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A New ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Trailer Makes An Explicit Rick Grimes’ Connection

For years now, we have been tracking several recurring bits in both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Chief among them is the black helicopter that has been peppered into the last few seasons of both shows; the CRM logo on that helicopter; the people of the CRM military organization; and the way that they divide people into As or Bs.

The timeline, from what we can surmise, looks a little like this: around eight years before the present timeline, Jadis had been in frequent contact with CRM. Eventually, a CRM helicopter picked up Jadis and Rick Grimes — an “A” — after he severely injured himself saving Alexandria from a horde of zombies. A few months later, a CRM helicopter was stranded in Texas with Althea on Fear the Walking Dead.

The World Beyond, meanwhile, appears to be about a heavily-militarized community that includes CRM soldiers, perhaps the same soldiers we saw Michonne follow in her last appearance on The Walking Dead. Meanwhile,

The World Beyond, a 20-episode limited series, will about a group of teenagers who seem to be trying to leave the CRM behind.

Elsewhere, in the promo for The Walking Dead season finale — air date TBA — Gabriel refers to the “others,” which probably means CRM, Maggie’s group in The Commonwealth, and perhaps Stephanie’s group.

The point being: The universe of The Walking Dead is about to get much larger. We just need for producers and the cast and crew of these shows to be able to start making new episodes again. In the meantime, we’ll hang tight and wait for a new release date for all three series.