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Drake Looks To Take Over TikTok With His New Single, ‘Toosie Slide’

TikTok has become a prominent force in the music industry as a growing number of artists have taken to the platform to promote their latest singles. Last week, Curtis Roach shared an official video and full-length song with Tyga based off his viral TikTok video, “Bored In The House.” K Camp’sLottery (Renegade)” achieved extreme success on the app thanks to its accompanying dance routine. Placing his surfboard right on the TikTok wave, Drake joins the mix with his latest single, “Toosie Slide.”

Prior to the song’s release, Drake sent the track over to Toosie, the famed Atlanta dancer in which the song is named after, to debut it to the world. Paired with a dance routine, Ayo & Teo (who released their viral track, “Rolex,” in 2017), Hiii Key, and Toosie instructed viewers on how to do the “Toosie Slide.” Following the song’s lyrics, listeners are instructed to put their “right foot up, left foot slide/left up, right foot slide.” A couple of days after the first previews of the song were shared, Drake revealed that the song would be released by the end of the week.

The song serves as Drake’s second release of the year following February’s “When They Say When/Chicago Freestyle.” The song also arrives days after he shared the first pictures of his two-year-old son Adonis.

Press play on “Toosie Slide” above.