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A ‘Little Women’ Superfan Found Water Bottles In The Background Of A Scene And It’s A Whole Thing

As more parts of the country find itself ordered to stay at home, it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to capture the attention of an entertainment-starved populace. First, it was Tiger King, and now, it’s… finding water bottles in the background of Little Women?

Enter Madelyn Rancourt, a Little Women superfan who claims she saw the film seven times in theaters and is apparently still obsessively watching the period drama on VOD. In a now-viral TikTok video, Rancourt highlights a scene featuring Timothée Chalamet where not one, but two modern water bottles are clearly visible in the background. They’re unmistakable, and you can see for yourself in Rancourt’s video below.

As Variety reports, the video went instantly viral, and Little Women fans even began floating theories around the bottles’ strange presence.

Some fans shared their own theories on why the bottles went unnoticed, with one user suggesting that Gerwig left them in to pay homage to fellow period piece director Sofia Coppola, who famously placed a pair of Converse in her film “Marie Antoinette.”

However, this situation is probably more akin to the Starbucks cup that made a cameo in a “Game of Thrones” scene last year, which was chalked up to the fact that sometimes, things are simply forgotten on set.

Realizing she had a viral hit on her hands, Rancourt released a follow-up video with even a more hilarious twist. While promoting the film in a Vanity Fair YouTube video, Gerwig, Chalamet and co-stars Laura Dern and Saiorse Ronan broke down the exact scene with the water bottles, and the cast never even mention them to Rancourt’s disbelief. She then asks users in the caption if they think the actors even know the bottles made it into the film.


do you think the cast knows the water bottles made it into the film? #littlewomen #waterbottles #fyp #xyzbca

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We’re guessing the actors probably saw them and figured the professional thing to do would be to not point them out, but who knows? It took a nationwide quarantine for someone to finally spot them, so it’s anybody’s guess.

(Via Madeyln Rancourt on TikTok, Variety)