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Nia Jax Brought Paige’s Finishing Move Back To WWE

Last night, on a quieter than usual Raw After WrestleMania, Nia Jax made her return to WWE after an entire year, competing in the ring for the first time since WrestleMania 35 last April. She had to take that time off for double knee surgery, but we’ve known for a month or so that she was expected back soon. Nia celebrated her return by making short work of Deonna Purazzo, and the wrestling internet immediately recognized the move she finished her off with:

Yes, that’s the RamPaige (although Nia may be giving it a new name now, I don’t think we know that yet). It used to be Paige’s finisher, although of course Paige can’t compete in the ring anymore, due to her unfortunate neck injuries. Everyone who’s paid attention to Total Divas, or just social media, knows that Paige and Nia are close friends, so people were quick to make the connection, which Nia immediately acknowledged.

But how did Paige feel about Nia adopting a finisher she can’t use herself anymore? Considering their closeness, it shouldn’t be any surprise that she’s fine with it. In fact, it sounds like Paige encouraged her to use it:

Time will tell what Nia Jax will get up to now that she’s back in WWE (a run at Becky Lynch and her title seems likely), but it’s cool that she’s brought a little bit of Paige back into the ring with her.