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Sandra the orangutan has started washing her hands after observing her caretakers do it

This is Sandra. Sandra is smart.

Sandra observed her caretakers washing their hands repeatedly at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sandra started washing her hands too.

Sandra scrubs the fronts and backs of her hands.

Sandra takes the time to clean her hands thoroughly.

Sandra has good hand hygiene.

Sandra is responsible.

Sandra stays home.

Sandra isn’t throwing parties.

Sandra isn’t hanging out at the beach with people.

Sandra isn’t inviting friends over.

Sandra isn’t putting vulnerable people’s lives at risk.

Sandra probably touches her face like it’s her job, but…

Sandra washes her hands better than most humans.

Sandra scrubs surfaces around her, too.

Sandra is smart.

Be like Sandra.

Sandra the Orangutan Washing Her Hands #washyourhands