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Netflix Released A Sing-A-Long Version Of ‘I Saw A Tiger’ From ‘Tiger King’

Tiger King is everywhere these days, even if you can only watch it on Netflix. The extraordinary tales of Joe Exotic and a wild cast of characters taking care of big cats and plotting murders might even have a new episode coming later this week, if you believe one of the people involved in the show.

If that never comes to pass, though, we’ll always have Joe Exotic’s music videos. We now know the voice we hear in them isn’t Joe, but that doesn’t mean the videos are any less insane. Exotic’s music videos have been available online, but Netflix took it to the next level by re-editing one of Exotic’s most popular songs, “I Saw A Tiger,” and adding a sing-a-long element.

The bottom of the video features the song’s lyrics, though you could probably guess them even if they weren’t actually there. Exotic is a man of wild tastes, but his songs aren’t exactly winning any Mark Twain Awards anytime soon. The bouncing cat that follows each word is a pretty great touch, though.

Now we just need one for “Here Kitty Kitty,” which would be the first diss track that ever came with a sing-a-long music video that I can remember ever existing.