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Coronavirus Antibody Tests Could Help Us Get Back To Normal — Or They Could Be The Next Testing Crisis

Hospitals and clinics are rushing to use antibody tests in an effort to determine who is immune to the coronavirus. But almost none of them have been verified by the FDA.

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‘Jump Shot’ Is A Fantastic Documentary On The Man Who Introduced Us To The Jumper

Like many great athletes, Kenny Sailors learned his most valuable lesson about adversity as a child playing against his older brother, Bud, in the backyard. It’s a principle that’s governed the evolution of all life on Earth: Adapt or die.

The older siblings of the world have, historically, been a catalyst for greatness. For Sailors, it didn’t matter how many different ways he tried to score against Bud. He could barely get a shot off without him swatting it away. Bud was taller, stronger, and like many big brothers, an aggressive and implacable foe.

If he was ever going to have a chance, he’d have to rethink his whole approach. He’d have to get crafty, maybe catch him off guard. He’d have to try something he’d never see coming. At the time, he could’ve scarcely realized that it would help revolutionize the game for generations to come.

The new documentary, Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story, chronicles the life and career of the man widely credited with popularizing one of basketball’s trademark moves. During his days at the University of Wyoming and later in the NBA following a tour of duty in World War II, it was Sailors who introduced the jump shot to the popular consciousness.

Steph Curry, who more than a half-century later would go on to become arguably its greatest practitioner, talked about the impact it had on him to discover the history behind the very thing that has defined his life and career and has been second nature to him since he first picked up a basketball.

“Learning the history of where the art of the jump shot came from, who introduced it to the game, and how it changed the game, was incredibly intriguing,” Curry said. “Even more importantly, learning about the person that Kenny was, and what he stood for, was very inspirational.”

To call Sailors the “inventor” of the jump shot is probably a misnomer. Tracing something like that all the way back to its origins with any real certainty would be problematic, bordering on impossible. But there’s little debate that it was Sailors who first brought it center stage, most notably at the NCAA Tournament in 1946 at Madison Square Garden.

During a game between Wyoming and Long Island University, Life magazine photographer Eric Schaal captured the now-iconic image of Sailors, suspended in air above his defender like an otherworldly figure as he rose for shot at the top of the key. It was like a Renaissance painting: an image of mankind reaching for the divine, the sum of all human endeavors captured in the airspace between his feet and the hardwood below. Like the hosts in Westworld gazing at a futuristic city-scape, no one was quite sure what they were looking at.

Life Magazine

In the modern NBA, there are so many things we take for granted: the 24-second clock, the three-point line, the slam dunk, the three-second rule. It’s hard to conceive of a time when none of these things existed, to wrap our heads around the idea that someone essentially had to invent them. It’s equally difficult to overstate their impact on the sport.

Today, the jump shot is a primary weapon in every basketball player’s arsenal. It’s deeply encoded in the game’s cellular blueprint. But watching the archival footage of Sailors in action during his era brings the early novelty of it into stark relief. In terms of shot mechanics, it skipped right past the larval stage and emerged fully-realized his textbook form, perfected as it was in the obscurity of the Big Sky Country of the American West.

The film itself is a goldmine of archival material from that time, charting Sailors’ playing career from his days in Wyoming through several stops along his NBA journey. It’s a massive cache of footage that, to the layperson, seems like it would be a documentarian’s dream.

“Or a nightmare,” Director Jacob Hamilton said, somewhat jokingly. “Whichever way you want to look at it.”

The footage wasn’t easy to acquire. Hamilton and his crew had to piece it together from the University of Wyoming archives, from miscellaneous sources they tracked down online, and somewhat unexpectedly, from Sailors’ own son, who had reels of 8mm film that had been sitting in his attic for years. The result is a stunning time capsule of the game at a pivotal moment of its evolution and the figure who was at the center of it.

In it, Sailors exhibits all the hallmarks of the modern game. And not just the jump shot. His crossover has seeds of Allen Iverson. His flair for passing predates Magic and Pistol Pete. He’s aggressive, attacking in the open court like a Russell Westbrook prototype. It’s like watching a modern player who traveled back in time.

“You hear all the stories, which I had already heard because we’d sat down with Kenny,” Hamilton said. “But to actually see it unfold in front of you with your own eyes and see what he was doing then, you marvel at it.”

Don’t take Hamilton’s word for it. As part of the project, he showed the footage to several of today’s stars, all of whom were awed by how ahead of his time Sailors was.

“Kenny was a master,” Dirk Nowitzi said. “The impressive thing is how high he jumped. Some guys shoot jump shots now, but they shoot more like, little hops, or you know, you don’t really jump full-on. And so he’s like, the elevation is just incredible. I mean, it really looks like a Russell Westbrook pull-up now. The way Kenny elevates and stops on a dime on the break, I mean, that’s amazing. That’s the full-on jump. That’s not a lot of guys actually do that now. That’s impressive.”

Along with Nowitzki, Hamilton screened the film for several current stars. He wanted to bring in younger voices from around the league to add clout and to help frame Sailors’ unique accomplishments in their proper context. At one point during the viewing with Kevin Durant, Hamilton said that Durant paused the film, eager to explain how during practice, he’d watched Curry working on one of Sailors’ exact moves.

“[Sailors] made a move going left, and he stopped on the dime and shot off one leg, and I’ve seen Steph do the same shot at practice,” Durant said. “And I was like wow, that’s so amazing that, half a century later, that the greatest shooter to ever to play the game could be influenced by Kenny, and he doesn’t even know Kenny, you know?”


The truly outstanding documentaries — the ones that transcend their subject matter, that get under your skin and stay there long after the closing credits — often start out as one thing and end up as something else entirely. It takes a willingness on the filmmaker’s part to let the subject guide the storytelling, to follow it down its winding paths, to find the real story that wants to be told. It’s an exercise in trust. In this case, it was a matter of rescuing the human being from the dark cave of a historical footnote.

In 2010, Hamilton was searching for his next film project when he came across a quick two-minute video about the origin of the jump shot, which featured an interview with Sailors. As a lifelong sports fan, he was immediately enthralled. Like most of us, Hamilton had always taken the jump shot for granted. It never occurred to him that it hadn’t always existed, that someone had to introduce it to the wider world. But that was only part of what drew him in.

“Kenny was an absolute character in this two-minute interview,” Hamilton said. “and then I began to do a little bit more research on who he is: what did he do, why don’t I know this guy? I just started uncovering all these small stories where I was like, wow, this guy lived this extraordinary life. Maybe there’s something bigger here than just a short origin story about the jump shot.”

Sailors and his easy charm are ubiquitous throughout the film. He is a grandfatherly figure, whose warmth, humor, and benevolence shine through each frame. But it’s the film’s third act that adds so much texture to his story by sharpening its focus on the man behind the jump shot — the mentor, homesteader, and part-time politico who carved out an unconventional path later in life that was arguably as meaningful as anything he did on the court.

After he retired from basketball, Sailors moved to Alaska with his wife, where he would live off the land and become a pioneering figure for girls’ basketball in the state, particularly native girls, who had previously not been allowed to participate in team sports. At its core, the film is as much about honoring those contributions as it is an effort to secure his rightful place in basketball history.

Sailors’ legacy is undeniable.

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Wednesday Night Wars: AEW Dynamite And NXT Open Discussion Thread 4/15/20

Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Night Wars open discussion thread. This week we’ve got an AEW Dynamite featuring Lance Archer’s televised murder of Colt Cabana going up against an episode of NXT featuring a Tag Team Championship match and just a ton of good will from today’s news.

On tonight’s cards:

AEW Dynamite

  • No Holds Barred “Empty Arena Match” for the AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Jake Hager
  • TNT Championship Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Colt Cabana vs. Lance Archer
  • Kip Sabian vs. Chuck Taylor
  • Sammy Guevara vs. Sugar “Pineapple Pete” Dunkerton
  • Dr. Britt Baker DMD in action
  • Shawn Spears in action, but not against Britt Baker


  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Matt Riddle (c) and a mystery partner vs. Undisputed Era (Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish)
  • Finn Bálor vs. Fabian Aichner
  • the beginning of the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament
  • Velveteen Dream “chats” with Adam Cole
  • Charlotte Flair doing something, possibly

As always, +1 your favorite comments from tonight’s open thread and if we get enough comments, we’ll include 10 of the best in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of NXT and AEW reports. Make sure you flip the comments by selecting “newest” in the drop down menu under discussion, and enjoy the show!

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Tom Hardy Transforms Into A Wild Gangster In A Surprise ‘Capone’ Trailer With A VOD Release Date

Well, well, well. Just when folks thought that the barren movie landscape pushed back most movies of interest, the Tom Hardy gangster movie previously known as Fonzo is stepping up to fill in a VOD blank. Maybe, just maybe, the Al Capone biographical drama — now retitled simply as Capone — will prop up the career of writer-director Josh Trank (Chronicle) after Fantastic Four set him back quite a few steps with audiences and critics. Trank’s subsequent feud with 20th Century Fox further tanked his prospects, but after fresh speculation on when this Capone picture would arrive, Trank hot-dropped it on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon. The release date? Less than a month from now.

This trailer arrives about a year-and-a-half after Trank offered a first look at Hardy in character. The biopic will follow Capone’s life (and mindset) after nearly a decade behind bars, following the onset of dementia. He’s further tortured by the “memories of his violent and brutal origins,” according to a plot description (that sources back to 2016), which also reveals that he cannot separate the past from his current waking life. Hardy’s firing a machine gun in this trailer, so that should get some dollars, if that later-day pallor doesn’t help matters.

Of course, surrounding characters in this movie doubt whether Capone’s truly as haunted as he appears, or if his tortured appearance is all an act. Linda Cardellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Matt Dillon, and Jack Lowden round out the cast of this movie that’s finally going to see the light of day living rooms in the not-too-distant future.

Look for Capone on VOD starting May 12.

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You can have a real live llama or goat join your video calls because 2020 can’t get any weirder

First the pandemic brought us the hilarious entertainment of “Potato Boss.” Now we have people inviting farm animals to join corporate video conferences. Welcome to 2020, where literally anything is possible!

An animal sanctuary in the Silicon Valley came up with a clever way to make up for lost revenue during the country-wide shutdown. Sweet Farm launched a service last month that lets people pay to have one of their animals slide into their video calls, and frankly, it’s genius. How much joy would you get seeing a llama’s face alongside your coworkers during a video conference?

The best part? They call it Goat 2 Meeting—a play on the video conferencing software GoToMeeting.

The Goat 2 Meeting service is offered as either virtual tours or meeting cameos at several price points. Their website offers four options:

  • 20 minute Virtual Private Tour is a $65 donation for up to 6 people. This tour will highlight a few of our animal ambassadors and areas of the farm.
  • 10 minute Corporate Meeting Cameo is a $100 donation for unlimited guests. You send us your meeting link and we’ll call in to bring some smiles to your co-workers faces!
  • 25 Min Corporate Meeting Virtual Tour is a $250 donation for unlimited guests. You send us your meeting link and we’ll call in to show you and your co-workers around the farm!
  • 25 Min VIP Meeting is a $750 donation for unlimited guests. Due to incredible demand we’ve opened up some extra slots with one of our directors to give you a very special view of the farm.

Sweet Farms told Business Insider that they’ve fielded more than 300 requests since the service opened in mid-March. From Fortune 500 companies to tech startups to legal firms, people are taking advantage of the opportunity to bring farm animals into work meetings.

Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder.

“I think we’re all a little stressed with what’s going on — many of us have been sitting inside,” Sweet Farm told Business Insider. “We’re just hoping to bring some smiles to people’s faces while bringing them out to the farm at the same time.”

Sweet Farm is also offering free virtual fieldtrips to schools and non-profits.

If you want to request a Goat 2 Meeting, visit the Sweet Farms scheduler here.

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Chrissy Teigen’s New Show Is My New Favorite Way To Settle An Argument

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SNX DLX: Featuring A Sleek Pair Of Black And Gold Jordans, Casablanca’s New Balance 327s, And New Supreme

Before we jump into this week’s best sneaker and apparel releases we thought it might be helpful to note that the highly anticipated YEEZY Slides are set to drop tomorrow in three different barf-like colorways. The Slides are one of the most polarizing YEEZY releases of the year and it’s likely you feel one of three ways about them. Either you love them, loathe them, or are completely indifferent. Not much middle ground.

I’m in the latter camp personally, but I’m not a “wear slides everywhere!” guy, in general. Anyway, let’s dive into this week’s best sneaker and apparel releases, featuring a sleek pair of Jordans, the only notable YEEZY drop of the week, and fresh Supreme.

Air Jordan 6 DMP


The Air Jordan DMP has been due for a refresh for quite some time. First released in 2006 as part of the Defining Moments Pack, the Jordan 6 DMP’s sleek black and gold colorway is meant to pay homage to Jordan’s first championship ring and features a suede upper accented by gold highlights, and midsole lines designed by Tinker Hatfield. A must-have for Jordan-heads!

The Air Jordan 6 DMP is set to drop on April 18th for a retail price of $200. Pick up a pair through the Nike SNKRS app or through Foot Locker.


Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Linen


YEEZY brand is on a back-and-forth rhythm this season, switching it up between dropping something out there and different, like last week’s 700 V3 Alvah, only to follow up by returning to something familiar and consistent, like this week’s latest “Linen” colorway of the 350 V2. The Linen features soft gray and tans across its prime knit upper for a butter-like appearance that matches Kanye’s Sunday Service aesthetic. A simple spring sneaker that would look great… if only you could go outside while wearing it.

The Adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 Linen is set to drop on April 18th for a retail price of $220. Pick up a pair exclusively through YEEZY Supply.

Converse GLF Gianno OX

END. Clothing

Two new iterations of Tyler the Creator’s hiking-inspired Gianno OX are dropping this weekend at END and sees Tyler’s first-ever original silhouette wrapped in a spring-appropriate Parfait Pink or Skylight colorway. Featuring a layered mesh, suede, and leather upper, the Gianno OX sits atop a shock-absorbing EVA midsole with chunky high-traction tread for a design that merges trail hiking and BMX aesthetics for a sneaker as stylistically fluid as the man behind the design.

The Converse GLF Gianno OX is set to drop on April 18th for a retail price of $130. Pick up a pair exclusively through END.

END. Clothing
END. Clothing

Above The Clouds x ASICS Gel-1090

END. Clothing

Australian retailer Above The Clouds is putting their spin on the newly revived ASICS Gel-1090 silhouette by giving the sneaker some easy-to-miss modern updates that are obfuscated by the sneaker’s low-key 90’s dad design. Featuring a mesh upper with translucent side-stripe accents, GEL cushioning, and a rubber outsole, this collaboration is dressed in a birch-white colorway and sports dual-branding on the heel and tongue.

Above The Cloud’s iteration of the ASICS Gel-1090 are out now for a retail price of $150. Pick up a pair through END.

END Clothing

Casablanca x New Balance 327

END. Clothing

We first shouted out this sneaker two weeks ago on SNX DLX but the release date was subsequently delayed and they’ll now be releasing this week. Considering that this is another pretty slow week in terms of fire sneaker releases, talking about Casablanca’s New Balance 327 again will have to do.

The two colorways — a green/orange combo and a green-on-green — are sure to be a visual reminder of what the outside world is like, and the elegant design is sure to stay in pristine quality until the summer when you’ll finally be able to rock them in public. Hopefully.

The Casablanca x New Balance 327 is set to drop on April 18th for a retail price of $150. Pick up a pair through New Balance, Casablanca, or END.

END. Clothing

Supreme Spring Graphic T-Shirt Collection


Supreme is keeping things simple with their latest drop of spring-ready graphic t-shirts that sees the label ignoring big-name collaborations for a collection that sticks close to the skatewear brand’s roots. The full collection consists of just seven graphic t-shirts featuring designs that run the gamut from extreme and out there, like the Metallic Dragon and UFO tees, to simple and playful, like the logo and portrait tees.

We picked out our favorites from the collection but head over to Supreme’s site to check out the full seven shirt collection in detail. The Supreme Spring Graphic T-Shirt collection is set to drop on April 16th exclusively through the Supreme online store.


UNIQLO UT Evangelion Collection


Since Evangelion’s Netflix re-release, the already massively popular anime has scooped up a fresh new crop of fans and UNIQLO is wisely capitalizing on the series’ resurgence in the cultural zeitgeist with their latest graphic t-shirt collection. If what draws you to Evangelion is the characters, you’ll be slightly disappointed with this collection which puts more emphasis on the giant mech-suits and alien-like angels that are responsible for all the action in the series.

Each t-shirt in the collection features a back and front design and utilizes Uniqlo’s classic t-shirt and pocket t-shirt framework for a simple and small eight shirt collection.

The UNIQLO Evangelion T-Shirt Collection is set to drop on April 17th. Shop the collection exclusively through the Japanese UNIQLO webstore.


Palace Spring 2020 Drop 10


Palace’s Spring 2020 release schedule is starting to feel pretty grueling. This may be a result of the coronavirus lockdowns bringing the spring season to a crawl, but at this point, we’d rather Palace just drop the whole collection rather than drip-feeding us their Spring looks on a weekly basis. This is likely the last time we’ll cover a Palace drop this season, as some of their fits just aren’t making sense for the weather anymore.

Spring is fast approaching, so this is the last time we’ll be able to reasonably recommend outerwear, which Palace’s 10th drop is largely centered around. Featuring shell jackets, windbreakers, hoodies, and long sleeves, Palace’s latest drop is a graphics-heavy mix of mostly blue, black, and grey pieces geared toward Spring’s cooler days.

The tenth Palace Spring 2020 drop is set for April 17th. Shop the full collection at Palace’s website.

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James Holzhauer Approved Of A ‘College Jeopardy!’ Contestant Mimicking His All-In Move

While, eventually, we will run out of new Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune episodes with both game shows currently on a taping hiatus, the already taped shows are offering a bit of normalcy in a time where that is scarce.

Right now, the College Jeopardy tournament is in full swing with the second round of contests happening this week. It’s the first college tournament since the dominant run of James Holzhauer, and his influence on how this up and coming generation of Jeopardy! attacks the game board is interesting to watch.

On Tuesday night, Nibir from the University of Minnesota did a Holzhauer-esque hunting of the Daily Doubles and even employed James’ favorite “all-in” maneuver in a nod to the now-legendary competitor.

On Wednesday, Holzhauer gave Nibir’s move a solid rating of 8.5 out of 10, only docking him points for the relative ease of the Daily Double prompt but giving him a perfect 10 out of 10 for execution of the all-in wagering strategy and motion.

While Holzhauer didn’t emerge victorious in the GOAT Tournament, he’s likely going to be the most influential Jeopardy! contestant ever due to how radically he’s changed the approach of how players move around the board and play more aggressively. In this instance, his influence is obvious as Nibir — who went on to sweep all three Daily Doubles and win the game to advance in the tournament — went so far as to mimic his hand motions along with his wagering strategy.

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Michael Jordan Used To Learn The Results Of Jumbotron Games Then Bet Against A Bulls Security Staffer

Michael Jordan very well may be the most ruthless competitor in the history of sports. Jordan’s competitive streak is legendary — you can probably think of a few stories that prove this — but he wasn’t just competitive about basketball. He, of course, tried his hand at baseball and has not exactly been shy about how much he enjoys gambling on any number of things.

One such story got confirmed by Scottie Pippen in a sit-down with Rachel Nichols of ESPN. Nichols asked about the rumor that Jordan used to find out the results of jumbotron games from the Bulls game ops staff, then when they’d air during time outs, he would wager with teammates on the outcome knowing full well what was going to happen. Unsurprisingly, Pippen revealed that Jordan indeed used to do this, but clarified he didn’t often do it with other members of the Bulls’ roster.

“That is a true story, but he never bet at me, I don’t think he bet at … Steve’s not betting anybody,” Pippen said, pointing to former teammate Steve Kerr. “He did bet, we had a security guy sit at the head of our bench — his name was John Capps, he’s now passed away, but Capps would bet Michael every game. The only way Capps would win (was) if he was able to pick the right one, because if Michael picked, obviously he knew he was gonna win. But yeah, he probably beat the guy out of $4,100.”

This wasn’t exactly the kindest gesture Jordan could have pulled, but Michael Jeffrey Jordan did not win six championships by being a nice guy. The moral of this story is that if MJ ever tries to bet on something with you: 1. Please tell me so I can talk to you about it and, 2. Don’t.

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School districts are transforming buses into wifi hotspots for students without internet

If you see school buses parked around your city and get confused because schools are closed, no worries. It’s likely that those buses are pumping out wifi for students who otherwise struggle for internet access.

With schools shut down across the country, school districts have had to scramble to figure out how to provide online schooling quickly. That’s no simple task, and the transition has been a rocky one for administrators, teachers, parents, and kids. For families without the technology that enables that transition, it’s been even harder.

Since online learning is the only way students can stay connected to schools and teachers, internet is a vital service. But despite the ubiquity of internet providers, not all families can afford internet. Even in places where internet providers are offering free wifi to families who can’t afford it, some still can’t afford the hardware—modems, routers—that enable them to take advantage of it.

School districts across the nation are addressing part of this issue by transforming their now-empty school buses into mobile wifi hotspots to bring online access to students. School bus hotspots fill a gap for families that aren’t able to get wifi in their homes, for whatever reason. And though the idea isn’t new—some districts have been using wifi-enabled buses as hotspots for years—it is becoming widespread during the pandemic.

In Montgomery, Alabama, 11 wifi-enabled buses already have rolled out, six more will go out today, and more will come next week. Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed told WSFA News why the buses are important.

“Because we understand there’s a digital divide,” he said. “And the coronavirus pandemic that we’re into right now has only heightened the chasm that exists between those who can access high-speed internet service and those who can’t.”

“The idea is that any parent, any child in any neighborhood where they see that yellow school bus, they can access the WiFi hotspot,” said MPS Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore. “They don’t have to be right down the street from their home. If they’re at home, it’s fine, but if they’re at their grandma’s house and there’s a bus down the road, they can also access from that location.”

The largest school district in Austin, Texas has deployed more than 100 wifi buses around the city through a $600,000 grant from Kajeet, an education technology provider.

“As we prepare for the possibility of extended school closures, we know that an Internet connection is a lifeline and a learning link for our students,” Kevin Schwartz, chief technology officer for Austin ISD, said in a news release.

“Austin ISD will be deploying many of our 500+ Kajeet Wi-Fi/Internet enabled school buses to locations around our school district so that students can connect using our district Chromebooks.”

The buses do have some limitations, however. The buses in Austin broadcast about 300 feet, so some students may have to go outside of their homes to catch a signal. They are not allowed to board the bus, so inclement weather can make accessing the wifi tricky for some, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has succeeded in doing is shining a spotlight on existing inequities in our country. School districts in low-income areas that already struggle with funding suddenly have to figure out how to provide computers and internet to students, while many wealthier districts already had laptops or tablets for every student. Thankfully, donors and organizations are stepping up to assist, but addressing the economic inequality underlying the problem will need longer-lasting institutional solutions.

In the meantime, wifi buses are an innovative temporary stopgap for families who can’t access the internet otherwise.