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Well, At Least ‘Venom 2’ Is Still On Schedule (For Now)

On Monday evening, Sony Pictures announced delays for three of its upcoming blockbusters as the coronavirus continues to drastically affect the global box office leaving studios in an unprecedented state of uncertainty. The three titles pushed back by Sony are Morbius, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Uncharted, which immediately raised concerns on social media that Venom 2 would no longer hit its October 2 release date.

However, both IGN and Deadline report that Sony is still holding strong on Venom 2‘s release date for the time being. While medical experts have cautioned that Covid-19 will be a health concern for the next one to two years, drastic social isolation measures could subside by the summer, but again, these are uncharted waters. If that optimistic outlook holds, Sony could be looking at a massive hit on its hands as eager fans flock to the theater after months of being trapped indoors and watching slew of anticipated blockbusters get pushed into 2021.

Here are just some of the strong reactions when it looked like Venom 2 was in trouble:

And here are the cries of joy when the smoke cleared and Venom 2 was still standing. For now.

With Tom Hardy reprising his role as Venom/Eddie Brock, the sequel directed by Andy Serkis will feature the symbiotic anti-hero facing off against Woody Harrelson’s Carnage in a showdown that comic book fans have been waiting to see on screen since the ’90s. There are also reports that the film could also feature another villain, Shriek, who has a long, complicated history with Carnage that could stir things up.

Spider-Man fans are also curious to see if Sony and Marvel’s new agreement will officially mesh the MCU and Sony’s Spider-verse by allowing Tom Holland to make a cameo. He was originally supposed to appear in the first Venom, but Marvel’s Kevin Feige pulled the plug even after the scene was already filmed. However, this time around, the studios are on friendly, more collaborative terms, so anything is possible.

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