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The Strokes Reminisce About The ’80s On The New Wave-Inspired ‘Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus’

The Strokes’ upcoming album The New Abnormal is set to drop this upcoming weekend, and ahead of then, the group has shared one more taste of the record: The curiously-titled “Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus.”

Julian Casablancas get nostalgic on the song, which appropriately works a New Wave influence into The Strokes’ signature sound. Casablancas says at one point, “And the eighties song, yeah, how did it go? / When he said, ‘This is the beginning of the best years,’ even though / False, break.” Right before the second chorus, he sings, “And the eighties bands? Where did they go? / Can we switch into the chorus right now?”

In a recent interview, Casablancas explained a big battle The Strokes have always faced, saying, “Since the day The Strokes got signed, it was this wrestling match between doing cool creative things and smart marketing things. It’s a dance, and I respect the dance, but that’s why right now, pop music is king over art and quality, because it’s all been scientifically worked out. That’s why cars are ugly, because if someone makes a cool car, they’ll make slightly less money.”

Listen to “Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus” above, and check out our ranking of The Stokes’ songs here.

The New Abnormal is out 4/10 via RCA. Pre-order it here.