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One Taylor Swift Fan Explained The Difference Between ‘Folklore’ And ‘Evermore’ — And Taylor Agrees

The Swifties are simply cut from a different cloth. Yes, plenty of fan bases are incredibly active online and obsessive over their favorite artists, but Taylor Swift acolytes are constantly co-creating their meaning around her music. And because she’s blessed with such a fervent fan base, Taylor tends to step in from time to time, too, to let them know she sees their creativity and appreciates it. Well, that’s exactly what happened with one Swiftie, @izzy_1989, took it open themselves to draw up a comparison between Taylor’s two most recent new albums, Folklore and Evermore.

Folklore is white wine and evermore is red wine,” Izzy wrote. “No i cannot explain. i will be taking no further questions at this time, your honor.” Stylized a bit to fit into a sort of joke format Twitter likes to use, the comparison does really seem to hold up when you think about the albums: Foklore came out in the summer, it’s a little more fresh and sad, sometimes sweet and a bit lighter. Evermore, on the other hand, was a winter release, it’s a lot more country and overall a richer album in some ways, darker and more complex. The comparison is very accurate!


And according to her most recent favs on Twitter, Taylor happens to agree! She liked the tweet, making it her first fav since August! And of course it went pretty viral after she gave her co-sign. Now, to pour a nice glass of red wine and play some Evermore.

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We Tried Carl’s Jr/ Hardee’s New Hot Honey Chicken Line — Here’s What To Try And What To Skip

If your fast food menu go-to is the fried chicken sandwich, you’re living in heaven. Seriously, this is your era. Two years ago, Popeyes dropped a chicken sandwich, it caused absolute pandemonium, and now every fast food restaurant on earth has some offering that hopes to compete with the king (spoiler: in straight-up fast food, no one can; in fast-casual, Popeyes gets washed).

The appetite for chicken sandwiches is so widespread that even Panda Express is flirting with the idea, to some success. So is Taco Bell, to… less success.

We’ve now arrived at the point where the new sandwiches don’t taste like they’re trying to compete with Popeyes anymore. That’s a good thing and Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr’s new Hot Honey Chicken line follows that trend. It takes the chain’s already delicious chicken sandwiches and douses them in a spicy-sweet honey sauce — something Popeyes doesn’t offer. That’s how you score competitive advantage.

Ww set out to try the whole Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr’s line to see if it’s any good. Check our thoughts below!

Carl’s Jr. Hot Honey Chicken


Predictably, none of the sandwiches look quite as glorious as Carl’s Jr’s marketing material, but we’ll give them a pass for delivering on flavor. The new Hot Honey Chicken line consists of three different sandwiches all featuring Carl’s Jr’s hand-breaded fried chicken: The Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit, the Hot Honey Chicken Waffle Sandwich, and the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich. They all pretty much sound (and taste) like the same thing, so we’re lumping them all together in a single review rather than tackling each sandwich one at a time.

Let’s get the weakest of the line out of the way first: The Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit. The HHCB features a hand-breaded chicken breast filet doused in sweet honey sauce sitting atop one of Carl’s Jr’s in-house-baked biscuits. Each individual part of the sandwich is good — the biscuit is buttery and crumbly, the sauce strikes a nice balance between sweetness and heat, and the hand-breaded chicken is a juicy crispy winner — but altogether it makes for a long and laborious chew.

The problem is that there isn’t enough going on with this sandwich, and it ends up very dry in your mouth as you work through the crumbly texture. If Carl’s Jr added more honey to combat the dryness, it would be so sickly sweet it would taste overwhelming. So it’s not that this sandwich tastes bad, it’s just that it’s executed poorly. Maybe a truly spicy mayo and two pickles could help. Maybe a douse of honey mustard.

Dane Rivera

The Hot Honey Chicken Waffle sandwich remedies the biscuit’s chewiness issues. Again it’s a simple combination, hand-breaded honey-doused fried chicken on top of a Belgian style waffle bun. The bun is sweetened with some extra maple flavor, and its thinner, less-crumbly form factor serves the chicken better.

It’s not hard to eat this thing. If anything, we could’ve used a thicker waffle. I think the maple and honey compound together to be a little bit too sweet, but if you’re a fan of the combination of sweet and salty this is a winner. I also like the option of being able to eat this one with a knife and fork. It takes the fast food aspect out of it, but it keeps your hands dry and they don’t get sticky. Eating it the normal way will result in sticky hands, so keep that in mind.

Dane Rivera

Now let’s move on to the star of the show — The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich. I love this thing. Hand-breaded chicken, honey sauce on both ends of a potato bun, two strips of bacon and cheese. Despite this being the only sandwich in the line not intended for the breakfast menu, the Hot Honey Chicken sandwich manages to taste the most like a breakfast sandwich.

The sweet and spicy honey sauce pairs perfectly with the bacon, creating a mixed aroma of maple and smoked qualities that literally smells like breakfast in sandwich form. This sandwich provides more crunch than the other two, too — thanks to the inclusion of bacon. The melted Swiss cheese adds a bit of sweet and nutty flavor to the whole thing, elevating the honey sauce by adding complexity to its one-two punch of sweet and spicy.

The Bottom Line:

Carl’s Jr just delivered us the best breakfast chicken sandwich in all of fast food with the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich. Was it intended for breakfast? No, but pick it up on your next early morning commute and it’ll be your new morning obsession, we promise.

The other two sandwiches in the line are tasty curiosities, but they’ll leave you feeling like they’re missing something. That something it turns out is a potato bun, bacon, and melted Swiss. This is a winner.

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Burna Boy And Polo G ‘Want It All’ In Their Cinematic Collaboration

Afropop sensation Burna Boy is on a tear. Not only does he have an upcoming headlining set at the Hollywood Bowl — as the first African artist to ever do so — but he’s steadily been dropping a stream of new music that continues to buoy him past the success of his Grammy-winning album, Twice As Tall. Today’s latest actually features one of his most high-profile collaborations to date, with none other than Polo G joining him on the yearning “Want It All.”

In the video for the collaboration, the two artists take turns flexing about their recent accomplishments, recollecting how hard things used to be, and facing up to the pressure that their current success has created. Of course, Polo G is a rising Chicago rapper who is riding high off the success of his No. 1 album, Hall Of Fame, and just announced his own headlining tour in support of it.

Speaking on the collab, Burna said he’s had his eye on Polo for a minute, and was looking forward to working together. “I’ve been watching him for some time, and I just knew this had to get done, but it had to get done in the perfect way where the whole world gets to feel the reality of both of us,” he said. Check out the video above as both artists bask in the glow.

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Wale And J. Cole Reunite On The J Dilla-Sampling ‘Poke It Out’

Wale and J. Cole are a match made in hip-hop heaven, proving as much once again on their J Dilla-sampling new single, “Poke It Out.” The two former XXL Freshmen continue their long history of bringing out the best in each other on their smooth new jam, which interpolates the Jay Dee-produced beat from 1999 debut solo single “Vivrant Thing.”

The original was a huge hit in its own right, giving Q-Tip his highest-charting single to date; Wale and Cole’s version, produced by Cool & Dre, updates the lyrics but keeps a similar theme, letting the two rappers praise the beauty of a female companion with their usual slick, wordplay-laden rhymes. The two also shout out female rappers Coi Leray and Megan Thee Stallion as a way of touting their broad and inclusive tastes.

The single is the latest from Wale’s upcoming album Folarin II, which he also announced is set for release on October 22 through Warner Records. So far, he’s released a pair of other singles: “Angles” and the Mike Jones-sampling “Down South” featuring Texans Maxo Kream and Yella Beezy. From the singles released so far, it appears Wale’s latest album will pay homage to classic hip-hop as he parallels his legacy with those of his musical heroes in his ongoing efforts to prove himself one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Listen to “Poke It Out” above and pre-order Folarin II, out 10/22 on Warner Records, here.

Wale is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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A tweet warning parents about THC-laced Halloween candy gets some high-larious responses

Halloween is right around the corner, and this year, many children will get to return to in-person trick-or-treating. Sure, parents should always be careful when dealing with candy from strangers, but this reporter’s overzealous tweet about the dangers of weed edibles is taking it a bit far.

Her tweet vehemently cautioned parents to “LOOK at you child’s candy before they eat it,” with the added warning that though the snacks “looked like the real thing … ALL are laced with THC.” Laced, really? Has this lady never stepped into a dispensary?

Twitter had some hilarious responses, to say the least, and thus an entire “Halloweed” thread was created:

A few issued tongue-in-cheek warnings about what else could be lurking just within that seemingly innocent chocolate coating:

This person decided to weigh up the cost-effectiveness of dispensing cannabis candy. Let’s just say … the numbers don’t add up:

One person decided to flip the script, urging parents to search their stash:

And of course, a few (stoners, to be sure) were curious where they too could score some free space snacks:

So parents, the moral of this story is: If you’re out trick-or-treating with your little one and find a piece of candy with that special five-leaf insignia on the package, keep it for yourself. After all, you probably deserve your own kind of “sugar high.”

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Washington Wizards 2021-22 Season Preview: Is A Return To The Playoffs In The Cards?

In early April, the Washington Wizards were 17-32 and seemingly headed for a highly disappointing 2020-21 season. From that point forward, Washington posted a 17-6 record, getting red-hot at the perfect time, and the Wizards earned a trip to the play-in before losing to the Indiana Pacers. Since that time, however, the Wizards have overhauled their roster with Russell Westbrook heading to Los Angeles, and the 2021-22 season will be intriguing as a result, particularly with All-Star guard Bradley Beal returning and Spencer Dinwiddie joining the party in the nation’s capital.


Deni Avdija
Bradley Beal
Davis Bertans
Thomas Bryant
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Spencer Dinwiddie
Daniel Gafford
Anthony Gill
Rui Hachimura
Montrezl Harrell
Aaron Holiday
Corey Kispert
Kyle Kuzma
Raul Neto
Isaiah Todd
Cassius Winston

Projected Vegas Win Total: 33.5 wins

Biggest Addition: Spencer Dinwiddie

Dinwiddie played in only three games for the Brooklyn Nets last season before suffering a long-term knee injury. All signs point to a strong recovery, though, and Dinwiddie is only one season removed from averaging 20.6 points and 6.8 assists per game for the 2019-20 Nets. In some ways, he will be called on to “replace” Russell Westbrook (see below!), but Dinwiddie also projects as a strong complement to Bradley Beal and a player that can create for himself and others. Health will be something to monitor, but Dinwiddie is perhaps an undervalued player when he’s operating at 100 percent capacity.

Biggest Loss: Russell Westbrook

Westbrook is now a member of the Lakers, and he had a bit of a strange journey last season. Though he still nearly averaged a triple-double, the former MVP scuffled to a 48 percent true shooting mark before the All-Star break, and Westbrook badly hurt the Wizards on both ends at times. Then, he found his stride, averaging 23.6 points, 13.1 assists, and 12.8 rebounds per game after the break, upping his efficiency to a reasonable range and carrying Washington at times down the stretch. There is a never-ending debate on Westbrook’s value at this point, but his every-night production will be missed.

Biggest Question: What happens in the frontcourt?

Washington’s backcourt is set, at least aside from injury concerns, with Beal and Dinwiddie. Up front, things are a lot less certain. The Wizards have used lottery picks on both Rui Hachimura and Deni Avdija, with both fitting into combo forward roles. 2021 first round pick Corey Kispert is a sweet-shooting wing. Kyle Kuzma headlines the package that arrived for Westbrook, and the Wizards invested a gigantic five-year deal in Davis Bertans. Then, at center, Daniel Gafford is a budding standout, but Washington also has Montrezl Harrell and Thomas Bryant, the latter of which should return from injury after acting as the starter previously. There is talent here, but there is a lot of uncertainty and jockeying to be done.

What Makes This Season A Success

The Wizards seemingly always operate with an eye toward making the postseason. That, of course, is a reasonable goal for a team that made the play-in last season, but Washington’s long-term outlook is a bit muddier. At any rate, Washington’s internal expectations are almost certainly focused on playing postseason basketball, with Beal as a centerpiece and a roster that has intrigue at every position.

What Makes This Season A Failure

Falling way out of the postseason mix could be a blessing in disguise if Washington has some lottery luck. Aside from an extreme outcome, though, it would be rough for the Wizards to flounder, particularly as Beal has a contractual decision to make. Washington can’t afford to be too far off the radar if they want Beal to stick it out, and the team doesn’t haven’t a sure-fire blue-chip roster piece beyond him.

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Bowery Presents’ NYC Venues Seem To Be Teasing LCD Soundsystem Shows

Ever since their preemptive breakup and final show at Madison Square Garden way back in 2011, new live performances from the band have held a kind of mythical status for fans. And even if, ten years later, there’s frankly been plenty of chances for even casual music listeners to see them live — due to a handful of festival appearances and a new album — a year in lockdown has also brought the excitement back to live shows in a new way again.

So a series of new Instagram and Twitter posts from venues like Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Terminal 5 and Brooklyn Steel teasing the signature lightning bolt logo of the band’s label DFA Records is enough to get their many acolytes back in gear for another run of limited shows. Considering LCD is big enough to fill Madison Square Garden and headline festivals, a venue like Music Hall Of Williamsburg would definitely be an underplay for them, and even T5 would be smaller than what they usually do. In the body of the post, Bowery Presents at large is tagged, so that’s another clue as to who will be involved with the shows.

For fans outside of New York, however, who don’t really want to travel during a pandemic just for a show, this might not be quite as exciting. Stay tuned for more info, probably coming very soon.

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‘Alias’ Is Still The Best Spy Show On TV

Sadly, Jennifer Garner gaslighting us all with her ageless visage doesn’t change the fact that Alias is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. The ABC drama, which ran from 2001 – 2006, marked one of Garner’s first starring TV roles and was a ratings success for the network in its earlier seasons.

Before J.J. Abrams was rebooting the intergalactic soap operas of not one, but two sci-fi franchises he birthed this little primetime baby – an amalgam of spy tropes and kick-ass action sequences, renessaintial prophecies, and dysfunctional family dynamics. It was the piece-de-resistance of the network’s primetime programming, nestled between Disney re-watches and police procedurals and a Skeet Ulrich show billed as a more “spiritual X-Files,” back when network TV was still the wild west and female-led action dramas few and far between.

It starred Garner as Sydney Bristow, a double agent working to take down a villainous organization known as SD-6 after the murder of her fiance. She’s joined on this mission by her father, Jack Bristow (a terrific Victor Garber) who also happens to be a government spy, and her handler/love interest Michael Vaugh (Michael Vartan).

There was a lot to love about the series. It’s reverse chronology storytelling format, which basically amounted to meeting Sydney Bristow in an impossible-to-escape predicament when the episode opened before quickly rewinding to 24 hours before said predicament to see how the hell she got there was always an intoxicating mystery told at the kind of break-neck pace that convinced the body you’ve just snorted a mountain of cocaine once the episode’s hour run was done. Its expert use of wigs — so many in fact that we wouldn’t be surprised if Catherine O’Hara watched the show for research purposes before creating her Schitt’s Creek persona(s). Its many guest stars — everyone from Ethan Hawke and Justin Theroux to Faye Dunaway and Quentin Tarantino popped up, often playing spies or spy villains thwarting Sydney’s endgame.

But a few key elements stood out, highlights that propelled this spy drama to prestige TV heights before prestige TV was really even a thing. There have been imitators and successors, many of them damn good TV shows, but even after 20 years, nothing’s ever replicated the adrenaline-pumping rush of watching Jennifer Garner cheat, fight, and wig her way out of near-death experiences on a weekly basis.

Here’s why Alias is still the best spy show on TV.

The Pilot


Pilots are notoriously tricky to nail down but, whatever his storytelling faults may be, kickstarting an engrossing, epic adventure is not something J.J. Abrams often struggles with. The first episode of Alias is like an Abram’s-greatest-hits catalog, an intricately detailed first chapter to Sydney Bristow’s story layered with hints of familial discord and future romantic subplots. It opens with a flame-haired Jennifer Garner getting tossed around by Taipei guards before jarringly transitioning to a college classroom. This is Sydney Bristow’s double identity. Grad student by day, CIA agent by night — depending on the time zone she’s in. And the episode fully commits to this premise, right up until her fiance is brutally murdered after she reveals the truth about her “bank job” and she discovers the people employing her are actually the bad guys. Those gasp-inducing twists are a regular theme on this show. Best get used to them now.

Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner has the on-screen charisma of a bona fide movie star, back when those were still a thing. She’s addictively watchable in anything — hence why a certain family-oriented comedy is currently sandwiched between true crime docs and Mike Flanagan horror stories in our Netflix queue. This show was our introduction to her acting talents and it’s still the best work she’s done in her career. She’s fearless as Sydney Bristow, empathetic and engaging during the show’s many emotionally charged moments before seamlessly switching to a Terminator-style ass-kicking machine when the story necessitates. She can play a nerd, a femme fatale, a girl next door, and a rebel without a cause — and she can see-saw between all of them in the span of one episode if she must, changing personas as easily as her character changes hairstyles. Sydney Bristow is the kind of heroine you want to be best friends with, and you also want to maybe save you from a burning building, if the situation arose. She ushered in an era on TV where women could be all things — damaged and resilient, vulnerable, ambitious, stubborn, self-righteous, gutsy — and they didn’t have to possess supernatural abilities or that obligatory “chosen one” moniker to make a difference, to save the day. Sydney Bristow was once — and honestly still might be — the coolest chick on TV.

Those Cliffhangers


Nowadays, cliffhangers are mostly just a cheap ploy to entice audiences to stream the next episode, but during Alias’ heyday … they were still that. And something more. The show had a deft touch when it came to this specific storytelling device in later seasons — its first was admittedly littered with them — using it as a season-ending conversation starter to hold fans over until a new installment arrived or to bridge the gap between special two-hour episodes. From finding out Sydney’s love interest Michael Vaughn also had a double life to the time jump-reveal that ended the show’s second season, Alias never failed to milk every ounce of drama from its many curveballs. And even when the episode didn’t fade to black, the show infused story-changing revelations with some cliff-dangling flair. Six words: Francie. Doesn’t. Like. Coffee. Ice. Cream.

The Romance(s)


Alias was a high-octane drama filled with sci-fi-tinged subplots sure, but it was also a show filled with beautiful people which means at least a handful of them needed to be banging each other — or thinking about banging each other — at all times. The ship fans would eventually go down with was the Sydney/Vaughn pairing, and for good reason. Garner and Vartan had easy chemistry on screen which meant the spark was there from their characters’ first meeting — after Sydney turns herself into the real CIA and Vaughn becomes her new handler. But what made their bond so strong was its roots. The two started out as partners, united by their common goal of destroying SD-6 and Arvin Sloane. They became friends when Sydney’s personal life started to fly off the rails, making Vaughn her go-to confidante — and de-facto therapist on occasion. And when they finally gave in to their sexual tension, their relationship was filled with the kind of emotional roadblocks and near-death-inspired romantic monologues that fans swooned over. They weren’t the only couple to root for — we’re still mourning the loss of what could’ve been between Francie (Merrin Dungey) and Will (hello Bradley Cooper), and even though she lied, betrayed, and tried to kill him on multiple occasions, there was something undeniably sexy about the back-and-forth between Irina (Lena Olin) and Jack — but they’re why audiences stuck it out with the show in those later, wildly-uneven seasons.

The Villains


A story is only as good as its villain. It’s cliched, but in the case of Alias, all too true. Whether she was battling her former boss or her believed-to-be-dead mother, Sydney Bristow never wanted for enemies. Often, the bad guys she faced were more clever and certainly more diabolical than she was, a mismatch that, while it never truly threatened her life, certainly caused us to worry for her safety almost constantly. Ron Rifkin as Arvin Sloane was the show’s overarching baddie, a man with enough fingers in too many pots for Sydney to ever really shake him down. He was complex, clearly deranged, and yet, not a complete sociopath which meant he often convinced us he had turned over a new leaf, only to renege on that promise when the mood struck. Lena Olin also gave a fantastic turn as Sydney’s treasonous mother, Irina, a double agent working for the KGB who faked her own death and spent an entire season orchestrating the downfall of the CIA from a carefully monitored prison cell. Like Sloane, her motives were impossible to pin down which made watching her manipulate from the sidelines all the more interesting. There were minor henchmen who played a part on the show as well, like the wealthy playboy-turned-cartoon-villain Sark (David Anders), Vaughn’s treacherous wife Lauren (Melissa George), and Quentin Tarantino playing the smarmiest criminal with the most obvious bad-guy name ever, McKenas Cole. They were all fun while they lasted and we never tired of watching Sydney triumph over them in the end.

Father-Daughter Spy-Jinks


Victor Garber is a national treasure and dammit if we didn’t all adopt him as our grumpy, emotionally-repressed TV dad after Alias aired. As Jack Bristow, another double-agent working to take down SD-6, he was a complicated man. Betrayed by the love of his life — who turned out to be a spy herself — he had obvious trust issues and an almost comical inability to express his feelings in earlier seasons. It was only when Sydney discovered his real allegiance and the two began working together to apprehend Sloane did their father-daughter relationship become the cornerstone of the show. Whether they were saving each other from sticky situations, turning each other into the CIA for imagined crimes, framing family members, shooting their way out of foreign prisons, or arguing on missions — they argued a lot — their relationship felt real, nuanced, and often, like the only thing worth rooting for amidst all the chaos.

Bradley Cooper


Alias did not know what it had in Bradley Cooper — what it had being a future Academy Award-nominated actor and director who would one day craft a remake to a Barbara Streisand-starring musical romance and also, play Barbara Streisand’s one-time boyfriend in a Paul Thomas Anderson flick, thus cementing his status within the Streisandverse. But even if it did waste Cooper’s talents in its first few seasons, it still introduced us to the legend that would one day voice a genetically modified raccoon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and convince us quite thoroughly that he was the future Mr. Lady Gaga during the 2019 awards season circuit. Here, he played Will Tippin, a determined reporter with a soft spot for his friend Sydney Bristow. Cooper and Garner had a good rapport on-screen, and he might’ve even become a worthwhile rival in the love triangle between Vaugh, Sydney, and Will that the show was so obviously pushing. But he was nosy and out of the loop when it came to Sydney’s double-life which meant his snooping often put her in real danger so the odds were always stacked against him. Although he did pop up in later seasons when Vaughn and Syd were going through a rough patch and none of us would have objected to more of that particular romantic drama if Cooper wanted to deliver it.

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Dr. Dre Will Play The 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show With Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, And Snoop Dogg

As the Super Bowl returns to Los Angeles in 2022, some of the city’s brightest stars (and few out-of-town friends) will join forces for a hometown blowout. Dr. Dre has been announced as the performer for the Super Bowl LVI Pepsi Halftime Show — and he’s bringing a squad of his best-known buddies along, including Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and Snoop Dogg. So far, there’s no word on 50 Cent, but you can probably bet that where Dre and Em are, 50 is likely to come strolling out to the propulsive beat of “In Da Club.”

Securing Dr. Dre as halftime performer is a coup for the NFL, which has caught flak in the past over its musical choices. There were even some grumbles about the 2021 selection of The Weeknd despite his near-universal popularity and the incredible show he eventually put on. Two years before, the NFL was criticized for not including iconic Atlanta performers rather than Maroon 5, so it’s nice that the NFL is acknowledging that Dr. Dre basically is LA. It’s also incredible that he’s doing the show just a year after suffering a brain aneurysm.

Pepsi apparently knew as much, as Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing, said in the press release. “Artists like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were at the forefront of the West Coast hip hop revolution, so to be able to bring them back to LA, where it all began alongside Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar will prove to be an epic, unforgettable celebration of the impact hip-hop has today,” he said. “The Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show has become a landmark cultural moment, bringing about some of the most iconic performances over the years – from JLo and Shakira to Lady Gaga to The Weeknd – and we are thrilled to bring together such an incredible array of talented, record-breaking musicians to put on a performance for the ages.”

Super Bowl LVI will take place on February 13, 2022 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

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Idaho Officials Openly Mocked The MyPillow Guy’s Debunked Election Fraud Claims: ‘Smooth Move’

In what’s becoming a recurring theme, Mike Lindell‘s latest effort to prove election fraud went down in flames as Idaho officials roundly mocked the easily debunked claims from the MyPillow CEO. What made Lindell’s claims immediately preposterous this time around is that his team (read: a stack of pillows with fake mustaches), claimed to have the IP addresses for Idaho election results that aren’t connected to the internet. In fact, they’re strictly analog paper tallies, which tossed up red flags with election officials.

In a statement to the Bonner County Daily Bee, county clerk Mike Rosedale did not hold back his contempt for Lindell’s stunt:

“What is really infuriating is that nobody from the Lindell group ever called Bonner County Elections to even find out what type of equipment we use, that we weren’t connected to the internet, how we communicated with the Secretary of State, nothing. No verification or validation of claims. For the sake of apparently trying to make a big splash, he tarnished the reputations of possibly thousands of counties across the USA. Smooth move Mr. Lindell.”

In the counties that were electronically counted, Newsweek reports that Idaho election officials found exactly one uncounted vote in Trump’s favor and that votes for Joe Biden were counted accurately the first time. This manual inspection disproved Lindell’s wild claim that over 35,000 votes in Idaho were “flipped” from Trump to Biden.

(Via Bonner County Daily Bee, Newsweek)