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Drew McIntyre Achieved His Destiny And Became WWE Champion At WrestleMania

It wasn’t the most surprising result on this year’s double bill of WrestleMania cards, but it was the right one: Drew McIntyre realized his destiny in the main event of WrestleMania night two and defeated The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, to win his first WWE Championship.

In a match that played out almost exactly like Saturday’s Universal Championship match, McIntyre was able to withstand multiple F-5s and come back with four Claymore Kicks to put Brock away.

You can see a clip of that below.

McIntyre’s quest to become WWE Champion began way back in 2009, when Vince McMahon introduced him as a “future World Heavyweight Champion” on an episode of Smackdown. This was the young, clean cut, and now completely weird looking Drew McIntyre — the “Chosen One” — and not the Scottish Psychopath.

As shown in WWE’s video packages hyping the match, McIntyre wanted to win the championship not only to prove McMahon’s declaration correct, but to make up for what he considered years of squandered potential. McIntyre completely reinvented himself physically and professionally between WWE stints to make this happen, as you might be able to tell from this clip of him doing strongman training in the Scottish Highlands and winning tug of war contests against entire teams by himself.

Congratulations to Drew on his victory, as odd as it must’ve been to have happen in an empty Performance Center, and for finally and officially validating all that promise and potential. You were the chosen one after all!