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Tekashi 69 Was Officially Given His Early Release From Prison Today

Tekashi 69 is reportedly a (semi) free man after Judge Paul Engelmayer ordered his release yesterday, according to NY Daily News. Because the Bureau Of Prisons did not raise any objections, the order was completed earlier today, with Tekashi reportedly exiting the Queens Detention Facility via a back exit 90 minutes before the order was publicized.

Tekashi’s legal team first requested the early release two weeks ago, concerned that his asthma would make him vulnerable to a possible COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak at the detention facility. Although the request was initially denied, Engelmayer apparently simply wanted Tekashi’s lawyers to follow correct protocol and appeal to the Bureau Of Prisons first, then re-submit the request, which Engelmayer was inclined to grant. However, in order to allow for a low-profile release, the ordered that news of his decision be delayed until after 69 was well clear of the facility. He’ll serve out the remainder of his two-year sentence on house arrest.

Tekashi has spent the last year in protective custody as a result of his decision to cooperate with federal prosecutors in hopes of an early release. While he was given a drastically-reduced sentence in comparison to the Nine Trey Bloods compatriots also scooped up in the racketeering sting that led to his arrest, he has lobbied unsuccessfully for the opportunity to leave prison and serve his sentence in alternative confinement as a result of the animosity against him since finding out his original release date. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, it seems he got his wish, but he’ll only be joining the rest of us in quarantine bumping Curtis Roach and Tyga’s latest hit.

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