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Colin Hanks Posted An Easy-To-Follow Tutorial On How To Fashion A Kerchief Into A Quarantine Mask

Amid the current pandemic, information on whether the general public should wear masks is, well, conflicting at best. Recent CDC advice suggests that community spread could be lessened through widespread use of the devices. Yet given rampant shortages of masks, the leading U.S. public health institute knows that formally advising civilians to wear masks will only further jeopardize access for first responders and medical professionals. However, many people would feel more comfortable wearing some sort of face protection because that’s (probably) better than nothing when it comes to a highly contagious, potentially life-threatening virus that can spread through respiratory droplets. If nothing else, a mask can remind people to stop touching their faces, which is the easiest way to contract the disease.

Enter Colin Hanks, whose parents (Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson), were among the first U.S. celebrities known to have contracted the virus. Colin’s been doing the social distancing thing, and here’s his tutorial on how to fashion a makeshift kerchief mask.

Also important? His advice to watch these kerchiefs regularly, which (again) is more protection than wearing nothing at all while making necessary grocery runs. If you do happen to have any extra N95 masks lying around, the New York Times published guidelines for how to donate them to medical workers. Stay safe out there, everyone.