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Frotcast 432: Justin Halpern Returns, To Talk Michael Bay And ‘Sick Bro’ Movies

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With Harley Quinn season 2 debuting today, we’ve got Harley Quinn co-creator Justin Halpern returning to the Frotcast. You may know Justin from Harley Quinn, Shit My Dad Says, or Surviving Jack, but if you’re a regular Frotcast listener you probably know him for being basically our all-star guest, the guy behind such classic stories as Danzig and the Pile of Bricks, Jilted Boyfriend Drives Off Listening To Papa Roach, and Fred Durst Trolling People On NextDoor.

He returns this week to talk about Michael Bay’s 6 Underground for Netflix, whether Michael Bay is a better director than JJ Abrams, and the entire genre of “bro, wouldn’t it be sick” films. We also discuss life under quarantine, Europe’s history of trying to cure the plague through pogroms, Justin’s history of failed Netflix pitches, and Thomas Middleditch’s interview about being a swinger. If you hadn’t subscribed before, this is the week!

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