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AEW Dynamite Re-Shot The Segment Between Chris Jericho And Matt Hardy

For the past two weeks Broken Matt Hardy has owned the main event slot of AEW Dynamite, and he hasn’t even made his in-ring debut yet. Week before last was his surprise debut (which admittedly was mostly a surprise because he debuted as a babyface instead of as the Exalted One), and then last week he and Chris Jericho had a confrontation in the ring, after Jericho called Hardy’s beloved drone Vanguard-1 “a piece of shit.”

Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that the segment was originally pre-taped on Tuesday, but Jericho hated how it came out. They decided to do it again, but they couldn’t shoot it before Dynamite on Wesnesday, because it’s an outdoor arena and the sky would be too light to make sense at the end of the show.

Fortunately they had one pre-taped match for Dynamite — Kip Sabian versus Darby Allin — so while viewers at home were watching that match, Hardy and Jericho reshot the segment in the ring, which was then quickly edited to go up at the end of that same show. Sounds pretty stressful, but I thought it was fun to watch in the end.

Jericho confirmed the story in a Facebook Live video, saying of the original version, “It wasn’t my vision, really.”