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Cardi B Went To The Emergency Room After Experiencing Stomach Pain

Cardi B was temporarily hospitalized due to stomach pain at the end of March, tweeting and deleting that she’d had “real bad stomach problems for 4 days.” TMZ captured the tweet before it disappeared, noting that Cardi’s stomach pain must have been truly as bad as she said if she was willing to risk the emergency room during the midst of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, which she noted had her extremely scared.

Fortunately, she noted in the same tweet that after going to the ER, she’s “feeling way better” and hoped “tomorrow I will feel no more pain.” As noted by TMZ, she’s already back to her usual social media shenanigans, posting a Donald Duck meme on Twitter earlier today and teasing fans with raunchy jokes about the whereabouts of her sophomore album.

Speaking of Cardi’s social media, yesterday Variety reported that half of Instgram’s top ten most watched videos came from Cardi’s corona content — which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Her original coronavirus rant was so popular among fans, it was sampled and transformed into an EDM track that actually reached the Billboard charts, prompting Cardi to commit the proceeds to charity.

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