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Orville Peck Dreams Of Warmer Days In His Sunny ‘Summertime’ Video

After celebrating the success of his debut album Pony, Orville Peck is back with new music. The famously-masked country singer signals the beginning of a new era with the nostalgic track “Summertime” along with a bright video.

Directed by Drew Kirsch, who has worked with the likes of Taylor Swift and John Legend, the video is a reimagining of Peck as a lonesome cowboy. Sporting his usual mask, Peck is alone in a vast, open landscape and hopes to travel the distance in the sun only to be held back by those same daydreams.

The topography of the visual’s picturesque landscape falls in line with Peck’s interest in geography. In a recent interview with Uproxx, Peck said he regularly visits a website that quizzes him about geography: “I really love geography so I go on this website a lot where it quizzes you on countries or cities etc,” he said. “It’s actually become this mostly useless talent to be able to name every country on the planet.”

The track marks the first single since the release of Peck’s acclaimed debut record Pony. Ahead of the release of “Summertime,” Peck, like many other musicians, hosted a livestream from the comfort of his own home while in quarantine. During the livestream, the singer performed a tribute to the late Kenny Rogers with a rendition of his duet “Islands In The Stream.”

Watch “Summertime” above.