump, Who’s Definitely Not Cognitively Impaired, Seemed To Blame Jeb Bush For The Iraq War (And Said Windmills Are Killing Whales)

Donald Trump and his cronies have made a meal out of criticizing Joe Biden’s supposed cognitive decline. But what if it’s mere projection? What if Trump — who is a mere three years younger than his also very old presidential successor — is the one whose brain is mush? The other week Trump claimed Biden would lead us into “World War II.” On Monday he blamed the Iraq War on Jeb Bush.

At a rally in South Carolina, Trump did things like trash Fox News while they were airing his speech. He also said some things that suggested his brain was seeping out of his ears. At one point Trump reflected on the 2016 primary, when he was up against the likes of Jeb Bush.

“You know the beauty was? When I came here, everyone thought Bush was gonna win,” he recalled. “And then they took a poll and found out Trump was up by about 50 points.”

Trump then…seemed to get his Bushes confused. “They thought Bush because Bush was supposedly a military person,” he remembered. He then claimed Jeb Bush, the Bush he ran against, “got us into the, uh, he got us into the Middle East. How did that work out, right?”

Trump then kept ragging on Jeb Bush, whom he ran against seven years ago and who was never president: “Remember Jeb? He used the word ‘Jeb,’ he didn’t use the word ‘Bush.’ I said, ‘You mean he’s ashamed of the last name?’ And he started using the name ‘Bush.’ Never forget it.”


Trump also went on an inexplicable rant about “windmills causing whales to die” or whatever the heck he’s talking about here.

Then again, three years ago Trump “aced” a very basic cognitive test. If you forgot about that one, don’t worry because he’s still bragging about it.

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A-ha’s stripped-down, slowed-down performance of ‘Take On Me’ is a must-see

According to NPR—and the ABBA blaring from my young adult daughter’s headphones—we’re in the midst of an 80s music revival. As a Gen Xer who came of age in the 80s, I think most of that decade should stay locked in a time capsule, but there are a few songs that have managed to remain timeless despite the synthesizers and bad hair.

A-ha’s “Take On Me” is one of them. Despite its consummately-80s sound, the song with the famous sketch animated video is still enjoyable (if not a little earwormy—good luck once it gets stuck in your head).

But a lesser-known 2017 arrangement of the song is actually, miraculusly, even better. A-ha performed “Take On Me” for an MTV Unplugged Summer Solstice album, and it’s significantly different than the original. The Norwegian band filmed the performance live on the island of Giske, dropping the electric piano as well as the tempo for a stripped-down version that has become a fan favorite. As of this writing, the video has 97 million views on YouTube.

“Take On Me” is one of 17 songs in the unplugged performance, but naturally the most popular.

“We’ve talked about this idea for so many years,” guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy said. “And in many of our concerts we’ve also played some acoustic songs. But if you consider that we don’t use much technology at all when we write the songs, the idea of an entirely acoustic show makes total sense. Playing all these songs now in their acoustic versions is like returning to their origins.”

Watch and see how the slower tempo and simple instrumentation creates a sadder, more haunting version of their biggest hit.

“The fact he’s still got such a good voice after decades is incredible,” wrote one fan.

This is music at its purest form. No light show, distortion pedals, autotune and massive audiences. Spotless,” wrote another.

“By far the best version of this song that I have ever heard. It totally transforms the song when performed like this,” shared another.

Another commenter made a poignant observation:

“The original version is like a soundtrack for a man living in the fast-paced life in the 80’s all cool and hip. This one is like when the same man grows old and saying farewell to the fun memories of his youth.”

And another summed up what most people feel seeing this:

“One version makes you dance and the other version makes you cry.”

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A dad dressed as Darth Vader to wake up his son. The kid’s reaction is pure ‘Star Wars.’

Dads are ridiculous. But perhaps, in the world today, there is no dad quite so ridiculous as Rob Lopez:

Photo via Rob Lopez/YouTube.

On a morning not too long ago, Lopez apparently had the following thought: “I’m going to dress up as Darth Vader and wake up my 2-year-old.”

Photo via Rob Lopez/YouTube.

Clearly, the correct follow-up thought is, “No. That’s silly. Why would I ever wake up a 2-year-old. Like, on purpose.”

But not for Rob Lopez. Oh, no.

After suiting up…

…and receiving the mission critical sign-off from his wife.

He grabbed his lightsaber and gave it a go. The results … pretty much speak for themselves (fast-forward to 1:05 for the main event).

There are a couple of things about Lopez’s son’s reaction that we should talk about.

(First, this child is objectively the hardest core human on the face of planet Earth right now.)

He grabs the lightsaber he keeps next to his bed (just in case) and it’s game on, Dark Lord of the Sith. Game. On.

Think about how you would feel, as an adult person, in complete control of your faculties, with a firm grasp on the difference between fiction and reality, being aggressively prodded awake by a six-foot-tall man in a full-body Darth Vader mech-suit complete with voice modulator and terrifyingly heavy breathing.

Think about how loud you would scream and the volume of pee you would pee into your pants.

Meanwhile, this toddler — who is probably no more than three feet tall, groggy and vulnerable, with no cognitive ability to discern this is not the real Darth Vader — didn’t even think twice about taking him on.

Perhaps the most impressive part? At a mere 2 years of age, he’s already learned, perhaps, the single greatest lesson of “Star Wars.”

You don’t defeat the dark side with mad lightsaber skills (although they are fun to show off).

You defeat it with compassion.

…which, in this kid’s case, involves casually grabbing a book and asking Darth Vader to read him a story.

Empathy for Siths — with an assist from curiosity and literacy: That’s a lesson we could all use.

This article originally appeared on 05.06.16

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Some people talk about changing the world. These young people are actually doing it.

The past two centuries have seen humanity transform into a truly interconnected global community. Like any community, we have our virtues and strengths as well as our challenges that require collective effort to overcome.

The United Nations created 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 to help us focus our efforts on vital areas of concern, including poverty, gender equality, education, food security, health, climate and more. And every year since then, changemakers have arisen to meet those goals in various ways. Some of these changemakers are already leaders on the world stage, from heads of state to global celebrities. But others are grassroots activists doing incredible work on the ground to move us toward meeting our SDG targets by the 2030 deadline.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation calls these people Goalkeepers and honors them at an awards ceremony each year. This year’s young activist Goalkeepers hail from Cameroon, Ethiopia and the United States, and their work on different goals in different countries is an inspiring example of how any one of us can arise and be of service to humanity no matter where we live.

Meet this year’s award recipients:

Ashu Martha Agbornyenty at the Goalkeepers awards

2023 Changemaker Award: Ashu Martha Agbornyenty

The Changemaker Award celebrates an individual who has inspired change either from a position of leadership or through personal experience. Ashu Martha Agbornyenty is a midwife dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safer in Cameroon, where maternal mortality rates are high. She writes about the work of midwives and shares her knowledge of pregnancy through her blog, Marthie’s Midwifery Diary, and she also founded the For Mom & Baby Foundation, which provides community workshops and distributes emergency kits containing essential birth supplies to pregnant women in crisis-stricken areas. Since 2021, the foundation has distributed over 1,000 emergency kits and reached more than 2,400 women and girls in the region.

“Midwives are essential to achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, including Goal 3: Good health and well-being for all. They provide care to millions of women and children around the world, and they play a vital role in improving maternal and child health outcomes,” Agbornyenty shared on her Facebook page.

However, she added, “Despite their important role, midwives are often underrepresented in policy-making circles. This is a problem because it means that the voices of midwives and the people they serve are not being heard when important decisions are being made about maternal and child health.” She dedicated her award to all midwives. Learn more about her work here.

Eden Tadesse at the podium

2023 Progress Award: Eden Tadesse

The Progress Award celebrates an individual who supports progress via a science, technology, digital, or business initiative. This year’s award was presented to Eden Tadesse, an Ethiopian journalist, social entrepreneur, digital innovator, and human rights activist dedicated to helping refugees thrive. Tadesse founded the online global impact platform Invicta, which promotes digital financial inclusion, skills development and access to job opportunities for urban refugees. More than 35,000 people from 90 countries have registered on Invicta, 7,000 have completed online courses and more than 2,200 refugees have employment through the platform.

According to the UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency, 108.4 million people worldwide are currently forcibly displaced, and the majority of refugees are hosted by low-income countries. Refugees often face a mountain of obstacles as they resettle away from their countries of origin, from legal hurdles to access to education to finding work to prejudice and discrimination.

“I imagine a world where every refugee in every part of the world leads a meaningful, dignified life where they are economically empowered, safe and self-reliant,” Tadesse says. Invicta is a one-stop tool for refugees to get connected with the educational, financial, mental health and other tools they need. Learn more about Invicta here.

Founders of The Farmlink Project

2023 Campaign Award: The Farmlink Project

The Campaign Award celebrates a campaign that has raised awareness or built a community by inspiring action and creating change. This year’s Campaign Award was presented to The Farmlink Project, founded by Aidan Reilly, Ben Collier, and James Kanoff, for its work advocating for and building community around food equity in the United States.

The Farmlink Project was started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its purpose is to connect people experiencing food insecurity with surplus produce that will otherwise go to waste.

“No one should have to go to bed hungry while perfectly viable produce goes to waste. This produce shouldn’t have to be ‘rescued’ from rotting in fields or being sent to the landfill, either; why were we ever letting this produce go to waste in the first place?” asks The Farmlink Project. “These are systemic issues that our society needs to address.”

In a perfect world, The Farmlink Project says, their organization wouldn’t need to exist because “systems would be in place to streamline the supply chain so that zero percent, rather than 30 to 40 percent, of food grown in the United States went to waste.” For now, though, it acts as a “link” connecting the broken supply chains.

“Our long-term goal is to set up infrastructure which will render our work obsolete,” the organization shares on its website. “If there were no food waste, if there were no hungry people lining up outside understocked and underfunded food banks, there would be no need for The Farmlink Project. That’s the dream. We’ve got a lot of work to do before we get there, though. We need you to help us put ourselves out of business.”

Through its network of more than 600 student fellows and 6,000 volunteers, The Farmlink Project has provided 83 million meals and transferred more than 130 million pounds of nutritious food to communities facing hunger. Learn more here.

We are at the halfway mark toward the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal deadline. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but if leaders like these Goalkeepers can inspire more of us to action, we’ll be that much closer to reaching our collective targets for a more sustainable global society.