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A letter to the mother huddled with her children in the basement in a war zone

Dear mother huddled with her children in the basement in a war zone,

As I sit in my living room reading reports from Ukraine, my thoughts scatter to many places at once. The analytical part of me wants to understand the historical and geopolitical forces that led up to this moment. The middle-aged side of me remembers with visceral tension the nuclear threats of the Cold War era. The American in me ponders what my country’s leadership should, can and will do under the circumstances.

But the mother in me—the raw, human heart of me—goes straight to you and your children.

As you sit huddled together in a basement or a subway or perhaps a leftover bomb shelter from another generation’s war, my 13-year-old son cuddles close to me on the couch. He looks at me with wide, worried eyes and asks what we would do if we were in your shoes. He’s barely old enough to know the truth, but I tell him anyway: I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.

I know that our children look to us for safety, security and reassurance, so I try to imagine what you must be telling your young children as they hear air raid sirens, explosions, gunfire from above.

“You’re OK. We’re safe here,” you tell them, not knowing if it’s true. “It’s going to be OK.”

You lie to your children because you don’t know what else to do. You’re scared, but you don’t want them to see it. If you can’t protect them from the violence on their doorstep, you will shield them as much as you can from fear and despair. You—your body, your presence—are their primary shelter and safe place, so you wrap your arms around your babies, knowing full well that your flesh is powerless against weapons of war. You know you would die for them. You worry that won’t be enough.

I am keenly aware that only the happenstance of my birthplace allows me to sit safely in my living room while you hide from violence. Whether you and your children are huddled in Ukraine or Yemen or Ethiopia or another war-torn region, geography is the only real difference between us. I didn’t choose any of this and neither did you.

None of us wants this for our children. None of us ever has.

War is hell, and women and children beat the brunt of it. President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.” I’ve always appreciated his blunt honesty, but I think mothers might hate war more than soldiers. Soldiers are at least trained for the brutality, if not the futility or stupidity. There is no training that can prepare a mother to nurture her children in the violence and chaos of a war zone.

I think back over human history. How many mothers have witnessed the maiming of their children, physically or psychologically, by war? I look into my sweet son’s eyes and my heart breaks, knowing not just that he could be hurt or killed, but also knowing that corrupt men with power would eagerly turn him into a killer to satisfy their need for conquest.

Too many mothers have sent their children off to fight in fruitless wars. Too many of those children haven’t come back or have come back broken beyond repair. Too many mothers are hiding in basements with their babies in too many places, trying to keep their children’s world from falling apart. Too many, too many, too many.

No one truly wins in war, no matter the political outcome, and it’s beyond frustrating that humanity has not yet learned that armed conflict causes more problems than it solves. I’ve often wondered why don’t we force the leaders who want to wage war into a boxing ring to duke it out among themselves. It makes no less sense than sending thousands of their people to fight to the death and destroy valuable infrastructure and architecture while they’re at it.

I’m so tired of madmen playing violent games with people’s lives because they can’t figure out how to fill their soul holes. I’m so tired of their attempts to make us enemies, when all that separates us are invisible lines imagined into existence by insecure men. I’m so tired of fallen soldiers being hailed as heroes by those who sent them into battle to be sacrificed as pawns.

Imagine if moms were at the helm instead. Moms who understand that brute force is both immature and unnecessary. Moms who see all the world’s children as our own. Imagine that world, just for a moment. What a vast difference that would make.

But here we are in this moment, and all I can do is offer you my solidarity. I hate that you and your children have to go through this stupid and wasteful and tragic and maddening mess that you didn’t choose to partake in. I wish I could wave a wand and whisk us into a future where war is obsolete and unthinkable, where we truly accept that we are one human family and where we’ve chosen as a collective to create real and lasting peace. I have to believe that we’ll get there eventually.

In the meantime, you are not forgotten, wherever you are. I am not in your shoes, but please know that I and millions of mothers around the world are wrapping our arms around you and your children, praying desperately for an end to the violence and trauma.

Your children—all of our children—deserve so much better than this.

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‘Euphoria’ Style Watch: Last Night’s Best Outfits And Where To Find Them

Welcome to the final edition of Euphoria Style Watch, your one-stop shop for the best outfits from Sunday night’s episode and where to find them. It’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to this season-long series, if you’ve been with us from the beginning, we’ll see you in three years (we’re assuming) when the new season of Euphoria finally airs.

It’s a bittersweet goodbye but, whew — what a hell of an episode.

After a season that has at times felt disorganized and aimless, last night’s season finale saw the show finally stick the landing, and although season two leaves us with some lingering questions (are Cassie and Maddy cool? Why did we need to see Kat break up with Ethan? Is season 3 going to be a Nate Jacobs redemption arc? Is Laurie still after Rue? WHAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF ELLIOT!? Okay… so it left us with a lot of lingering questions) at least we got some closure between Rue and Jules and more importantly, Rue and Lexi.

Unfortunately, because last night’s episode was essentially a continuation of the previous week’s episode, we didn’t get a whole lot of new outfits. But we can’t let the Euphoria Style Watch go out with a whimper, what would Lexi say? So in addition to talking about this week’s best fits, we’re also going to be rounding up some of the season’s best fits from our style MVPs Fez and Maddy.

Let’s dive in!

Faye — Nike Uptempo’s And Anime Baby Tees

Euphoria Style Watch

Against all odds (she injected heroin between her legs while calling Rue a junky when we first met her) Faye really stole our hearts this season, and given the events of last night’s episode, we imagine she’s going to play a significant part in season three.

If you’re all about internet-y e-girl style, Faye checks all the boxes and last night in addition to rocking a hand-dyed graphic baby tee by Unif Clothing, she wore probably the best sneakers in the whole series’ run, the Nike Air More Uptempo ’96 Ray Guns.

Fez may be Euphoria’s streetwear king, but Faye is the Queen of Kicks.

Find Faye’s Nike Air More Uptempos at aftermarket sites like StockX, find the anime baby tee at Unif Clothing.

Kat — Vivienne Westwood Portrait Corset

Euphoria Style Watch

Kat was hardly a presence this season, and what we did get of her, kind of made us dislike her a little bit. Here is to hoping season three brings her back in full force, if only because she’s consistently one of the show’s most fashionable characters. Case in point this portrait adorned boned corset by Vivienne Westwood. The corset top is made of viscose and features an all-over flame print with earthy ash tones.

Find the Vivienne Westwood Portrait Corset at aftermarket sites like Poshmark.

Jules — GogoGraham

Euphoria Style Watch

If you were eyeing Jules theater fit and wondering where it came from, you’re not alone, and according to Instagram fan account @hunterschaverscloset, the design comes courtesy of Brooklyn artist GoGo Graham. Your chance of getting Jules’ actual outfit is slim, it seems like the fashion out of Gogo Graham is made out of recycled materials, but if you’re a fan of the aesthetic, the brand’s other offerings will get you there.

Follow Gogo Graham here and shop some fashion at Gogo Graham’s Depop.

Cassie — Danielle Guizio Knit Top and Skirt

Euphoria Style Watch

This wasn’t Cassie’s season, but you can’t deny, Sydney Sweeney’s performance as the internally tortured Cassie was the show’s best, and that’s no easy feat when you have Zendaya right there. Last night was a continuation of last week’s outfit, but if you missed it, she wore a full baby blue and lime trimmed outfit by Danielle Guizio.

Pick up the Knit Dual-Color top and skirt at Guizio.

Fez — Long-Sleeves, Lots of Long Sleeves

Euphoria Style Watch

Last night’s finale could have focused exclusively on Fez’s storyline, and we’d still be as invested in a season three as we currently are. In fact, figuring out what is going to happen with Fez is about 75% of the reason why we’re even interested in a season three! That’s probably because without Fez — and Maddy of course — this shopping series wouldn’t exist. So even though he rocked the same boring suit he wore last episode, we can’t close the door on this season without shouting out this man’s stunning shirt game.

Throughout season two Fez wore mostly Polo Ralph Lauren rugby fits and the occasional Palace cable knit, all of which are readily available online. RIP to Supreme, which got no Fezco love this year.

Shop Ralph Lauren rugby shirts here, and the Palace cable knit here.

Maddy — Her Whole Wardrobe Was On Point All Season Long

Style WatCH

We already covered Maddy’s fit last week, a ribbed bodysuit by Jacquemus, and that’s sold out in every color and variation, sadly. But we couldn’t leave this series without shouting out some of Maddy’s other outfits this season. If you’re ever in need of outfit inspiration for any occasion, look to Maddy.

Need something casual but still fashionable? Grab True Religion low rise jeans and a Dion Lee Crochet top like Maddy in episode six.

Looking for something edgier? Try this Isa Boulder Scan Crochet Top from episode five. Need a party fit? Try the Devon Slip Dress by Marc Jacobs (also from episode five, Maddy doesn’t fuck around). And of course, who could forget the swimsuits? Maddy wore three different swim fits throughout the season despite the first episode taking place on New Year’s Eve. You know… winter. Point being, her style game is strong.

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The Lakers Will Reportedly Waive DeAndre Jordan To Sign DJ Augustin

The Lakers are having a disastrous season that hit a new low point on Sunday with a 28-point loss at home to the New Orleans Pelicans, who they are battling for a play-in position in the West.

There are a number of problems facing the Lakers, but high on the list is the lack of players capable of initiating offense beyond LeBron James. Russell Westbrook’s struggles have been well chronicled this season, but there just aren’t many guards on the roster who are able to get the team into sets. To try and remedy that issue in the only way they can at this point, the Lakers will reportedly be signing veteran guard DJ Augustin, who was bought out by the Rockets after playing in 34 games this season, and waiving DeAndre Jordan in order to clear the necessary roster spot to make that happen.

Jordan had fallen almost completely out of the Lakers rotation before playing nine minutes on Sunday that did not go well, featuring a rather hysterical outlet pass that sailed deep into the Arena crowd. That will be his final act as a Laker, who will also sign Wenyen Gabriel to a two-way, per Charania, to fill the vacancy in the frontcourt. He will apparently have suitors as he hits the market, with the Sixers reportedly interested as they are desperate for a backup center behind Joel Embiid.

As for Augustin, he was not particularly effective in Houston, playing just 15 minutes per game and averaging 5.4 points and 2.2 assists per game, but he’s at least another option at point guard for embattled coach Frank Vogel and has been a reliable spot-up shooter in the latter portion of his career. This move isn’t likely to change much in terms of the Lakers fortunes this season but it seems like a move that has little in the way of downside, and that, at this point, represents a mild win for a team short on them.

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Bali-Based Travel Pro Alexandra Saper Gives Us The Ultimate Guide To Bali, Indonesia

There’s no place like Bali, Indonesia for a rejuvenating travel experience that combines nature, delicious food, adventure, and a carefree, beachside atmosphere. From the incredible jungle views to white sand beaches to luxury accommodations to the surf, Bali truly has something for everyone — no wonder it’s so insanely popular with young expats. To learn more about what the Indonesian island has to offer for both high-end vacationers and rugged explorers, we spoke with Bali-based travel blogger and photographer Alexandra Saper.

Known as “The Wayfaress,” Saper left her corporate job as a lawyer behind to buy a one-way ticket to Bali, where she’s lived since 2018. As a travel expert who’s spent the past few years learning the ins and outs of her new home, Saper is the perfect person to give us the inside scoop on all things Bali and she’s sharing her foolproof guide on the absolute best places to stay, play, eat, and drink in Bali below.


Mandapa Reserve

Bali Travel Guide

Ubud is home to one of only five Ritz-Carlton Reserve hotels in the entire world… and it seriously lives up to the hype. The Mandapa, which means “temple” in Sanskrit, is a sacred oasis of its own (and even has two Balinese temples located on the property). Bali’s longest river, the Ayung River, winds around the edge of the property to ensure that no matter where you go at Mandapa, you’ll be able to hear a constant soundtrack of rushing water in the background. The Riverfront Villas are breathtaking, each with a massive private infinity pool and a standalone library/study perched against the jungle cliff with, of course, the river right below you.

Mandapa’s main restaurants, Sawah Terrace and Kubu Restaurant, feature delicious Indonesian-inspired and fine-dining Mediterranean cuisine (respectively), and Ambar — the hotel’s iconic “hanging” jungle bar — serves up some of the best craft cocktails in the area. And added benefits like a sauna/steam room, luxurious spa, private butler service, and morning yoga will make it hard to ever want to leave — although if you do, you’re just a few minutes outside of Ubud center.

Munduk Cabins

Bali Travel Guide

Up in the misty mountains of North Bali, you’ll find Munduk Cabins tucked away amongst the trees… sort of in the middle of nowhere. There are six luxury, modern minimalist cabins to choose from, all with balconies overlooking lush jungle views. There is also an infinity pool and jacuzzi, along with a fire pit surrounded by cozy seating… perfect for roasting marshmallows or sipping wine at the end of a day exploring the nearby waterfalls, temples, and hiking trails. The perfect place to unplug, unwind, and get away from the bustle without sacrificing an ounce of comfort and luxury.


Bali Travel Guide

This is one of the most unique places to stay in Bali. At Hideout in East Bali’s Sidemen Village, you can choose from seven different bamboo homes, each as Instagrammable as the next. They all have their own special features, like outdoor bathtubs, infinity pools, netted hammock beds, a river to swim in right outside the front door, and so on. No matter which you choose, you’ll be blown away by the bamboo architecture… not to mention the cute animals on-site that will keep you company during your stay.


Hike Mount Batur at Sunrise

Hiking in the dark up one of Bali’s active volcanoes (don’t worry, it hasn’t erupted in over 20 years) to watch the vibrant sunrise over Mount Agung (Bali’s other, much more volatile active volcano) is an experience you can’t miss. Booking with a local guide who speaks English is an amazing way to learn about the local culture and what life is like living in this area. They’ll pick you up around 2 or 3 a.m., drive you to the base of the hike, and then you’ll make your way up the mountain for about an hour before reaching the top. The sunrises can be incredible, and you’ll be joined by a few dozen monkeys as well.

You can find more information on this hike on my blog here.

Bingin Beach in Uluwatu

The walk down the cliff is a bit of a workout (we call it the “Bingin Booty” for a reason) but it’s well worth it. The white sand beach sits against a cliffside dotted with little warungs (local cafes), coconut stands, and surf shacks, looking onto one of the best waves in Bali. The maze of white buildings dotting the cliffside gives it a “Santorini of Bali” feel. It’s such a beautiful spot to spend the day, grab a coconut and a bite at Kelly’s Warung or one of the fresh fish BBQs organized on the beach in the evenings, and watch the incredible Bingin sunset.

Banyumala Waterfall

Of all Bali’s waterfalls, this is one of my favorites because it’s not too challenging a hike. It does take a bit of effort to get to, so wear good shoes, bring water, and plan for a 30 to 40-minute walk down. This waterfall is one of the biggest ones in Bali, called Banyumala Twin Falls — named for its two main streams of water pouring down and trickling into countless little streams against the lush wall of green.

There’s a spacious area in front to put out a blanket, lay in the sun, and have a picnic, and the waterfall’s pool is especially large — great for a swim.


Yuki (Canggu)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Y U K I (@yukibali_)

Yuki is the new kid on the block but quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite. An open-air dining space serving Japanese dishes and cocktails with a twist — like crispy truffle tuna sushi rolls and wasabi-infused martinis. The decor is beautiful, without taking away from the beach and waves literally right across the street. It’s as casual or dressy as you want it to be, but expect an amazing, fine-dining-quality meal and fun vibes.

Apéritif (Ubud)

For a fine-dining experience, [Apéritif is a] gorgeous colonial Dutch-style restaurant and roaring 20s-inspired cocktail bar you can’t miss. Reserve a spot for their degustation menu, serving an eclectic selection of dishes incorporating both modern flavors and local Indonesian ingredients. Plus, it looks out on the lush Ubud jungle which is spectacular.

Be sure to stay for after-dinner cocktails in their speakeasy!

Il Solatto (Uluwatu)

[Il Solatto is] a bit of a lesser-known gem. This Italian resto is one of my favorite spots for dinner and drinks in the Bukit Peninsula. They have a cool urban-style cocktail bar with amazing drinks, and a pretty outdoor garden in the back with sofas, bistro lights, and a buzzing scene most nights.

The menu features a lot of delicious seafood options, but I definitely recommend the truffle tuna tartare pasta, the burger, and the vegan sandwich. They have a DJ some nights of the week, so plan accordingly depending on whether or not you want that party vibe!

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One Of The Oscars ‘Fan Favorite’ Finalists Is A Barely Released Johnny Depp Biopic (Plus Amazon’s ‘Cinderella’)

The Oscars have always had the same problem: They keep giving awards to movies based on their quality, not how much money they made. Sometimes those two ideas overlap; Titanic and The Return of the King both received the ceremony’s top prize as well as a gazillion bucks at the box office. But nowadays only franchise blockbusters make bank, and sorry, Kevin Smith and Jimmy Kimmel, Spider-Man: No Way Home was never going to be grouped alongside Drive My Car. Sadly, the Academy’s solution to this has been a hot mess.

It’s called “#OscarsFanFavorite,” and it enlists social media users to pick a special trophy. It’s like the much-mocked and quickly aborted “Popular” film Oscar, only this one has yet to be axed. Was it a good idea to put their trust in a place featuring both chuckleheads and rabid fans? Probably not. Recently it was revealed that the frontrunner wasn’t the new Spider-Man but rather Amazon’s poorly reviewed new Cinderella. Another, we’re now learning, is a Johnny Depp movie that was barely released.

That film is Minamata, and perhaps in a world in which Depp wasn’t seen as a negative presence with nasty public legal battles, it might have hit theaters nationwide. Instead, the movie, in which the fallen star plays famed photojournalist W. Eugene Smith, was all but buried, at least stateside. And yet there it is, chosen by the people as a “popular” film, competing with the likes of Army of the Dead, Malignant, Sing 2, The Suicide Squad, and, yes, Spider-Man: No Way Home. (Dune, The Power of the Dog, and Tick, Tick…Boom!, all nominated for major Oscars, are also on there.)

So what is a barely released movie starring an actor who was booted from a major franchise doing on the #OscarsFanFavorite short list? Well, Depp has a lot of fans. And those fans seem to have rallied to the aid of a movie few have even heard of. The Information Superhighway, it is a magical place.

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6-year-old girl absolutely slays as a tiny Viola Davis, Sha’Carri Richardson and more

One mommy-daughter duo is winning hearts by taking dress-up to a whole new level.

Six-year-old Rosie White is going viral and making headlines for sharing the inspiring stories of Black entertainers, leaders and history makers—using spot-on costumes made by her mother Kenya White, along with her own special dash of Black girl magic.

You might have recently seen Rosie (@go_rosie_grow) boldly channeling multiaward-winning actress Viola Davis, complete with that meme-worthy “grabbing of the purse stare down” we all know and love from “How to Get Away With Murder.”

I mean, where does Davis end and White begin?! Someone give this child an Emmy!

Even Davis saw the video and reposted it. So I’m sure that’s award enough for now.

As Kenya recalls in a Scary Mommy interview, the idea behind this treasure trove of uncanny impressions came when Rosie was just 3 years old. After her daughter was given a printout about Rosa Parks in preschool, Kenya discovered that little Rosie completely memorized all of the information and could recite back what she had just read.

Inspired, Kenya grabbed a makeshift Rosa Parks costume and grabbed her phone, telling her daughter to “do it again!” And from there, a blend of history, creativity and pure joy ensued.

Since then, Rosie has created hundreds (yes, hundreds) of videos featuring prominent Black figures, and received lots of love for her fun personality and God-given talent. Scary Mommy reported that Whoopi Goldberg sent a box of books and Erykah Badu started following her.

Some of my personal favorites are when Rosie pretends to be male figures. Cause, well … little kids in fake mustaches. That’s a level of adorable that can’t be beat.

Her pop star and diva ones are quite amazing too.

*standing ovation*

For Black History Month, Rosie and Kenya are doubling down and releasing a video every Monday and Thursday. Thursdays honor Black inventors, like Sarah Boone, who improved the ironing board, George Crum, creator of the potato chip, Garret Morgan, inventor of the traffic light.

Seriously, if this child doesn’t become an actress, I hope she becomes a history teacher because I am learning so much. And having fun while doing so.

A lot of inspiration also comes from current events, like track star Sha’Carri Richardson following her unfair disqualification from the Olympic Games.

Her tiny tattoos! I can’t even…

And though occasionally Rosie will delve into more serious stories, like Breonna Taylor, Kenya says that the tone is consciously celebratory.

“When I was six years old I learned about the negativity of Black history,” Kenya told Scary Mommy. “I didn’t want to teach her such darkness about Black history. Right now it’s all positivity.”

Positivity, yes. But also inspiration. Especially to young Black girls. Kenya told Good Morning America, the message behind these videos is that “you can do anything you want. You can be Kamala Harris, you can be Michelle Obama, you can be beyond those ladies. Whatever your heart desires, whatever you want to do, whether you’re an artist or dancer, into politics, just be the best you you can be.”

That includes GMA co-anchor Robin Robertson, who now has a “mini-me,” thanks to Rosie.

Next month is Women’s History Month, and we are all very excited to see what Rosie and Kenya come up with. Perhaps Biden’s Supreme Court nominee? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, sifting through these videos is more than enough to make you, to quote The Lovin’ Spoonful, “believe in magic in a young girl’s heart.”

Way to go Rosie. Following your bliss reminds us all to do the same.

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A Sesame Street Meme Name-Checking Chingy, Of All People, Got A Beauty Executive Fired

John Demsey, a senior executive at makeup company Estée Lauder, was fired today over posting an “offensive” meme that somehow combined COVID-19 mockery with Sesame Street characters and, of all people, St. Louisan rapper Chingy, according to The Wall Street Journal and CNN Business.

Demsey, whose former title of executive group president oversaw brands under the Estée Lauder umbrella including Clinique and Mac, had posted the meme to Instagram, where he generally shares memes and brand-related advertising. The meme in question featured a spoof Little Golden Book cover with Big Bird visiting an apparently sick Snuffleupagus with a surgical mask on under the caption, “My n**** Snuffy done got the ‘rona at a Chingy concert.”

Apparently, not everyone found it as amusing as he did, prompting him to take down the meme, replacing it with an apology. “I am terribly sorry and deeply ashamed that I hurt so many people when I made the horrible mistake of carelessly reposting a racist meme without reading it beforehand,” it read. “There are not enough words to express me remorse and sorrow.Not only did I hurt many people whom I respect, the terrible mistake that I made has undermined everything I have been working for since I began my career 31 years ago. The meme is the furthest thing from what I stand for and I should have never reposted it. I am so sorry that I let down the company that I have dedicated my life’s work to as well as its employees, artists, friends and colleagues. I hope that in time people will judge me, not for this awful mistake, but for my lifetime of words and actions, which demonstrate my respect for all people.”

Hey look, I can only speak for myself, but I didn’t read that as racist. Maybe a 60-year-old white guy shouldn’t have shared it, but it’s pretty funny. A lot of folks on Twitter seem to agree, as Chingy has suddenly found himself trending for the first time since maybe “Dem Jeans” came out in 2006. Let’s take a look at the reactions, shall we?

Apparently, the meme itself originated over on Reddit and Demsey was amused enough to share it without considering the whole “n-word” angle. There’s also this tweet, which, like all tweets, is suspect, but relevant. Also, Chingy concerts/tickets seem to be a recurring theme in the account’s meme-making.

Sorry to that man. Something tells me he’ll be fine, but as long as we’re on the subject, Chingy was actually a pretty good rapper and deserved better. I’ll die on this hill. Drop something while your name is hot, Ching-A-Ling, I will support you, even if the streets say you look like a youth pastor/substitute teacher now. Between this and the whole Rocco fiasco a few months ago, it seems like Sesame Street has gone viral for a lot of strange — but hilarious — reasons.

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Joe Rogan’s Latest Doozy Is Sharing Fake News About Steven Seagal Fighting For Russia (Which He’s Not)

If your primary news source is Joe Rogan, you’re probably not well informed. Along with spreading COVID misinformation on his popular Spotify show, the NewsRadio alum-turned-troubled podcaster who pissed off Neil Young can now add this: He told his followers that Steven Seagal was fighting for Russia. Which, perhaps needless to say, he’s not.

As per The New York Post, Rogan — on the same he was slammed by Samuel L. Jackson for his repeated use of the N-word — posted a screenshot on both Facebook and Instagram of a CNN story claiming the onetime action cinema god was in Eastern Europe, assisting Russian forces as they invade Ukraine. The description read, “Intelligence agencies around the world have spotted American actor Steven Seagal among Russian special forces positioned around the outskirts of Gostomel airfield near Kyiv captured by Russian airborne troops.”

Alongside the screengrab was Rogan’s commentary: “If I had to guess the plot of this f–ked up movie we’re living through I would say we are about 14 hours from the arrival of the aliens.”

Problem is, the star of Hard to Kill and Marked for Death was not invading Ukraine. The post was a joke. The accompanying photo, which showed the 69-year-old actor in fatigues with other soldiers, was from the 2016 movie Cartels.

Upon learning that he had once again shared fake news (as he’s done before), Rogan posted a retraction, albeit with another news screengrab — this one legit — of Seagal being banned from Ukraine after cozying up to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Rogan said “honestly it wouldn’t be surprising if it was true either.”

Rogan’s screw-up earned him yet more mockery on social media, some of whom pointed out all he had to do was do some light Googling.

Others reminded Rogan that, as a public figure with a huge following, he has a responsibility to get information right.

Others belittled Seagal.

The lesson? If you’re a sitcom star who also hosted a reality show where people eat bugs, maybe try harder to get information right when you somehow happen to attract millions of listeners who listen to your every word.

(Via NY Post)