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The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Brews Brothers’ Features Some Raunchy (And Unsanitary) Brewery Fun

Social distancing measures in the United States have shuttered most breweries as places to gather and socialize, but Netflix’s Brews Brothers appears ready to serve as a comedic substitute while we all stay at home.

The show, which saw its first trailer hit on Friday, is set to stream on April 10 and centers around two estranged brothers forced to run a brewery together and settle their many, many differences. The show is set at Rodman’s, a Van Nuys brewery run by Mike Castle’s Adam and Alan Aisenberg’s Wilhelm.

“Beer is about bringing people together,”Aisenberg, as Wilhelm, says. “And Rodman’s is the perfect hang.”

But that’s quickly undone by the rest of the trailer, which includes some unsanitary conditions to say the least. There’s a monk fight, some gross-out humor and a lot of questionable business practices. The League co-creator Jeff Schaffer teamed up his brother, Greg (That ’70s Show), on the show, the latter of which will serve as showrunner.

One set piece revealed in the trailer is an IPA brewed with a hallucinogen in it, which should make for a pretty trippy episode to say the least. There’s some sex toy humor and other bits of grossness, but the interpersonal drama seems to drive the show forward. The brother-owned brewery will certainly have some tension, as the show makes it clear the siblings are very different characters.

“Usually two opposites complete each other,” a character played by Silicon Valley alum Carmen Flood. “You two don’t even make a normal person.”

The League star Steve Rannazzisi also makes an appearance in the trailer, though it seems to be in a guest staring role. We’ll see what else the show has in store in early April, but maybe check the health and safety records of the brewery you get your beverages from when you sit down to watch this one.