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Lady Gaga Guested On ‘Fallon’ To Make A Big Announcement But Realized She Wasn’t Ready To Yet

The Tonight Show continues to host quarantine edition episodes of the program, and during last night’s show, Jimmy Fallon was hoping to get a big breaking news announcement from Lady Gaga. That was the plan, but when he got her on a video chat for the show, things didn’t go as he had hoped they would.

When the call started, Gaga seemed to be confused as she continually apologized and told Fallon that she couldn’t make her expected announcement just yet. She told the host, “I can’t tell you everything right now because I’m still ironing out the details and I have a lot of phone calls to make.” That latter point is easy to believe, as there was a phone ringing by Gaga in the background for most of the call. She then scheduled another call with Fallon for Friday and noted that what she wants to announce is “for COVID-19.”

Later that day, she called Fallon back to tell him that Friday actually didn’t work, but promised that their next call would happen on Monday (April 6), so whatever Gaga has planned is still a few days away.

Watch the clip of Gaga and Fallon’s not-so-productive video call above.