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Family brings home the wrong dog from daycare until their cats saved the day

It’s not a secret that nearly all golden retrievers are identical. Honestly, magic has to be involved for owners to know which one belongs to them when more than one golden retriever is around. Seriously, how do they all seem have the same face? It’s like someone fell asleep on the copy machine when they were being created.

Outside of collars, harnesses and bandanas, immediately identifying the dog that belongs to you has to be a secret skill because at first glance, their personalities are also super similar. That’s why it’s not surprising when one family dropped off their sweet golden pooch at daycare and to be groomed, they didn’t notice the daycare sent out the wrong dog.

See, not even their human parents can tell them apart because when the swapped dog got home, nothing seemed odd to the owners at first. She was freshly groomed so any small differences were quickly brushed off. But this accidental doppelgänger wasn’t fooling her feline siblings.

Once the dog was in their house, they noticed that their cats started behaving strangely towards their canine sibling. The cats started attacking the dog, likely trying to get it to tell them what they did with their real dog sister. Cat slaps and a house full of strange people didn’t dampen the imposter’s spirit though, in fact, that’s what helped reveal the switcharoo.

This dog kept handing out face kisses and had no interest in seeing her favorite neighbor. After putting all of those things together, the owners decided to hightail it to the vet’s office to scan the dog’s microchip. Alas, they indeed had the wrong dog.

“We just never even thought that that would happen, and of course we thought we would know right? Like we’re her parents, we would know something was wrong, we would know right off the bat that it wasn’t Emmy,” Kebby Kelley told Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Seems both golden retrievers got to go on a really strange adventure that deserves a lifetime of delicious dog treats for the confusion.

See both sweet pups below:

This article originally appeared on 9.21.23

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‘SNL’ cast can’t keep it together during a sketch where Ego Nwodim battles her steak dinner

Most episodes of “Saturday Night Live” are scheduled so the funnier bits go first and the riskier, oddball sketches appear towards the end, in case they have to be cut for time. But on the February 4 episode featuring host Pedro Pascal (“The Mandalorian,” “The Last of Us”), the final sketch, “Lisa from Temecula,” was probably the most memorable of the night.

That’s high praise because it was a strong episode, with a funny “Last of Us” parody featuring the Super Mario Brothers and a sketch where Pascal played a protective mother.

In “Lisa from Temecula,” Paul, played by Pascal, takes a few friends out for dinner, played by Punkie Johnson, newcomer Molly Kearney and breakout star Bowen Yang. The trouble comes when Johnson’s sister Lisa, played by Ego Nwodim, orders her steak “extra, extra well done.”

The sketch is a play on the notion that it’s a faux pas to order well-done steak, especially in a fancy restaurant. However, Lisa doesn’t care and won’t tolerate “one speck of red” on her steak.

The sketch is one of the rare moments on “SNL” where things are so funny that the cast breaks character. Pascal has difficulty getting through his lines and Yang has to cover his face because he can’t stop laughing. But Nwodim only has one small break in the scene and keeps it together as the sketch’s comedy core.

“Lisa from Temecula” got a lot of attention on social media and Nwodim later thanked the sketch’s writers Alex English, Gary Richardson and Michael Che.

This article originally appeared on 2.6.23

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The 10 Best Movies To Watch During Women’s History Month

Womens History Month Movies
Merle Cooper

If cinema really is a mirror by which we see ourselves, what better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than by watching films — for women, about women, and powered by women — that are casting reflections of empowerment and equality in a time when we’re desperate to see more of both?

This month may be a time when we look back on the inventors, pioneers, and revolutionary troublemakers who have moved the needle forward, but it’s also a chance to dream up the kind of fair and tolerant future we want to see. And no medium is better at imagining possibilities than film. Whether it’s brilliant scientists breaking into the boys’ club of space travel, femme fatales on a quest for revenge, or a one-armed general searching for a watery matriarchal oasis in an apocalyptic desert, women on-screen can (and have) done it all.

These are some of the feminist films that might inspire us to do the same.

warner bros.


This magenta-drenched comedy about an iconic doll’s journey to enlightenment reads like a Lisa Frank-styled “Feminism For Beginners” handbook. But, that’s not an insult. For some, Barbie’s desire to scratch only the surface of womanhood was its defining flaw, yet we’d argue that Greta Gerwig’s ability to condense decades of feminist theory into a clever, coming-of-sentience story filled with theatrical dance numbers, Faustian callbacks, and Helen Mirren voiceovers is exactly how a universal audience should be radicalized. As a stereotypical Barbie, Margot Robbie embraces both the arched perfection and flat-footed messiness of womanhood, playing the doll’s naivete as endearing, even when it handicaps her in her fight against the patriarchy. America Ferrera plays her real-world counterpart, a mother exhausted by societal expectations who delivers a scene-stealing monologue equal parts heartbreaking and enraging. And while Ryan Gosling and his group of Kens hog most of the punchlines, the heart of this film belongs to the women — those on-screen and those watching.

Watch it on HBO Max



Ridley Scott’s sci-fi disaster flick gave cinema a blueprint for the female action heroes to come, introducing audiences to a woman both capable and completely unprepared for the horrors that await in deep space. Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley, a low-ranking officer blasting her way through extraterrestrial hijackers, is a role that, traditionally, would have gone to a man — one with muscles, ball-busting bravado, and little else to make him memorable. Instead, Weaver adopts some of that in-your-face masculinity, playing Ripley as a detached, by-the-books soldier at the beginning of the film who slowly evolves into her own kind of killing machine, one that’s just as cold-blooded but infinitely more interesting thanks to her motivations and femme identity.

Watch it on Hulu

The Color Purple
Warner Bros

The Color Purple

From a best-selling novel to an Oscar-nominated film to an award-winning Broadway production to a star-studded movie musical earning accolades and praise on its own merit. There’s a reason Alice Walker’s tale of sisterhood and female empowerment has stood the test of time. And, with this updated installment starring everyone from Danielle Brooks and Taraji P. Henson to Halle Bailey and Fantasia Barrino, her story finds even more to say. As we follow Celie from her abusive childhood to her tumultuous marriage, meeting the women who offer her comfort and sanctuary from the violence of the men in her life, we see the echoes of injustices Black women have faced for generations. But, with soaring musical numbers and cathartic ballads, we see their strength and resilience too.

Watch it on HBO Max

Mad Max Fury Road
Warner Bros

Mad Max: Fury Road

You’d be forgiven for assuming George Miller’s dystopian masterpiece is an ode to Tom Hardy’s practically-mute anti-hero. His name, after all, is in the damn title. But it’s Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, a shaved headed, dismembered war captain clinging to the hope of a better world who’s the real protagonist here. While Max merely survives, Furiosa fights for change — hoping to spirit battered women to safety, to find her maternal roots, to liberate a people tyrannized by the violent excesses of men. Scrappy, rebellious, and completely outnumbered, it’s Furiosa’s vision for the future that propels the action forward. And, speaking of, Theron’s one-armed general also serves as the movie’s toughest badass.

Watch it on Hulu

Foxy Brown Pam Grier
American International Pictures

Foxy Brown

Fearless. It’s the best word to describe Pam Grier — both her performance in the cult-favorite Blaxploitation film Foxy Brown, and her career as a Black actress literally busting down industry doors for the women that would follow. Armed in crop tops, thigh-high boots, and curve-hugging mini-skirts, Grier’s outspoken heroine delights in her feminity, embracing her sex appeal before wielding it as efficiently as she does her pistol. Fueled by her need for revenge after the death of her boyfriend — and a greater desire to help her neighborhood escape the influence of drug-dealing gangs — Brown is a juxtaposition of stereotypes with a knack for rattling off iconic one-liners.

Watch it on Amazon Prime

Real Women Have Curves America Ferrera
HBO Films

Real Women Have Curves

For the generation that grew up on Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird, may we introduce this movie — a comedic melodrama about a young woman fighting against tradition, cultural expectations, and societal conventions to make her way in the world. America Ferrera plays Ana, a recent high-school graduate suffocating under the oppressive, body-shaming commentary her mother regularly doles out. When she has a chance to escape to college, she’s forced to accept herself before she can convince her family to support her dreams. There’s so much that’s good about this film, but if you don’t laugh while crying during a sweatshop strip-down montage, you just don’t get it.

Watch it on HBO Max

Focus Features

Promising Young Woman

Emerald Fennell’s directorial debut is a violent, cutting meditation on rape culture and the systems in place that let it flourish. Lead by Carey Mulligan in a shapeshifting performance as a heartbroken young woman seeking justice in the aftermath of a friend’s traumatic death, the film weaponized our inherent bias, lodging the myth of the “nice guy” in our backs and twisting that knife with a bittersweet ending. As deliciously fun as it is to see Mulligan make men squirm, flipping power dynamics once their pants are down and masks are off, it’s Fennell’s commitment to showing the consequences — not just of her choices, but of this world we’ve simply accepted living in — that make this a must watch for feminist film fans.

Watch it on Peacock

Woman King Viola Davis

The Woman King

Gina Prince-Bythewood’s action-packed historical epic did the impossible when it premiered a couple of years ago: it told the true story of a group of African warriors in a way that was empowering instead of exploitative. As Nanisca, the leader of an all-female royal guard known as the Agojie, Viola Davis commands the screen, playing a stoic, battle-hardened woman struggling to manage her maternal instincts. The women are buff, the fight scenes fantastic, and Lashana Lynch is the most awe-inspiring, terrifying killer we’ve seen on screen in quite a while.

Watch it on Netflix

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

A family-friendly biopic that examines our troubled history in a way that feels inspiring and fresh, this Taraji P. Henson-led drama gives women in STEM the hero they deserve. Henson plays Katherine Johnson — one of the unsung African-American mathematicians who helped NASA launch a man into space — who fights against all kinds of prejudice to simply do her job. The movie also introduces her equally brilliant peers, a group of Black women (Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae included) who battled racism and sexism in their industry to take a giant leap forward for mankind.

Watch it on Disney+


Captain Marvel

Higher, further, faster, baby. Carol Danvers’ entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was met with more fanboy resistance than it deserved — a likely reason as to why Captain Marvel isn’t remembered as kindly by some as DC’s Wonder Woman. But Brie Larson smacking down misogynistic mansplainers while wearing a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt ought to be celebrated. The film gives her character an origin story that feels simultaneously other-worldly and relatable as hell, introducing Danvers as a talented and driven pilot out to prove herself who, by a freak accident, loses her home and identity. Her battle against shapeshifting Skrulls and omniscient artificially intelligent puppet masters takes a backseat to her true mission: rediscovering who she is and what exactly she fights for.

Watch it on Disney+

Nine To Fives
20th Century Fox

Nine To Five

A killer theme song and a trio of Hollywood heavyweights sticking it to the man via poisoned coffee, blackmail, and hogties help this 80s classic stand the test of time. Jane Fonda plays Judy, a newly-divorced housewife clocking in for a secretary position at a corporate firm run by the kind of sexist, festering human pustule today’s cancel culture society would have a field day dragging on social media. When Fonda and her coworkers Violet (Lily Tomlin) and Doralee (Dolly Parton) finally have enough of being mistreated and sexually harassed at the office, they hatch a revenge plot that’s filled with hilarious hijinks and some satisfying comeuppance.

Watch it on Peacock

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Drake Offered To Pay Off A Fan’s Mom’s Six-Figure Mortgage At His Latest Show

Getty Image

Drake’s It’s All A Blur — Big As The What? tour is turning out to be almost as lucrative for fans as it has been for Drake himself. A few weeks ago Drake told one St. Louis attendee that he’d pay for their surgery. “I don’t know what kind of surgery you need, sir,” he said. “From me to you, St. Louis love, we gonna take care of whatever the surgery is.”

In his latest burst of generosity, Drake offered to pay off another fan’s mortgage at his Saturday (March 2) stop in Kansas City. The fan threw the letter onstage, and when Drake stopped to read it, he was so touched, he agreed to pay the balance, despite it being six figures (which, to be fair, Drake could cover with just his gambling winnings, let alone how much he earns on merch, endorsements, and of course, music).

“You said, ‘[Pay] off my mom’s house, rest in peace,’” he read. “Your mom passed away? Alright. And you owe … Oh, this is the outstanding balance right here. This is a lot of money right here.” That didn’t stop him for making the offer after a moment’s consideration. It isn’t the first time Drake’s given a fan a six-figure sum. He also gifted a Nashville concertgoer $100,000 for completing chemotherapy, which they announced via a sign in the crowd.

Drake’s latest tour has been fairly eventful so far. He debuted a controversial new look, admitted he isn’t quite ready to take the break he promised, surprised fans in Louisville with appearances from MGK and Doe Boy, and even rapped to his mom in Madison Square Garden.

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Jason Kelce Broke Down In Tears Before Announcing His Retirement

jason kelce

When the Eagles season came to an end in a Wild Card round loss to Tampa, the camera lingered on Jason Kelce as he walked off the field, slowly taking it all in. A year after considering retirement only to come back for one more ride with the Eagles, there was an expectation that the best center in football would be actually calling it a career after this season.

While it was reported Kelce was retiring weeks ago, it wasn’t until Monday afternoon that the 6-time All-Pro made the news official in an emotional press conference in Philadelphia. Kelce, who has an extremely strong case for the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible, struggled to even get the words out to start his presser, breaking down in tears as the weight of the moment hit him.

While he eventually was able to get through much of his speech, he again found himself overwhelmed by emotion when he started talking about the Eagles-Chiefs Super Bowl and his love for his brother, Travis.

Kelce would also talk about his football journey, from where it all began to his Draft Day call from Andy Reid to finally hoisting the Lombardi Trophy with the Eagles and his legendary parade speech.

That identity of being a football player is incredibly difficult to let go, and Kelce’s speech explained why that is as he detailed how his love of football is ingrained so deep inside and playing the game offered him challenges and a feeling nothing else can provide. The good news is Kelce will have plenty of opportunities to remain close to the game he loves as he moves into the next stage of his career and life, as he figures to be a highly coveted figure by TV networks. Even so, it won’t ever be quite the same and that all seemed to hit him as he discussed the end of his playing career.

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Congratulations, You’re Getting Another ‘Baywatch’ Reboot, But This Time It’s A TV Show (Again)

Baywatch Pamela Anderson David Hasselhoff

Baywatch is making another comeback, but this time, the iconic lifeguard franchise is going to back to its roots with an all-new reboot series. After a failed 2017 movie starring The Rock, Zac Efron, and Alexandra Daddario, Fremantle has tapped TV veteran Lara Olsen to bring a new version of Baywatch to Fox.

Famously starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, the original Baywatch ran from 1989 to 1999. Along the way, the franchise attempted a spinoff with Baywatch: Nights before the franchise retooled itself with Baywatch: Hawaii starring Jason Momoa, who would very much like to forget his time on the show, which ended in 2001. Now, nearly 13 years later, Baywatch will attempt to ride a wave of nostalgia into ratings gold and pretend the whole movie thing never happened.

Here’s the official logline for the reboot series via Variety:

Daring ocean rescues, pristine beaches, and iconic red bathing suits are back, along with a whole new generation of Baywatch lifeguards, who navigate complicated, messy personal lives in this action-packed reboot that demonstrates there’s the family you’re born into and the family you find.

According to Variety, Baywatch showrunner Olsen has experience reviving TV series from the late 80s and early 90s. She worked on both the 90210 and Beauty and the Beast reboots for The CW. She also credits on Spinning Out, Reign, Life Unexpected, and Private Practice.

(Via Variety)

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Sunny Day Real Estate Is Celebrating 30 Years Of The Emo Classic ‘Diary’ With An Anniversary Tour And Vinyl Reissue

Sunny Day Real Estate 2010
Getty Image

Sunny Day Real Estate is one of the defining emo bands of the ’90s, and their debut album, 1994’s Diary, is a quintessential release in the genre’s history. The project turns 30 years old this year and the group is celebrating in a couple ways.

There’s an anniversary tour that starts in a matter of days, on March 13, and ends in October with two nights at The Belasco in Los Angeles. Tickets are available now and there’s more information on the band’s website (which has a perfect domain name, by the way:

Then there’s the remastered and expanded edition of Diary, which goes back in print (on pearlescent vinyl, no less) on April 26. The 2LP release is limited to just 1,500 copies, includes the bonus tracks “8” and “9,” and features newly written liner notes. Find more information about the release here.

Find the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

Sunny Day Real Estate 2024 Tour Dates: Diary 30th Anniversary Tour

03/13 — Lawrence, KS @ Liberty Hall
03/14 — Oklahoma, OK @ Tower Theatre
03/16 — Austin, TX @ Stubb’s Austin (SPIN)
05/01 — Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre
05/03 — Gainesville, FL @ High Dive
05/04 — Atlanta, GA @ Shaky Knees Music Festival
05/07 — Washington, D.C. @ The Howard Theatre
05/09 — Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
05/10 — Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
05/12 — Boston, MA @ Big Night Live
05/15 — New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
05/16 — New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
08/14 — Dallas, TX @ The Echo Lounge & Music Hall
08/17 — Denver, CO @ Summit
08/20 — Seattle, WA @ The Showbox
08/21 — Portland, OR @ Pioneer Courthouse Square (PDX Live)
08/23 — Seattle, WA @ The Showbox
08/24 — Seattle, WA @ The Showbox
09/22 — Louisville, KY @ Bourbon and Beyond Festival
09/25 — Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
09/28 — Minneapolis, MN @ The Fillmore
10/11-13 — Las Vegas, NV @ Best Friends Forever Festival
10/15 — San Francisco, CA @ August Hall
10/18 — Los Angeles, CA @ The Belasco
10/19 — Los Angeles, CA @ The Belasco

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When Does ‘Shōgun’ Episode 3 Come Out?


Have you started watching Shōgun? You really ought to.

The FX series is being hailed as television’s next big thing, with frequent comparisons to Game of Thrones and Succession. Only two episodes have aired so far, so you don’t have to worry about being too far behind to catch up. And you should catch up before episode three, “Tomorrow is Tomorrow.” The logline reads: “After Blackthorne survives a brazen assassination attempt, Toranaga realizes he must ferry his allies out of Osaka or risk certain defeat.”

Shōgun season 1 episode 3 premieres on Hulu (and/or Disney+ depending on where you live) on March 5 at 12 a.m. EST before airing on FX at 10 p.m. EST.

“When I came to Hollywood, my mission was to show our culture correctly,” star Hiroyuki Sanada, who plays Lord Yoshii Toranaga, told USA Today. “If there was a wall between East and West, I want to break it down. So yes, dreams come true.” Here’s more:

Based on James Clavell’s novel, FX’s Shōgun is set in Japan in the year 1600 at the dawn of a century-defining civil war. Lord Yoshii Toranaga is fighting for his life as his enemies on the Council of Regents unite against him, when a mysterious European ship is found marooned in a nearby fishing village.

You can watch the trailer for the episode below.

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How To Buy Conan Gray’s ‘Found Heaven On Tour’ Tickets

Conan Gray Balmain Homme Menswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show Paris Fashion Week
Getty Image

Around the release of his 2022 sophomore album, Superache, Conan Gray served as an Uproxx cover star and said, “I want someone to come into my life and just destroy my heart – stomp on it, make it disappear.” Gray is about to give fans a glimpse into what actually transpired over the last two-ish years with his forthcoming album, Found Heaven, due out April 5. After that, he’ll embark on his headlining Found Heaven On Tour, as announced this morning (March 4).

How To Buy Conan Gray’s Found Heaven On Tour Tickets

As per a press release, fans can sign up here to gain access to a pre-sale scheduled for Wednesday, March 6, at 10 a.m. local time. “Additional presales, including a Verizon presale, will run throughout the week ahead of the general on sale beginning on Friday, March 8, at 10 a.m. local time,” the press release relayed. Details on the Verizon pre-sale can be found here, and general ticketing information can be found here.

Conan Gray 2024 Tour Dates: Found Heaven On Tour

07/11 — Melbourne, Australia @ John Cain Arena
07/13 — Brisbane, Australia @ Fortitude Music Hall
07/17 — Sydney, Australia @ ICC Sydney Theatre
07/19 — Adelaide, Australia @ Spin Off Festival
09/19 — Minneapolis, MN @ Armory *
09/21 — Sterling Heights, MI @ Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at *Freedom Hill *
09/23 — Toronto, ON @ Budweiser Stage *
09/25 — Boston, MA @ MGM Music Hall at Fenway *
09/30 — New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden *
10/01 — Philadelphia, PA @ Highmark Skyline Stage at the Mann *
10/03 — Raleigh, NC @ Red Hat Amphitheater *
10/04 — Atlanta, GA @ Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park *
10/06 — Indianapolis, IN @ Everwise Amphitheater at White River State Park *
10/11 — Las Vegas, NV @ Chelsea Theater at Cosmopolitan *
10/13 — Portland, OR @ Alaska Airlines’ Theater of the Clouds *
10/15 — Seattle, WA @ WAMU Theater *
10/17 — San Francisco, CA @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium *
10/18 — Inglewood, CA @ Kia Forum *
10/20 — Phoenix, AZ @ Arizona Financial Theatre *
10/23 — Sugar Land, TX @ Smart Financial Centre *
10/25 — Austin, TX @ Moody Center ATX *
10/26 — Fort Worth, TX @ Dickies Arena *
11/02 — Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ AFAS Live #
11/04 — Brussels, Belgium @ Forest National #
11/05 — Paris, France @ Zénith Paris la Villette #
11/07 — Manchester, UK @ O2 Apollo #
11/10 — London, UK @ OVO Arena Wembley #

* with Maisie Peters
# with Between Friends

Conan Gray’s Found Heaven On Tour Poster

Conan Gray Found Heaven On Tour poster
Courtesy of Conan Gray & Republic Records

Found Heaven is out 4/5 via Republic Records. Find more information here.

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Spraaaaaaaang Breaaaaaaaaak Is Officially Over As The City Of Miami Beach Breaks Up With Spring Breakers

Spring Break

If you’re planning a trip to Miami Beach Florida for Spring Break 2024… maybe don’t. No there isn’t a deadly storm descending on Miami Beach, and it’s not about avoiding the big crowds in favor of something more chill and relaxing. It’s just because the city doesn’t want you there and who wants to hang out where they aren’t welcome?

In a new ad issued by the City of Miami Beach, the city is attempting to break up with spring breakers. Not a few of them… all.

“Hey, we need to talk,” the ad begins. “This isn’t working anymore, and it’s not us, it’s you — we just want different things. Our idea of a good time is relaxing on the beach, hitting up the spa, or checking out a new restaurant. You just want to get drunk in public and ignore laws. Do you even remember what happened last March?”

At that point, the ad cuts to headlines highlighting the shootings and arrests that took place last year. And we get it, there are legitimate concerns to be had, NBC Miami reports that last year the city saw two deadly shootings and nearly 500 arrests.

But if the city of Miami wanted to turn away prospective spring breakers, maybe they shouldn’t have filled the ad with hot, young twenty-somethings because outside of parties, Miami Beach isn’t a young city (the median age is 42.5, nearly ten years older than most major cities). They should’ve used some old locals telling everyone to stay off their lawns. The ad even ends with this line: “Maybe we can talk when you’re done with your spring break phase but until then.” Meaning, you know, “Come back when you’re old and rich and and we can benefit from your money without having to deal with any hassles.”

Jokes aside, this is a continuing issue in the travel space — cities are all clamoring for rich, quiet travelers and don’t want younger, party-happy types. In a similar vein, certain destinations have been very public about not wanting budget travelers, in favor of wealthier ones. Without delving too deep into here, it’s clearly troublesome for cities in America (a nation built on stolen land) to tell other people where they should and shouldn’t go on vacation (just play out some other versions of that idea in your head if you can’t immediately see that it’s a slippery slope).

Regardless, hitting up Miami Beach may be more trouble than it’s worth. This month the city is planning curfews, bag checks, restricted beach access, DUI checkpoints, $100 parking, and strong police enforcement for drug possession and violence. The changes might help foster a safer environment for both spring breakers and locals, but it also sounds like the difference between going to a warehouse rave and a music festival.

And… if you think the latter is the cooler one, well, I have some property to sell you in Palm Beach.