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Kevin Owens Revealed His Original Idea For A Crazy Spot At WrestleMania 36

Kevin Owens provided one of WrestleMania 36 Night One’s most memorable moments that didn’t take place in a Boneyard when he jumped off the WrestleMania sign like a maniac. As crazy as that spot was, Owens revealed on Twitter today that if Mania had taken place in its original location, he wanted to do something even crazier.

A fan replied to one of Owens’ tweets that he wished this year’s WrestleMania had been “in the huge stadium in Tampa. You could have jumped off the Pirate ship!” with a picture of the huge pirate ship in Raymond James Stadium, where WM 36 was originally going to take place, attached. Owens responded, saying that he went to a show at the stadium in January and as soon as he saw the ship, “I told myself no matter what I was doing at Mania, I’d find a way to jump off that thing. I even took pics of it to figure out the best way to go about it. It didn’t work out but I found the next best thing!”

So add KO jumping off a pirate ship (and hopefully not dying in the process) to the list of iconic Pirate-mania pirate-y moments stolen from us by coronavirus, along with whatever Kairi Sane would have done for her entrance.