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Cardi B Wants To Start A GoFundMe For Imprisoned ‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic

Taking a break from her recent coronavirus PSAs, Cardi B has now joined many of her fans in their extreme interest in Netflix’s Tiger King, a docuseries that captured the feud between big cat enthusiast Joe Exotic and conservationist Carole Baskin. Cardi has shared her reactions with fans on Twitter as she watches, seeming a bit lost in the beginning due to extracurricular activities but soon showed fans where her allegiances lay with the show’s cast of characters.

After a few episodes, Cardi declared her support for Joe Exotic (spoilers incoming). The Tiger King is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence on two counts of murder-for-hire for planning to have Baskin killed as well as 17 wildlife-related charges. Cardi, however, feels that Exotic was not treated fairly, tweeting, “They did Joe so dirty over and over again.”

Making her support for Exotic even more clear, Cardi announced she plans to create a GoFundMe in support of his release from prison. Cardi pushed her support for Joe further in retweeting a fan’s meme in response to her tweet calling Baskin a “slick b*tch.” With the retweet, she appeared to agree with a belief shared by some on the show that Baskin not only killed her late husband but fed him to the tigers she keeps her Florida sanctuary.