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Lindsay Lohan Makes Her Buoyant Return To Music With The Empowering Anthem ‘Back To Me’

Lindsay Lohan is plotting her comeback. Last week, the actress-turned-musician teased her return with an ominous, 30-second clip posted to social media. Her newest track “Back To Me” arrived Friday and marks her first official single in fifteen years, and her first song since she premiered “Xanax” last year.

The bouncy track shows an introspective side to the actress, who has definitely had her fair share of ups-and-downs over the years. After all, she was recently punched in the face on camera while attempting to take two children from their mother. Lohan vaguely touches on her experiences in the dance-ready track’s lyrics. “When life gets harder / And the mind gets darker / Remind myself, never too late / ‘Cause I know that I cut it too deep / And I know that I wanted to leave / So easily, we just walk away,” she sings.

Sharing a snippet of the song on social media Wednesday, Lohan explained the track’s meaning: “The song is about rediscovering and accepting oneself, shutting out the noise and moving forward and letting the past go,” she wrote in the caption. “Living in the now.”

Lohan’s comeback is relatively unexpected. Last summer, Lohan’s Mykonos-based reality TV show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club was denied for a second season on MTV. After failing to get picked up for a second season, Lohan promptly signed a record deal with Casablanca Records.

Listen to Lohan’s “Back To Me” above.