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Russell Westbrook Fractured His Left Hand During Clippers-Wizards

russell westbrook
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Scottie Barnes is not the only player to suffer a fractured left hand during Friday night’s slate of NBA games. During the matchup between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Washington Wizards at Arena, Clippers guard Russell Westbrook left the game and got ruled out for suffering the same injury that ended Barnes’ night.

Unlike Barnes, who pretty clearly hurt his hand against the Golden State Warriors, it was much harder to see when Westbrook got hurt. But thanks to Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints, we saw that Westbrook appeared to get banged up early in the second quarter while trying to poke the ball away from Jordan Poole. He managed to stay in the game for another two minutes or so before exiting.

While Westbrook is no longer the all-encompassing force he was earlier in his career, Ty Lue has trusted him to serve as the team’s backup point guard this year. With his injury, it is easy to assume that a path will open up for young guard Bones Hyland — who was put on leave prior to the All-Star break but has returned to the Clippers — to get more minutes.

On the year, Westbrook is averaging 11.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 4.5 assists in 22.8 minutes per game.

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Gesaffelstein’s Trippy ‘Hard Dreams’ Video Viscerally Captures The All-Too-Relatable Mind Game Of Being In Love

Gesaffelstein is scheduled to perform at Coachella 2024 next month, and the French DJ and electronic producer will have plenty of new material. On February 15, Gesaffelstein announced Gamma, his third studio album and first since 2019, will be released on March 29. On Friday, March 1, he wet fans’ appetite by dropping “Hard Dreams,” written and sung by Yan Wagner.

The Jordan Hemingway-directed video finds a masked Gesaffelstein alone in an ominous room. He stares at himself in the mirror, and the mirror explodes. He falls backward as shards of glass spray into the air — and pieces of the glass slowly reveal a beautiful woman. The disjointed elements in the video match perfectly with Wagner’s lyrics about a confusing love with verses like, “I trick myself with gasoline / The fire grows inside my skin / No fantasy, no in-betweens / Don’t tell me no lies.”

“The new album showcases Gesaffelstein’s raw, industrial sound and finds Gesaffelstein finally giving the mask a voice,” a press release explained upon Gesaffelstein’s Gamma announcement, adding, “The visuals and imagery for the album have been spearheaded by Jordan Hemingway (FKA Twigs, Post Malone, Gucci, Acne Studios) in close collaboration with Mike Lévy.”

Watch the “Hard Dreams” video above, and check out the album’s trailer and tracklist below.

1. “Digital Slaves”
2. “Hard Dreams”
3. “Your Share Of The Night”
4. “Hysteria”
5. “The Urge”
6. “Mania”
7. “Lost Love”
8. “The Perfect”
9. “Psycho”
10. “Tyranny”
11. “Emet”

Gamma is out 3/29 via Columbia Records. Find more information here.

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Scottie Barnes Is Out Indefinitely After Suffering A Left Hand Fracture

scottie barnes
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The Toronto Raptors won’t have the services of Scottie Barnes for the foreseeable future. In the aftermath of the team’s 120-105 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Friday night, the team announced that the former Rookie of the Year and the up-and-coming face of their franchise is out indefinitely after suffering a fracture in his left hand.

The injury occurred late in the second quarter of the game. Barnes attempted to contest a layup by Jonathan Kuminga, but as he was getting ready to jump, his left hand caught the leg of his teammate, Immanuel Quickley. He was in clear pain after the play, and following a Gary Trent make on the next possession, Barnes took a personal foul and made his way into the back.

While Toronto sits in 12th place in the Eastern Conference and are 4.5 games back of a berth in a Play-In Tournament, losing Barnes is absolutely brutal, as the team entered Friday night’s game with three wins in its previous four games. Getting to use the final month and a half as a chance for Barnes and his teammates to continue to build up chemistry would have been incredibly valuable, and while we’ll have to see if he’s able to return this year, those efforts took a hit on Friday night.

Entering Friday night’s game, Barnes — who made his first All-Star team this season — averaged 20 points, 8.3 rebounds, 6.1 assists, 1.5 blocks, and 1.3 steals in 35.2 minutes per game.

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Porter Robinson Confirmed His ‘Album Is Done’ And Shared A Wonderfully Chaotic Teaser Video

Porter Robinson February 2024
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On Thursday, February 29, Porter Robinson scared his fans. A paparazzi asked him if he was “really deleting his music,” which earned a playful thumbs-up from Robinson. “Yes,” he said, as captured by Getty. “Yes, I am. Thank you!” It turned out to be an expertly executed troll job, as Robinson confirmed on Friday, March 1, that his third studio album is arriving sooner than later.

“The album is done,” Robinson posted on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). The post also included a photo of Robinson holding a giant pink star over his shoulder. The star has hearts and faces spray-painted onto it. The photo could be anything from a one-off or a promotional press image to the official album artwork or an as-yet-announced single’s artwork. For now, Robinson’s announcement remains vague.

However, on Instagram, Robinson also posted a video showing him in what appears to be his studio. Once he hits play, his face is covered by a pink cartoonish face — the same animation is now Robinson’s profile icon across his social media accounts, as well as his Spotify page. The video’s foreshadowing caption reads, “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 😀 #NEWMUSIC.”

Robinson’s forthcoming third LP will follow 2021’s Nurture, peaking at No. 52 on the Billboard 200, and 2014’s Worlds, peaking at No. 18 on the Billboard 200.

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Cardi B Won’t Let ‘My Anxiety’ Or ‘What Haters Say’ Stop Her From Dropping New Music In 2024, Including Her Album

There’s a lot more where Cardi B’s “Like What (Freestyle)” came from, and she has the receipts to prove it. On Friday, March 1, Cardi dropped “Like What” alongside a video directed by Offset, which is another conversation to be had at a different time. Cardi B has been busy promoting the well-received song on her Instagram Story, sneaking in a tease for future music.

In one video, Cardi B scrolls through “like 100 songs” on her computer dating back to January 2023. “Look how long I’ve had this f*cking record for,” she says off-camera. “January 27, 202-f*ckin’-3. I was working on this sh*t at 5 a.m. You know I’m a night owl.”

Cardi added, “I’m not letting my anxiety, I’m not letting what haters say, I’m not letting what fans say — if I do a song, I’m gonna just f*cking drop it. Well, I got no choice because I’m dropping my album this year, so stay tuned for the announcement. But don’t play with me!”

Cardi’s next album will be her first since her sensational, record-breaking 2018 debut, Invasion Of Privacy. Whenever it arrives, Cardi will likely prove why her forthcoming sophomore LP was among Uproxx’s “Most Anticipated Albums Of 2024.”

For now, watch the “Like What (Freestyle)” video above.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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Cardi B’s ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ Is Missy Elliott-Approved, And Missy’s Method Of Co-Signing Was Adorable

On Friday, March 1, Cardi B released her “Like What (Freestyle)” alongside a salacious Offset-directed video, putting Cardi’s rap prowess front and center. Uproxx’s Aaron Williams led this week’s “Best New Hip-Hop” with it, and Missy Elliott appears to agree with that assessment. Missy’s opinion would matter regardless, but it especially matters in this case because Cardi freestyled over a sample of Missy’s “She’s A B*tch” from her 1999 Grammy-nominated album, Da Real World.

Missy Elliott spent Friday responding to fans’ “Like What” reactions on X (formerly Twitter). She mostly replied with various Memoji stickers — the heart hands, the dancing salsa lady, a purple heart, the prayer hands — but the recent Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee had something to say to one person.

Someone going by Jus on X wrote, “Do these children really not know that it’s a freestyle to Missy Elliott’s song?? Like wtf is going on in these schools? In these homes??!! Just uncultured! lmao” Missy initially replied with another Memoji, which led to Jus writing, “Missy we gotta educate the children like it’s getting out of hand. Also, I love you and your music! You are a LEGEND! A ICON!” To that, Missy wrote, “Yes….The ones before my era taught us also.” Of course, there were two Memojis accompanying that message.

Missy also promoted”Like What” on her Instagram Story.

Watch Cardi’s “Like What (Freestyle)” video above, and check out Elliott’s X posts below.

Cardi B and Missy Elliott are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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The Rock Challenged Cody Rhodes And Seth Rollins To A Tag Team Match At WrestleMania XL


A week after Cody Rhodes challenged the Rock to a singles match, WrestleMania XL plans are coming even clearer into picture.

Roman Reigns came out to open SmackDown and demanded the crowd acknowledge him over and again. When he felt disrespected, he threatened to leave. Paul Heyman interrupted him and told Reigns he couldn’t leave because The Rock would be coming out any minute.

After a brief break, Rock hit the ring and talked down the Arizona audience. Rock said the Bloodline is in a good mood because professional wrestling is cool, exciting, and electrifying once again. Rock continued that Cody Rhodes is not cool and called him an idiot to think he’d go one-on-one with the People’s Champ.

Rock said he’s a businessman and the Bloodline has a counter offer to Rhodes’ challenge for a singles match that would have taken place at Elimination Chamber: a tag team match with himself and Reigns against Rhodes and Seth Rollins on Night 1 of WrestleMania XL.

If they win, the Bloodline is barred from Night 2 of WrestleMania, where Rhodes will challenge Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. If they lose though, it’s Bloodline rules, which means anything goes. Rock continued to talk down Rhodes and Rollins, and reminded them that he’s their boss and he sits on the board of TKO.

Rock demanded that Rollins and Rhodes meet them next week on Smackdown to give their answers. As the Rock began his “If you Smell,” Reigns snatched the microphone from his hand. He asked Rock to acknowledge him, which Rock did.

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Fifth Harmony Reunion Rumors Were Reportedly Misguided Yet Again

Fifth Harmony Jingle Ball 2016
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Do something nice for the Harmonizers in your life today. This morning, March 1, Page Six reported, “Fifth Harmony is in talks to reunite,” citing an exclusive unnamed source.

Rolling Stone‘s Tomás Mier let the hype around that possibility grow for a few hours before reporting the exact opposite, as excerpted below:

Despite a report suggesting the possibility of new music from the group, a reunion is currently not in the works, multiple sources tell Rolling Stone.

Rumors of a possible reunion first began swirling after the group’s members — Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Camila Cabello — publicly supported Normani’s new album announcement. And on Friday, Page Six published a report that the group was ‘in talks’ of working together again.

The speculation also coincided with a sudden increase in plays of Fifth Harmony’s music over the last month. Spotify streams in the U.S. for ‘All in My Head (Flex)’ featuring Fetty Wap saw a whopping 590% increase in the last month, according to data provided to Rolling Stone. When Normani announced her album Dopamine on Feb. 21, U.S. streams for Fifth Harmony reached a peak jump of nearly 90% compared to the previous month, according to Spotify data.”

This is far from the first (and probably far from the last) time a Fifth Harmony reunion occupied the rumor mill. Brooke has teased it most frequently. Last October, Brooke appeared on E! News and affirmed the host’s hypothesis that “we’ll get all the girls together” sometime in the future. “A hundred percent,” Brooke said. “We may be working on something.”

However, she walked back her comments on X (formerly Twitter) shortly thereafter, writing, “I’m thrilled to see there’s a lot of interest surrounding Fifth Harmony. Reunion has many meanings and while there’s no official band reunion happening at the moment, some beautiful friendships and relationships are slowly reuniting in a healing and empowering way.”

Cabello departed Fifth Harmony in December 2016, and the group announced an indefinite hiatus in early 2018.

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Doorbell camera captures little boy’s complaints about his mom ‘always’ making chicken

When you’re a kid you rarely have a lot of say in what you get to eat for dinner. The adult in your house is the one that gets to decide and you have to eat whatever they put on your plate. But one little boy is simply tired of eating chicken and he doesn’t care who knows it. Well, he cares if his mom knows.

Lacy Marie uploaded a video from her doorbell camera to TikTok her son. The little boy is caught on camera taking the trash out venting about always having to eat chicken. He rants all the way to the trash can, being sure to get it out of his system before he makes it back into the house.

“Chicken. No more chicken. Tell me you like, we have chicken every day. Eat this, eat that, eat more chicken, keep eating it,” the 10-year-old complains. “It’s healthy for you. Like, we get it. We have chicken every day.”

Apparently the little boy doesn’t think eating chicken every day is good for his gains at the gym as he says he works out. He does not care about lean protein and likely doesn’t care about whatever science is behind chicken being a healthy food to consume for muscle development. He. Doesn’t. Want. Chicken. And it seems like the commenters under the video are on his side.

“Give that man a steak,” one person says.

“My dud has been married for 25 years and he’s had enough,” another jokes.

“Every single day of his years?! Really mom?,” someone laughs

“I’m thinking you need to give chicken a break. He’s been eating it everyday of all of his years,” a commenter writes.

Even Sam’s Club got in on the jokes saying, “chickens hearing this,” with two eye emojis with an open mouth. Poor little guy, the internet is on your side, maybe you’ll get some burgers instead.

Check out the video below:


10-year-old caught on doorbell cam venting!! #hilarious #nomorechicken #heworksout

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Arizona election official posts perfect response to woman who received two mail-in ballots

Since having elected leaders instead of kings is a hallmark of our democratic system, Americans share a common concern for election integrity. But for some, that concern has grown into full-blown conspiracy theories and misinformation about election fraud since before Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election.

Despite dozens of lawsuits either being dismissed as groundless or lost on their merit in court, people still try to claim that the 2020 election was rife with fraud.

One of the primary targets of those fraud claims is mail-in ballots. People haven’t seemed to wrap their minds around how mail-in ballots can be secure and how people can be prevented from voting twice if they happen to have more than one ballot mailed to them.

Turning Point USA field rep Aubrey Savela shared a photo of two official Arizona ballots with her name on them to X, with the caption, “Maricopa county at its finest… My first time ever voting in a presidential preference election and I received not one but two mail-in ballots.Thank you @stephen_richer.”

Stephen Richter, the man she tagged, is a Maricopa County election official—and a Republican, incidentally, who sued Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake for defamation after she accused him of sabotaging the election. And his response to Savela’s insinuation that receiving two ballots was somehow problematic was absolutely pitch perfect.

“Hi Aubrey!

Thanks for reaching out. You changed your voter registration on the last day of voter registration (Feb. 20) from your Chandler address to your new Tempe address.

Because early ballots must go out on Feb. 21, your Chandler ballot was already set to go out, and so it did.

Then we sent out a new ballot to your Tempe address when we processed your voter registration modification.

That’s why you had to redact out different lengths in the address (because they were sent to different addresses).

You’ll also notice that one of packet codes ends in “01” (the one to your old address) and one ends in “02” (the one sent to your new address). As soon as the “02” one goes out, the “01” packet is dead. Meaning even if you sent it back, it wouldn’t proceed to signature verification, and it wouldn’t be opened. That’s how we prevent people from voting twice.

So just use the one with your new address ending in “02” — that’s the only one that will work.

Hope this helps! Have a great night! Happy voting!”

Richter didn’t slam her, make fun of her, call her names or shame her for trying to make it look like something fishy was afoot. He simply laid out exactly what happened to cause her to receive two ballots, explained how the first ballot was rendered invalid as soon as the second ballot was issued, and explained how the process safeguards people’s vote and the integrity of the election in general.

These are the kinds of cool-headed, informative, clear and concise explanations we need for people to understand how mail-in ballots and other election apparatuses function. People make all kinds of assumptions about how those processes work without actually finding out the reality, so having a real example laid out in such a clear way is fantastic to see.

Yes, election fraud can happen, as can honest mistakes that impact people’s votes. But time and time again, investigations into election fraud claims have yielded only a miniscule fraction of a percent of votes impacted by actual fraud—not enough to even come close to swinging an election one way or another.