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Will Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ Movie Have A Big Premiere?

Taylor Swift is approaching the release date of her The Eras Tour concert film, which is going to hit theaters on… you guessed it, October 13. Now, it’s reportedly set to be having a premiere in Los Angeles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC Theaters confirmed that they would be hosting the event on October 11. Swift did an exclusive distribution deal directly with the theater chain rather than going with a studio.

Fans also started reportedly receiving emails from Spotify, notifying them that for being a top listener of Swift’s, they could respond to confirm their availability — giving the email’s receiver and a guest the chance to attend.

However, Swifties who received one of the lucky emails had to respond already, as the deadline was yesterday (September 28).

Given the location of the premiere has not been revealed for obvious reasons, Swifties are still encouraging others who get an official ticket to wait until after the movie to tell anyone.

Others are either sharing their pleas as fans on social media to hope to get one through Taylor Nation — who previously invited fans to Swift’s secret sessions for past albums. Or are hoping that she’ll magically be able to arrive in NYC by the 13th — so both coasts can celebrate. (It is also being released worldwide.)

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13-yr-old’s completely unique ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ rendition was so great it even wowed Queen

At Upworthy, we’ve shared a lot of memorable “America’s Got Talent” auditions, from physics-defying dance performances to jaw-dropping magic acts to heart-wrenching singer-songwriter stories. Now we’re adding Angelina Jordan’s “AGT: The Champions” audition to the list because wow.

Jordan came to “AGT: The Champions” in 2020 as the winner of Norway’s Got Talent, which she won in 2014 at the mere age of 7 with her impressive ability to seemingly channel Billie Holiday. For the 2020 audition, she sang Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but a version that no one had ever heard before.

With just her Amy Winehouse-ish voice, a guitar and a piano, Jordan brought the fan-favorite Queen anthem down to a smooth, melancholy ballad that’s simply riveting to listen to.

Especially considering that Jordan was only 13 years old when she did this.


What this video doesn’t show is Heidi Klum hitting the Golden Buzzer faster than you can say, “Nothing really matters to me.” The judges were blown away by Jordan’s performance, as were the people in the comments.

“That’s a ONE in A BILLION voice right there. Just amazing,” wrote one commenter.

“I am typically not a fan of songs being redone particular to such a magnitude,” shared another. “They almost always fall short of the original. But to completely rearrange a song in the manner that she has, from a legend, and then make you forget about how the original even sounded because her rendition is so good is utterly amazing.”

“As Freddie once said, ‘Do whatever you want with my music as long as you don’t make it boring.’ I think he’d really like this,” shared another.

Though Queen’s lead vocalist Freddie Mercury is no longer with us, the band did offer words of praise for Jordan’s performance, retweeting her audition video with the comment, “Wow! What a rendition of #BohemianRhapsody.”

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is such an iconic song, it’s hard for anyone to do a cover of it justice. But 13-year-old Angelina Jordan managed it masterfully.

Jordan would move on to the Top 10 in “AGT: The Champions,” and though she didn’t take home the top prize, she did impress the audience with another classic rock tune, Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” You can enjoy that performance below, and you can follow Angelina Jordan—who is now 17 and still singing her heart out—on YouTube and TikTok.

Become Angelina’s patron at Patreon! performance on Angelina Jordan’s TikTok –…

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‘Couple’ was asked what they love about each other. Turns out they’re siblings with a beautiful bond.

“Love” is one of the most powerful words in the English language, yet it’s also one of the most broadly defined. We use the word “love” for so many things that are neither the same nor equal—our families, our friends, our romantic partners, our hobbies—even our favorite foods.

When we think of a “love story,” we almost exclusively imagine a tale of romance, but that’s not the only kind of love story there is. Sometimes the strongest, most meaningful loves of our lives aren’t romantic at all.

David Shane creates videos in which he approaches couples in public and asks them to share three things they love about each other, resulting in some major #couplegoals moments. But one “couple” he approached had a surprising answer to that question, one that moved both them and the people watching the video afterward to tears.

Blane approached a man and woman sitting on a bench at a mall and asked his signature question—”Excuse me, could you give me three things you love about each other?” The woman responded, “Well, this is my brother,” and proceeded to share that she loved that they were related and that they care about each other—typical family stuff. But as she started elaborating, the beautiful bond they share became more and more apparent.

This is one you just have to watch:

People were understandably moved seeing this brother and sister express their love for one another through serious life challenges.

“This is what love looks like. 🥹 What a truly beautiful sibling relationship, 😭🫶🏽” wrote one commenter.

“I gotta stop watching these right after I do my makeup,” wrote another.

“Gosh, I love questions like this that remind us to SEE two people sitting in a mall as the true, precious humans they are,” shared another. “We walk past people every day, all day long and never get to know their story. There must be so many stories we miss. This is the beauty of social media. I wish both of these sweet souls the very best. So glad they have each other.”

Many of us have people with whom we share a deep connection but may not always share our feelings freely. This video is a good reminder to let our loved ones know what they mean to us and to treasure all the love stories in our lives, whether romantic, platonic or familial.

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A Viral Twitter Thread Collected Clips Of Taylor Swift’s Moments That Went Wrong During The Eras Tour, And It’s Like Watching A Blooper Reel

While Taylor Swift is currently on a break between legs of her massive Eras Tour, that isn’t stopping Swifties from reminiscing about everything that went down during the North American shows. One fan in particular created a Twitter thread titled “The Eras (Errors) Tour” with all of the chaotic mishaps.

The thread starts off with a TikTok video of Swift attempting to recognize the cue that she needed to dive under the stage — which became a popular bit of the three-hour concert. The trap door apparently didn’t open, so she stands around and appeared to say “What the f*ck?”

Some other clips had moments of microphone malfunctions during songs like “Lover” and “The Man.”

One of the other wild memories was Swift continuing the concerts through a rainstorm. However, this affected her on-stage equipment in a chaotic way. When she sat down at the piano, it apparently started playing by itself from the water damage. She then stares and gasps in the video.

Swift swallowed a bug. She had some wardrobe malfunctions. She had some lyrical slip-ups. And at one point her earpiece stopped working, so she had to get help from her band member Amos.

Check out some more of the errors on the Eras Tour thread below.

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Man teaches disability awareness by using sign language to communicate with deaf pitbull

Six years ago, Cole was a deaf pitbull deemed “broken” and passed up by countless families at the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter. But in April of 2017, he was adopted by Chris Hannah, a public school music teacher and they’ve been changing lives ever since.

Chris, with the help of his deaf nephew, taught the dog sign language, and they began doing presentations in schools, teaching kids that it’s okay to be different and helping them to be courageous and kind. They also help them reflect on their feelings of “brokenness” to learn self-acceptance and compassion. In their performances, Chris and Cole demonstrate that disabilities are a superpower by showing that a dog can learn sign language.

Cole is also a hospice therapy volunteer and the official mascot of the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home.

“This is what we do: inspiring children that anything is possible if you just believe in YOU. We are about disability awareness, about changing the way the world thinks, and about making a difference by being different. Let’s all share our similarities and celebrate what makes us unique,” Chris captioned a recent video of him and Cole performing at a school presentation.


#deafdog #deafdogsoftiktok #rescuedog #shelterdog #fypシ

Here’s Cole working with his friend, Alice.


Deaf Dog Rockstars🤟 #dogsoftiktok #pitbullsoftiktok #deafdog #fypシ

Cole may be unable to hear, but he’s pretty good at moving to the music.


This is How We Do It #therapydog #dogsoftiktok #pitbullsoftiktok #deafdog #musicteacher #foryou

Earlier this year, Cole was awarded the Dog of the Year Award from the ASPCA for being “an ambassador for people and pets with disabilities through the Team Cole Project.”

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6lack And Jessie Reyez Play Toxic Lovers On Their Chaotic And Entertaining New ‘Homicide’ Collaboration

6lack and Jessie Reyez have once again joined forces for their brand new collaboration, “Homicide.” After teasing it on social media with the cover art earlier this week, many fans had wondered exactly what to expect.

The result is the two trading lyrical turns, telling the story of toxic lovers. Taking more of the title’s energy, she wants to make 6lack’s fictional ex jealous — and he is equally here for the energy, singing about a chaotic love affair.

“Don’t make her pull up, pull up, pull up,” 6lack raps. “She got a shooter, she ready to suit up / Hand in my face and she wishin’ me / Darin’ me, touch me, like do sum, do sum.”

“Find out that your ex live close, so I’m tryna f*ck you with the windows open,” Reyez adds. “Love it when your jealousy shows a little / Love it when you check my phone and give me some sh*t, then you give me some d*ck.”

Reyez and 6lack previously performed together on “Imported” and “Forever” — making this new song seem like a perfect finale to a solid trilogy of music.

Check out 6lack and Jessie Reyez’s “Homicide” song above. 6lack is set to kick off his next tour this Sunday, so he also shared an emotional solo track titled “Mean It,” which you can listen to below.

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Olivia Rodrigo Had The ‘Honor’ To Perform With One Of Her ‘Greatest Of All Time’ Musical Heroes

Olivia Rodrigo released her sophomore album, Guts, earlier this month. While she recently played The Today Show and went on a trip to Japan, she is continuing her busy lifestyle by dropping by Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe for a special performance.

Rodrigo’s new Instagram post finds her posing with Sheryl Crow, as the two sit on chairs under hair dryers and seemingly at a salon. Both are reading Vogue, with Crow opening Rodrigo’s cover story.

The next slide then includes a video of the two giving an acoustic set together at the cafe, treating the crowd to a sweet take of Crow’s hit song, “If It Makes You Happy.”

“pinch me!” she captioned. “sang one of my favorite songs of all time with the greatest of all time @sherylcrow !!!! what an honor!!!”

Over the past few years since Rodrigo’s debut made waves on the music scene, she’s been able to perform with a lot of her musical heroes. In May 2022 during the Los Angeles stop of her Sour Tour, she brought out Alanis Morissette to duet on “You Oughta Know.”

Rodrigo also surprised the crowd at Madison Square Garden by popping up at Billy Joel’s residency to do “Deja Vu” and “Uptown Girl” in August of that year.

Check out Olivia Rodrigo and Sheryl Crow performing together below.

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Taylor Swift’s ‘Welcome To New York’ Appears In A New Sunday Night Football Ad With Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift is rumored to be making another football appearance at Travis Kelce’s next game with the Chiefs against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium this Sunday, as the pair seemingly confirmed they’re dating this past week.

In a new promo for NBC ahead of the game, it seems Swift gave the okay for them to use her “Welcome To New York” song as background music. Not only is it a win for the pop star, as she is set to release her re-recorded 1989 (Taylor’s Version) next month, but the ad also has a ton of shots of Kelce.

The Sunday Night Football account then tweeted the video with the caption, “Taylor Made for Sunday Night.”

However, when Swift popped up at Kelce’s game for the first time last weekend, it has since been reported via Billboard and in a blog post from NFL on Fox’s lead producer Richie Zyons that her team denied any music from being used that day. The Fox music department were denied by her record label and publishing company for the request being “in conjunction with speculations on or about her private/personal/dating life.”

It’s unclear if things will change for this week’s game, but only time will tell if it does — or if Swift will cheer on Kelce again.

For now, check out the ad with Swift’s “Welcome To New York” below.

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Deion Sanders And Michael Irvin Were Moved To Tears While Discussing Their Friendship

The college football world is, once again, descending on Boulder for a high-profile game involving Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes. This week, the Buffs are playing host to reigning Heisman Trophy Caleb Williams and the USC Trojans, and Fox sent its Big Noon Kickoff crew to town for the game, which will double as the highest-profile game the network will air this week.

Beyond that, the new look Undisputed crew is also in town, which led to a really great moment involving Coach Prime and one member of the desk. Michael Irvin, a former teammate of Sanders’ during his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, took some time to discuss how Sanders helped him while he was trying to kickstart his television career. In response, Sanders told the story of how Irvin came to his house and helped get him prepped for a career in television.

Both Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees were moved to tears over the conversation, and Sanders couldn’t help but walk over and give his friend a hug. It was really was a cool moment between the pair, which led to everyone on set and Irvin’s two co-hosts, Skip Bayless and Keyshawn Johnson, giving them a round of applause.

Saturday’s game between Colorado and USC will kick off at noon EST on Fox.

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12 non-threatening leadership strategies for women

Note: This an excerpt is from Sarah Cooper’s book, How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings.

In this fast-paced business world, female leaders need to make sure they’re not perceived as pushy, aggressive, or competent.

One way to do that is to alter your leadership style to account for the fragile male ego.

Should men accept powerful women and not feel threatened by them? Yes. Is that asking too much?


Sorry, I didn’t mean to get aggressive there. Anyhoo, here are twelve non-threatening leadership strategies for women.

womenu2019s communication, women in business, men

When setting a deadline, ask your coworker what he thinks of doing something, instead of just asking him to get it done. This makes him feel less like you’re telling him what to do and more like you care about his opinions.

Sarah Cooper comedy, women, success

When sharing your ideas, overconfidence is a killer. You don’t want your male coworkers to think you’re getting all uppity. Instead, downplay your ideas as just “thinking out loud,” “throwing something out there,” or sharing something “dumb,” “random,” or “crazy.”

emails, comedy, gen

Pepper your emails with exclamation marks and emojis so you don’t come across as too clear or direct. Your lack of efficient communication will make you seem more approachable.

office politics, men, relationships

If a male coworker steals your idea in a meeting, thank him for it. Give him kudos for how he explained your idea so clearly. And let’s face it, no one might’ve ever heard it if he hadn’t repeated it.

sexism, sexist comments, sexual harassment

When you hear a sexist comment, the awkward laugh is key. Practice your awkward laugh at home, with your friends and family, and in the mirror. Make sure you sound truly delighted even as your soul is dying inside.

threats, non-threatening, mansplain

Men love explaining things. But when he’s explaining something and you already know that, it might be tempting to say, “I already know that.” Instead, have him explain it to you over and over again. It will make him feel useful and will give you some time to think about how to avoid him in the future.

leadership, work mistakes, hurt feelings

Pointing out a mistake is always risky so it’s important to always apologize for noticing the mistake and then make sure that no one thinks you’re too sure about it. People will appreciate your “hey what do I know?!” sensibilities.

promotions, management, coworkers

Asking your manager for a promotion could make you seem power- hungry, opportunistic, and transparent. Instead, ask a male coworker to vouch for you. Have your coworker tell your manager you’d be great for the role even though you don’t really want it. This will make you more likely to actually get that promotion.

rude behavior, ignored, self esteem

Sometimes not everyone is properly introduced at the start of a meeting. Don’t take it personally even if it happens to you all the time, and certainly don’t stop the meeting from moving forward to introduce yourself. Sending a quick note afterward is the best way to introduce yourself without seeming too self-important.

interruptions, resilience,expression

When you get interrupted, you might be tempted to just continue talking or even ask if you can finish what you were saying. This is treacherous territory. Instead, simply stop talking. The path of least resistance is silence.

typing, off-putting, work skills

When collaborating with a man, type using only one finger. Skill and speed are very off-putting.

disagreements, solution, problem solving

When all else fails, wear a mustache so everyone sees you as more man-like. This will cancel out any need to change your leadership style. In fact, you may even get a quick promotion!

strategies, power dynamics, team player

Many women have discovered the secret power of non-threatening leadership. We call it a “secret power” because no one else actually knows about it. We keep our power hidden within ourselves so that it doesn’t frighten and intimidate others. That’s what makes us the true unsung heroes of the corporate world.

About the Author: Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper is a writer, comedian, and author of 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings. Her new book, How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings, is out now.

humor, satire, executives

A satirical take on what it’s like to be a woman in the workplace, Cooper draws from her experience as a former executive in the world of tech (she’s a former Googler and Yahooer). You can get the book here.

This article was originally published on March 25, 2019.