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Quavo Says Migos Have Done A Lot Of Work On ‘Culture III’ While Social Distancing

The coronavirus has caused changes in lifestyles around the world in a way that few historical events in recent memory have. Almost everybody’s schedules have radically changed from what they were a month or two ago, so some folks are using their time in differently productive ways. Such is true of Migos, as the group is apparently not doing much beyond working on their upcoming album, Culture III.

In a new interview with Billboard, Quavo said that he and his fellow Migos members are keeping their lifestyles simple for the time being, as pretty much all they do is go to the studio to work on Culture III and then head back to their homes. He says ultimately, though, Migos’ operations have been hampered, saying, “Of course, the business has slowed down because we perform in front of masses of people. Dropping music and all that, it’s at a standstill right now with us because we need to go out there and touch the people to push our albums to make our music work.”

He also spoke of working with Justin Bieber on “Intentions” and their friendship, saying, “We come from two different backgrounds, but when we get in the studio, we got a lot of similarities. We’ve been friends for probably like five years now. […] We got some more records in the vault. We both respect each other and that’s my guy.”

Watch the full interview here.