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Kevin Owens Dove Off The WrestleMania Sign And Maybe Killed Seth Rollins (Video)

One of the longest-simmering feuds that was set to come to a boil at WrestleMania 36 was between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. The two had been running into each other on Monday Night Raw and at pay-per-views for the past three months, and it all culminated at what eventually became a no-disqualification match at the Showcase Of The Immortals.

During the bout, Rollins clocked Owens in the head with the timekeeper’s bell, which caused the referee to award the contest to Owens via disqualification. Owens, unhappy with this result, got on the mic and challenged Rollins to restart the match as a no-DQ match, a stipulation the Monday Night Messiah happily took. He would regret that decision a few minutes later, however: Owens eventually got him laid out on the announce table, then scaled the gigantic WrestleMania sign hanging inside the WWE Performance Center and catapulted himself off the top of it, putting Rollins into the ground and exploding the table in the process. See for yourself:


Shortly thereafter, Owens delivered a Stone Cold Stunner to Rollins to score the pinfall victory — his first in WrestleMania history. Rollins’ record at the Show Of Shows is now a still-impressive 6-2. Is this the end of their feud? Only time will tell.