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Brad Pitt And The Property Brothers Will Team Up To Out-Handsome Each Other During A Renovation

The last place you’d expect to see Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt is on one of the countless home improvement shows on HGTV, but the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor apparently jumped at the chance to work with the Property Brothers on their new spinoff Celebrity IOU. The series will feature celebrity guest stars like Pitt, Viola Davis, and Rebel Wilson as they chip in on home improvements for their loved ones.

In the premiere episode, Pitt enlists brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott to spruce up the house of the actor’s longtime makeup artist and dear friend Jean Ann Black, who is reportedly the “secret weapon” behind Pitt’s dreamy looks. The goal is to turn her freestanding garage into a luxury space for Black’s guests and clients, and it doesn’t take long for Pitt to start swinging a sledgehammer alongside his new helpers. On top of being a handy craftsman, Pitt is still just as suave on a work site as he is on set, according to Vanity Fair‘s advance review of the episode:

Wearing his signature newsboy hat, artfully tousled hair, and a genuine smile every time he talks about his long-standing friendship with Black, Pitt is exactly as relaxed and casual as he pretended to be during every awards acceptance speech earlier this year. “I love the sound of a construction site,” he says, not long after dropping that he knows the zoning laws for how close you can build to the property line. “I’m extremely tactile,” he says, picking out engineered hardwood samples like they’re crown jewels.

Needless to say, Black ends up loving the renovation, and her big appearance at the end lives up to the hype of Pitt talking her up to “high heaven” throughout the episode. The two friends also share some tender moments that HGTV fans will sure to enjoy during the handsomely rugged premiere on Monday, April 13.

(Via Vanity Fair)