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Matt Gaetz Is Now Claiming That Someone Is Trying To Murder Him And The Dept. Of Justice Isn’t Doing Enough To Protect Him

Rep. Matt Gaetz had a pretty wild Wednesday. He (along with Jim Jordan) spent an inordinate amount of time being a distracting nuisance during House Rules Committee hearings regarding Steve Bannon defying a subpoena for the Jan. 6 MAGA coup. In the process, Gaetz tossed up far-right misinformation and generally acted in a far too rambunctious (and not in a good way) manner. Then Gaetz, who is under investigation as an alleged sex trafficker used the word “dramatic” before declaring that the January 6 investigation was a “uniquely Washington obsession.”

That wasn’t all, though, Gaetz also spoke on the House floor, where he made a rather shocking declaration. Via Mediaite (and the above video from Raw Story), he declared that he’s received a death threat and that that the FBI is doing nothing to stop it. “I think someone may be trying to kill me,” he proclaimed. “If they are successful. I would like my constituents and my family to know who stopped their arrest.”

That wasn’t all. Gaetz revealed that he received the threat on Twitter, where a user told him, “I lived in Portland. Portland has ordered a hit on you. I accepted the contract. Have a good day.” Gaetz continued to say that the Capitol Police “recommended his arrest” of this person in D.C., and the Justice Department (according to Gaetz) “refused to do so.”

He wasn’t finished yet. He then suggested that if he were, say, Muslim (“If my name weren’t Gaetz, if it were Omar or Tlaib”), then the Justice Department would do something. Oh boy.

(Via Raw Story & Mediaite)

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1 year ago

And I beat if AOC had mentioned a death threat against her, you’d be screaming for Trump to be investigated….What a disgustingly one-sided article. You should be ashamed of yourselves.