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Chris Paul And Steph Curry Discussed The Infamous Crossover That Dropped CP3

While we all deal with unprecedented and terrifyingly uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a few things that have brought some levity and much needed entertainment into our lives. One such thing is the sudden boom in Instagram Live broadcasts featuring superstars in the world of music and sports trading stories, going track-for-track in producer battles, or just going long on a DJ set for people to vibe to from their living room.

It’s helped there be a continued sense of community and also offered a welcome respite from the weight of the real world for a brief period. Sometimes, it’s even served to mend some fences and bring folks together that we wouldn’t typically expect. On Monday, we saw Chris Paul and Stephen Curry, two generational point guard talents who have not exactly been the best of friends, sit down to talk on IG Live about all manner of things, including that infamous behind-the-back crossover that Curry hit Paul with in 2015 that sent the Point God to the ground and has run on highlight reels ever since.

Paul knows there’s no way to do this conversation without bringing it up, since the comments scrolling on the bottom surely are all discussing it, and Curry doesn’t gloat or brag even after Paul admits he “got me.” Curry, unsurprisingly, deflects, noting he’s been gotten by Paul in the past and that it’s something that happens to everyone when you defend elite point guards in the NBA. It’s cool to see them talk about this and while there’s not been basketball to watch, seeing some of these greats swapping stories and getting together on a large platform to talk about the game has been a bright spot in all of this.