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Whoopi Goldberg Is Blasting Elon Musk Over Her Tesla’s Missing Feature (Which Could Lead To A Potentially ‘Dangerous Situation’)

Elon Musk really stepped in it now. During Tuesday’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg dragged the tech mogul after taking her Tesla for a drive and discovering that it was surprisingly missing a pretty standard feature: Namely, a spare tire. Turns out, yes, Teslas not having a spare is a thing as co-host Sunny Hostin confirmed, and needless to say, Goldberg was not happy about it. On top of that, Tesla’s roadside assistance apparently leaves much to be desired.

Instead of speaking to an actual person, Tesla instructs you to email them about your roadside problem. That was the final straw for Whoopi who called out Musk by name and demanded he spend some of his billions on protecting his customers. Via The Wrap:

“It seems like a crazy problem. But the truth of the matter is, had this happened to me on top of a road on some mountain, I would be very frightened,” Whoopi said. “And you, Elon, have bought a piece of Twitter, well I’m tweeting you from here. Take some of your money, please, and create a roadside assistance thing that doesn’t require me to look for a signal. Because if there isn’t one, you are really screwed. You are really screwed.”

Hostin recalled how her husband had a similar problem and was left on hold for five hours before being told to email the company, which further incensed Goldberg even though she says, “These are great cars.”

“But Tesla, you need to fix this,” Goldberg said after noting she would’ve be in serious trouble if she was alone when she got a flat. “This is a dangerous situation, especially if you’re in the car with an older person.”

(Via The Wrap)

One reply on “Whoopi Goldberg Is Blasting Elon Musk Over Her Tesla’s Missing Feature (Which Could Lead To A Potentially ‘Dangerous Situation’)”

This is just an attack on Elon for becoming a twitter board member! Unless Whoopi is too stupid to know, if you have a new car, you have full coverage insurance and full coverage insurance usually provides roadside assistance immediately 99.9% of the time. I guess Hollywood elites don’t know how the real world works. They just want instant service no matter where they are. When ever I get a different car. The first thing I do is make sure there’s a FULL SIZE spare in my trunk. If I don’t have the $. I make sure I have a donut until I get new tires and then have them take one of the old tires and make it into a spare for me . This is all about attacking Elon over twitter. Why is it ok for the hard left to attack everyone else, but they claim the center right are the evil bad ones?

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