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Don Toliver Explained How His ‘No Regrets’ Collaboration With Eminem Came Together

Don Toliver’s audience has widened considerably after having his breakout moment on Cactus Jack Records’ compilation album, Jackboys. Fans of the Houston rapper, both new and old, then sought a new project from him as his last effort, Donny Womack. That came 2018, just a day after Travis Scott’s Astroworld, where he made his star-making appearance on “Can’t Say.” While his follow-up project, Heaven Or Hell, arrived earlier this month, the wait for it was momentarily numbed by his appearance of Eminem’s surprise album, Music To Be Murdered By.

Providing the hook for “No Regrets,” fans of both Eminem and Don Toliver, were taken aback by the collaboration between the two rappers. Heading over to Ebro Darden’s Apple Music radio show, Rap Life With Ebro Darden, Toliver opened about the collaboration.

Toliver revealed that it was in fact Eminem who reached out and requested to have him on the track.

“I was in the Cactus Jack studio… and I was recording, so I got that whiff of that and we flipped that on and did that quick,” he said. Ebro then asked Toliver who he believes put him on Eminem’s radar, to which he replied, producer D.A. Damon.

“I think Em was already on tip of what I had going on but who really I think plugged the spot was D.A. Got That Dope,” he said, refering to D.A. Doman. Toliver later revealed that it took him “an hour, two hours” to turn in his contribution to the song, which would be released as a part of the album a couple of days later.