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Earthgang Share A Captivating Psychedelic Animation For Their ‘Lala Challenge’ Video

Atlantic rap duo Earthgang made their full-length debut on J. Cole’s Dreamville label last year, but the group is looking to have their 2020 be just as prolific. The group shared an intricate animation for the video accompanying the track “Lala Challenge.”

Animated by McKay Felt, the visual takes fans on a journey through the fictional Mirrorland. The animation opens with the members of Earthgang positioned as the masterminds behind a giant, ominously floating head being observed by a group of mind-numbed teens. The animation stands as a commentary on our reliance on technology. As the world morphs and melts around them, the characters in the animation stay locked to an illuminated screen. But Earthgang comes to the rescue and provides solace to the fictional city, filling the desolated area with plants greenery.

Upon sharing the animation to social media, the group quipped about how they are all stuck at home in quarantine: “LOOK AT US SITTING IN OUR HOMES BEING BEAUTIFUL,” they wrote.

The “Lala Challenge” video arrives as the second visual released by the group this year. Back in January, Earthgang debuted a harrowing visual to the track “Swivel.”

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Mirrorland is out now via Dreamville/Interscope. Get it here.