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Joe Rogan Has Some Harsh Words For Gal Gadot’s ‘Imagine’ Video

In a rare insistence of online solidarity, Twitter came together last week to drag Gal Gadot’s “Imagine” video, which was meant to… defeat the coronavirus through the power of an overplayed John Lennon song? It’s unclear what the intent was, but the Wonder Woman star, along with many of her famous friends including Kristin Wiig, Jimmy Fallon, and Will Ferrell, probably didn’t expect the reaction they received. (John Mayer is thankful he sang the wrong “Imagine,” the one by Ariana Grande.)

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan (and guest Tom Segura) had some fun at the video’s expense. “Did you see that ‘Imagine’ song that all those knuckleheads got together and sang? ‘Imagine there’s no heaven’? This is not the time, when everyone’s grammy is dying, you f*cking idiot, to sing, ‘Imagine there’s no heaven.’ … Stay offline, you f*ck. Get off your phone,” Rogan said.

Rogan continued:

“If I’m friends with her … I would have to say, ‘Listen, you’re awesome. I think you’re great. But that is a ridiculous idea.’ It is so lacking in self-awareness and so ridiculous… There are some people who get real self-indulgent and real self-righteous with that social media. It’s exposed a lot of celebrities for being real dorks.”

If Rogan had been asked to join the video (replacing, I dunno, Natalie Portman?), here’s what he would have told Gadot: “Listen, you’re awesome. I think you’re great. But that is a ridiculous idea.” The podcast host did, however, unexpectedly enjoy Rita Wilson rapping Naughty by Nature while in quarantine. “That was awesome. It was good though. It was fun. No makeup. She’s having fun. She did a good job,” he explained. “It’s also so obvious she wasn’t trying to be anything other than having fun.”

You heard it here, folks: Naughty by Nature > John Lennon. And here’s the clip…

(Via CinemaBlend and Cosmic Book)