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Kevin Smith Revealed A Secret Disney+ Project That Never Got Made

Back in 2018, Kevin Smith announced to his fans that he had just completed a “huge writing gig” on a “massive IP” that he couldn’t disclose at the time. Clearly, Smith was pumped about the secret project as seen in his tweet below.

The years went by, however, and not a word from Smith on this mysterious writing gig — until now. In a tweet debunking a recent report from Attractions Magazine, the Jay And Silent Bob writer and director revealed that the secret project was adapting the Kingdoms Keeper book series for Disney+. Unfortunately, he also revealed that his take on the franchise was canned by an exec who didn’t like how many characters Smith was using in the show.

As Comic Book notes, the exec’s concerns are a bit odd considering the nature of the Kingdom Keepers book series, which is centered on featuring every character inside Disney parks.

For those not familiar, The Kingdom Keepers is a series of novels by Ridley Pearson that follows five teens who work as holographic hosts of the Disney Theme Parks by day, but by night, they do battle with Disney villains to stop them from taking over not just the Disney parks, but the entirety of the Disney corporation as well as the world. Given the huge number of characters that could appear in Disney parks — and we’re not talking just your standard Mickey and Minnie situation here, we’re talking potentially even Marvel and Star Wars characters if they really wanted to go there — a Kingdom Keepers series really could encompass a truly wild number of characters.

While his Twitter fans were quick to question the decision, Smith, as always, acted as the friendly mediator and said there are no hard feelings considering that same exec made some other decisions that Smith was very okay with, Namely greenlighting The Mandalorian and Wandavision.

Granted, Smith seems at peace with how things unfolded, but he is also not being bashful about signaling to Disney fans that they might have missed out on a series that would’ve captured their deep love for the House of Mouse.

(Via Kevin Smith on Twitter, Comic Book)