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Rob Gronkowski Won His First Wrestling Championship At WrestleMania 36

A lot has gone down at this weekend’s “too big for just one night” WrestleMania — a Universal Championship win on a day’s notice, a wild leap off a giant sign, and the life-changing experience of the BONEYARD MATCH — but it wouldn’t feel truly complete until host Rob Gronkowski got involved.

On night one, 24/7 Champion R-Truth showed up and asked his two greatest natural predators (a sports celebrity and a former 24/7 Champion) to help him hide. They attacked him, of course, but Gronk’s supposed best friend Mojo Rawley stole the pin. At the beginning of night two, Gronk vowed that he’d be the 24/7 Champion by the end of the night.

He made good on that promise after a lengthy Edge and Randy Orton Last Man Standing match, as Truth and everyone from the 24/7 division allowed in the building ran out and started brawling under Gronkowski’s host perch. What a terrible place to choose! Gronk decided to drop a big senton on everyone, pinned Rawley to win his first WWE Championship, and ran away with the title. Titus O’Neil took over as host after that.

Hey, there was just as good a chance Gronk was going to leave the weekend as Universal Champion, so let’s be happy he’ll spend the rest of WrestleMania running in fear from a bunch of extras you couldn’t even identify with a program. Congratulations, Gronk! Let’s dance!