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Lisa Frank Has Heard Those ‘Tiger King’ Comparisons, And She Has A Colorful Response

If you are one of the several million people who’ve streamed Netfix’s Tiger King, you’re well aware of Joe Exotic’s colorful manner of dressing. Even if you haven’t watched, this image from the docuseries ^^^ will make you realize that Joe Exotic kinda looks like a Lisa Frank drawing come to life. Well, Lisa Frank is aware of these comparisons, and she’s responding with a little something. Payback, maybe? No, that’s too harsh. This is more like the best present on Christmas morning.

Frank posted this image to her Instagram page, and while it’s very clearly based upon her trademarked artwork and characters, she does credit the fan artist (arielhart.gif) who brought this vision to reality. “The internet gets what the internet wants!” Frank wrote. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point!”

Here’s the original fan art posting as well.

Soon enough, someone’s gonna slap this image on a notebook or make stickers. If Joe Exotic gets a whiff of this, he’ll be thrilled, since he’s enjoying his newfound amplified notoriety from afar (behind bars), where he’s set to remain for decades. However, the people will certainly see more on convicted murder-for-hire felon Joseph Maldonado-Passage in the future, given that Kate McKinnon will star (as Carole Baskin) in a scripted TV series about the wild world of big cat people. And actors are already lining up for the dream role of Joe Exotic. 2020, we truly weren’t ready for you, in so many ways.