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Danny McBride Gave Us A Dark Twist On The April Fools’ Day Prank While In Quarantine

While jokes are generally appreciated in these dark times, April Fools’ Day was essentially cancelled this year. Turns out no one quarantining and relentlessly watching the news and trying not to freak out 24/7 was particularly in the mood for some Ashton Kutcher business. A couple people braved it. Lil Nas X had a decent prank. And then there was the one from one of our darkest comedic minds: Danny McBride.

The former Kenny Powers — as well as co-writer of 2018’s smash Halloween reboot/sequel — took to Instagram Wednesday with a short video. Looking not terribly enthused (because who is these days!), he went onto relate a story worthy of his Eastbound & Down monster.

“I played a pretty impressive April Fools’ Day prank on my children this morning,” McBride confessed to his over half a million followers. “I woke ’em up early, I said it was time to go to school, I got ’em dressed, I drove ’em to their school, which was empty. And then I turned to their faces and said, ‘Psych, the coronavirus is still going on, and you’re never going to see your friends in person ever again. April Fools.’” At this point McBride chuckles, then adds, “I wasn’t expecting them to cry. But I think that’s when I realized I had given them the perfect April Fools’.”

So there you go. If you felt compelled to add in any way to this prank-filled holiday, let’s hope you were as funny as the guy who once went toe-to-toe with James Franco.